->'''Lois:''' There is no ''[[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins talking penguin]]'' in ''Theatre/TheKingAndI''!\\
'''Peter:''' There is in ''Peter Griffin Presents: The King and I''!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''
->''I'm starting to acquire [[ThisIsGonnaSuck a foreboding sense of grief]]\\
For this increasingly-uncomfortable game they're calling "''[[{{VideoGame/Thief2014}} Thief]]''"\\
I'm after sprawling levels and organic thieving stunts\\
[[GameplayAndStorySegregation Not cutscenes and pre-animated moves]] beloved by cunts\\
Is this another stealing of a once-familiar name\\
To keep afloat the sinking ship of next-gen console games?\\
You've broken in and stolen one more thing that I adore\\
Well, call it what you like, but it'll never be ''Thief 4
-->--'''Creator/BenCroshaw''', "[[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/jim-yahtzees-rhymedown-spectacular/7301-The-Quest-Not-Taken Theft 4 Dead]]"

->They ''are'' adaptations, just not in the literal, pedestrian sense. I adapt essence. I've been told that ''{{Theatre/Othello}}'' is a moorish captain, but in my mind he's a magical talking cello with a lisp. Who is right? ''Is'' there a right? For that matter, is there a ''left''?
-->-- [[DresdenCodak "D.H" Ron Awning]] on '''[[http://dresdencodak.com/2010/06/03/dark-science-01/ The Collected Works of Shakespeare: The Movie]]'''

->Is this the first time a title has been remade, instead of a movie? ''And God Created Woman'' shares little with the 1956 Brigitte Bardot movie except for its name...
-->-- '''Creator/RogerEbert'''

->So, Matthrew Broderick's wife SarahJessicaParker emerges from the water and starts smashing New York City, [-and then wacky hijinks happen with characters from {{Series/Friends}},-] [--and then, um, they discover that Godzilla has made [[Film/JurassicPark small velociraptor eggs]] in Madison Square Garden,--] [---and they have a wacky scene where they---] [----mumble mumble----].
-->--'''''[[WebVideo/HalfInTheBag Half in them Bag]]''''' on ''[[{{Film/Godzilla1998}} Godzilla]]'' (1998)

->'''Matt:''' Can we talk about how Judge Dredd at this point is totally indistinguishable from, say, the lead character from ''Film/DemolitionMan'' or Rex Cliffhanger, which I think was the ''{{Film/Cliffhanger}}'' guyís name? Everything that makes him Dredd, by appearance, is gone now.\\
'''Chris:''' Itís basically just ''{{Film/Cobra}} 2'' now.
-->--Matt Wilson and Chris Sims on [[http://comicsalliance.com/comicsalliance-reviews-judge-dredd-1995-part-two/ on]] ''Film/JudgeDredd'' (1995)

->At this point I realize two things. One is [[{{Padding}} this movie will ever end]]. The other is that this isn't a ''Tenchi'' movie. It's an art film using the ''Tenchi'' universe and characters as it's medium. The only people who could like this movie are people who like to think they have taste and culture. [[TheMovieBuff And they wear turtlenecks all the time. And Berets.]] The entire dynamics that made the series popular in the first place are thrown out of the window to tell a French story of love and loss. Gah!
-->--'''[[http://spoonyexperiment.com/tenchi-muyo/ Christopher Kinsey]]''' on ''TenchiMuyo''

->''[[StevenSeagal The Patriot]] ''is ďbasedĒ on the book ''The Last Canadian.'' I use quotes on ''based'' because it is based on the book in the same way ''{{Film/Transformers}}'' is based on ''LesMiserables.''
-->--'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Miles Antwiler]]''' [[http://moviemoses.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/the-patriot/ on]] ''The Patriot'' (1998)

->It does really go against almost everything represented in the book, and thoroughly [[InkStainAdaptation soils the title with its badness]]. It's got no jumping mechs-- the trademark weapon of the Federation's Mobile Infantry, the characters are all wrong, and so on... you have to realize that these fans were completely betrayed by this movie. You can't just steal a title from an established story and discard the story. You have to at least try and involve the source material here. These fans got hit with a bait-and-switch. It's like going into a movie called ''Moby Dick'' and suddenly being blindsided with 90 minutes of David Arquette and Carrot Top chasing a whale around on jet skis, [[{{Advertisements}} shouting their collect call telephone plan jingles]] at each other. You can name Arquette's character Queequeg if you like, you're still going to piss people off.
-->--'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]]''' [[http://spoonyexperiment.com/starship-troopers/ on]] ''Film/StarshipTroopers''

->It's difficult to write a review about ''Dragonball Evolution'' without comparing it to its source material, mostly because ''Dragonball Evolution'' is to ''Dragonball'' and ''Dragonball Z'' what fish sticks are to chocolate.
-->-- '''slowzombie's''' ''[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/reviews.php?target_group=Film&target_title=Dragonballevolution Review]] on Film/DragonballEvolution''

