->''He'd mess up every rescue / Man, that first mate was illin'\\
If I was one of those Castaways / I think I'd probably kill 'im\\
She said, "[[TheProfessor That guy]]'s a genius" / I shook my head and laughed\\
I said, "If he's so fly, then tell me why / He couldn't build a lousy raft"''
-->-- '''Music/WeirdAlYankovic''', "Isle Thing"

->''"Without my emotions I am thinking quite logically. For example, the reason they couldn't build a boat on "Gilligan's Island" is because it would end the series"''
-->-- '''Emotionless Timmy Turner''', ''FairlyOddParents''

->''[[MemeticMutation "If anyone listened to Jack Bauer, the show would be called '3'.]]"''
-->-- '''[[Series/TwentyFour Jack Bauer Facts]]'''

->''"Man; do they realize how many times they could've gotten off that island if it weren't for Gilligan? *beat* Why don't they just kill him?"''
-->-- '''Brighton Sheffield''', ''Series/TheNanny''

-> ''Found your pants! Series is over!''
-->-- '''Wyldstyle''', solving the central dilemma of "[[ShowWithinAShow Where Are My Pants?]]", ''WesternAnimation/TheLegoMovie''