->'''Noel''': Monsters don't kill people; people kill people. Does that sound about right?
->'''Mog''': (''chuckles darkly'') Truer words were never spoken, kupo. People are much more scary than monsters, kupo! We risked our lives to solve the case, kupo, and how does the government pay us? Not with gil, but bits and bobs and household goods, kupo! No one needs ten years worth of toilet paper, kupo! No one! I had no choice but to decline their offer. The government is evil, kupo! Humans are evil, kupo! (Fragment Discovered! Kalavinka Fragment You obtain 4500 CP! ... Item Acquired! You obtain a Toilet Paper Coupon!)

->''"This is FAR from the strongest of swords! I feel so betrayed!"''
-->--'''Gilgamesh''' upon using Excalipoor in Various ''VideoGame/FinalFantasy'' games.

->Obtained '''Long Live the Ice'''!\\
'''Press an enemy''' to [[HarmlessFreezing encase it in ice and stop it from moving]]. ([[ContractualBossImmunity Some enemies may not be affected]].)\\\
'''Orange Fluffy Sheep''': Look at this pin! Look how BAD it is! It's almost begging you to make fun of it because at least then you're paying attention to it!
-->--[[http://lparchive.org/The-World-Ends-With-You/Update%2015/ Let's Play]] ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''