->''And here's to the girls who just watch.\\
Aren't they the best?\\
When they get depressed, it's a bottle of Scotch\\
Plus a little jest.\\
Another chance to disapprove,\\
Another brilliant zinger.\\
Another reason not to move,\\
Another vodka stinger.\\
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-- I'll drink to that.''
-->-- '''Joanne''', ''Theatre/{{Company}}'', "The Ladies Who Lunch"

All my co-stars cry out, "Put on your shoes!"\\
Who the hell drank all the booze?\\
And when I get drunk, the audience applauds!\\
Stritch, Stritch, Stritch!\\
I'm the queen of Broadway's boozing broads!''
-->-- ''Theatre/ForbiddenBroadway'', "Stritch"

->'''Julia''': Hi, Richard! ''(She lifts her glass in drunken salute)''\\
'''Richard''' ''(in a low tone)'': Will you stop drinking?\\
'''Julia''' ''(in a voice just as high as his was low)'': Will I stop drinking? No, I won't stop drinking!
-->-- ''Theatre/MerrilyWeRollAlong'' (play by George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart)

->'''Frank''': So what do you do?\\
'''Mary''': I drink.\\
'''Frank''', No, what do you ''really'' do?\\
'''Mary''': I ''really'' drink.
-->-- ''Theatre/MerrilyWeRollAlong'' (TheMusical)