->''"{{Wrestling/Kane}} is going to kick Wrestling/TripleH's ass, but by god, he's going to do it while abiding to the rules of tag team wrestling! Look at him grip that tag rope tightly! With rage!"''

->''"Good! Now we can fight as warriors! Hand to hand! It is the basis of all combat! Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon!"''
-->--'''Cyborg Ninja''', ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid''

->"All he has to do is give the order and Valentinian is a pincushion. You couldn't even see his body"
->Belisarius shook his head, "No Rajput would obey that order and Damodara knows it."
-->--[[BellisariusSeries Fortune's Stroke]]

->'''Bart:''' Okay, Lamarr, go for your gun!\\
'''Hedley Lamarr:''' Wait, wait -- I'm unarmed.\\
'''Bart:''' Okay, we'll settle this like men -- with our fists. ''[Throws his gun away]''\\
'''Hedley Lamarr:''' Wait, I just remembered; I ''am'' armed. ''[Produces a gun]''

->''When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.''

-> "Bloody Marquise of Fantailler!"
-->--Last words of many a misguided 'gentleman' of the Disc.

->''Enough expository banter! Now, we fight like men! And ladies! [[SweetPollyOliver And ladies who dress like men]]! For Gilgamesh... [[Franchise/PowerRangers IT IS MORPHING TIME]]!''
-->--'''Gilgamesh''', ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV''