->'''Hermes:''' Planet Express delivery company roll call! Captain [[ActionGirl Turanga Leela]]!\\
'''Leela:''' ''(Carrying [[TeamPet Nibbler]])'' Here!\\
'''Hermes:''' Delivery boy, first class, [[IdiotHero Philip J. Fry]]!\\
'''Fry:''' ''(Nibbler [[ExtremeOmnivore spits Fry out]])'' Here!\\
'''Hermes:''' Assistant Manager of Sales, [[HeroicComedicSociopath Bender Bending Rodriguez]]!\\
'''Bender:''' ''([[DynamicEntry falls on Leela and Fry]])'' Here! Cerveza, por favor.\\
'''Hermes:''' Long-term intern, Amy Wong.\\
'''Amy:''' ''([[ExpositoryHairstyleChange Combing grown out hair]])'' Here! (''[[StatusQuoIsGod Bender burps, burning her hair into its original length]])''\\
'''Hermes:''' Company physician, [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Dr. John A. Zoidberg]].\\
'''Zoidberg:''' ''(eating Fry's lunch)'' Huh? I thought it was mine!\\
'''Hermes:''' Bureaucrat Grade 34, [[ObstructiveBureaucrat Hermes Conrad]] is who I am. And now I am proud to present the owner and founder of Planet Express, [[TheProfessor Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth]]!\\
'''Farnsworth:''' You're all fired.\\
'''Hermes:''' [[MadLibsCatchPhrase Sweet bongo of the Congo!]]
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''', ''[[TheMovie Bender's Big Score]]''