->"No bullets. What, you think I'm fuckin' stupid, Hans?"
-->-- ''John [=McClane=]'', '''Film/DieHard'''

->"Remove the trigger bar spring from a Sig Sauer P228, and you've got a nine-millimeter semiautomatic doorstop."
-->-- '''Michael Westen'''[='s=] voice-over, ''Series/BurnNotice'', "False Flag"

->'''Gall Trayvis:''' ''[tries to fire]'' Wh-what?! No!\\
'''Hera Syndulla:''' ''[grabs her blaster and punches Trayvis out]'' A true rebel would know if he's holding a charged blaster.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'', [[Recap/StarWarsRebelsS1E10VisionOfHope "Vision of Hope"]]