->'''Data:''' ''(Doctor Pulaski has just mispronounced his name)'' Data.\\
'''Pulaski:''' What?\\
'''Data:''' My name. It is pronounced "Dayta". You called me "Dahta".\\
'''Pulaski:''' What's the difference?\\
'''Data:''' One is my name. The other is not.\\
'''SF Debris:''' And really, if you were to say the ship was called the "USS ''Enterprisay''" and the ship computer corrected you, would you start arguing with it? Even if you do not see Data as a person but as a machine, do you think the machine does not know what its own name is?"
-->-- ''Website/SFDebris'' review of the the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode "The Child"

->'''Rimmer:''' You always put the emphasis on "Rim" in "Rimmer". Makes me sound like a lavatory disinfectant. \\
'''Lister:''' Well, what do you want me to call you? "Rim-MAIR"!?
-->--''Series/RedDwarf'', "Kryten"