->[[Creator/MNightShyamalan Shyamalan's]] true achievement in this film is that he takes a thrilling cult TV series, ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', and he systematically leaches all the personality and soul out of it.
-->ó'''Charlie Jane Anders''' [[http://io9.com/5576076/m-night-shyamalan-finally-made-a-comedy on]] ''Film/TheLastAirbender''

->We've already discussed the mysterious elimination of the Manhunter part of the ComicBook/MartianManhunter. But it doesn't stop there! No, the next step is to not make him Martian at all. Per Goyer, 'We grow him in a petri dish...He's like in Area 51 or something...and we're doing biopsies on him and he gets out and he's really angry.' Now, we all know that there probably isn't life on Mars, but it's something people have believed in a long time. It has a lot of mythical and cultural power. Creator/HGWells, CSLewis, and EdgarRiceBurroughs all come to mind as people who have added to the stories and mythology of Mars. Sure, it's a dead planet now, but the thought that we once had neighbors is a great one.\\\
Also, you know, MARTIAN. It's in his NAME. The proposed Martian Manhunter would not be Martian, nor a Manhunter. So maybe his name should just be Bob. Bob the Angry Green Guy with Superpowers. Basically [[ComicBook/IncredibleHulk the Hulk]]... This idea sucks worse than wearing earbuds while fighting vampires [[ProductPlacement to get endorsement money.]] Yeah, I've seen ''Film/BladeTrinity''. Twice!
-->--'''''Blog/ToplessRobot''''', [[http://www.toplessrobot.com/2014/05/10_reasons_david_goyer_must_be_stopped.php "10 Reasons David Goyer Must Be Stopped"]]

->Ace is almost unrecognizable (both visually and in terms of her character), and [[Creator/SylvesterMcCoy McCoyís]] Doctor is little better. Worse is the appearance of [[NicholasCourtney the Brigadier]] in the final episode, where he shows up in the following exchange of dialogue, which, I regret to inform you, I quote exactly:\\\
'''Brigadier''': Enemy craft, you have the misfortune of being addressed by the Brigadier! Now get out of my solar system!\\\
At which point the incidental music switches to Dvorakís 'New World Symphony,' although, frankly, I recommend thinking of it as '[[Music/TheBlackEyedPeas My Humps]]' simply because itís about the only entertainment that itís possible to wring out of this atrocity. Even if this dialogue were well-written -- and it isnít -- it would fly in the face of the entire basic premise of the Brigadier post-[[Creator/JonPertwee Pertwee era]], who is [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS26E1Battlefield}} manifestly not some sort of superhero]] who goes around identifying himself as the Brigadier as if nobody else in the military has ever attained the rank.
-->--'''[[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2012/08/time-can-be-rewritten-31-death-comes-to.html Phil Sandifer]]''' on ''Series/DoctorWho'': ''WebAnimation/DeathComesToTime''

->Itís a story with the names of the characters, and some of the major scenes, but the underlying narrative simply isnít the story of Superman. Itís about [[DesignatedVillain a guy with an asshole father who got stuck in a podunk town and casually betrayed by every friend he made]], including a superhuman who professed to be his best friend but constantly doubted him behind his back and lied to him to his face. When the show embraced that and stopped pretending it was about Superman, that was when the show was it its best. The themes it trades in arenít the themes of the Superman myth. Itís about secrets and betrayals and [[{{Wangst}} f*** you dad]]. When the show lost its protagonist, Lex, then it became an empty shell that [[PanderingToTheBase traded on rote pandering towards fans of scenes and characters we all recognize from other media.]]
-->--'''''[=ComicsAlliance=]''''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/recap-smallville-finale/ on]] ''{{Series/Smallville}}'' ("Finale")

->As much as I'd like to accept Clark's remark to Oliver in the graveyard -- [='=]''No one can push me or lead me anywhere. My whole life, I've been trying to fit into two different worlds and the truth is I don't belong to either one. I need to make my own path. Maybe that means letting go of both worlds.''[='=] -- as [[DearNegativeReader a kind of metafictional comment]] on the series as a whole trying to balance its impulse to be ''Series/DawsonsCreek'' with its (sorry, but weaker) impulse to be true to the source material, everything comes off as far too calculated (too much the ''piŤce bien faite'', or, ''well-made play'') and therefore illogical... {{Darkseid}} has been [[{{Anticlimax}} vanquished by one blow into a puff of crows]], proving that Darkseid, too, was but a mere, and ultimately flimsy, prop in all this.
-->--'''[[http://www.supermanhomepage.com/tv/tv.php?topic=reviews/smallville10-ep22 Marc Pritchard]]''' on ''{{Series/Smallville}}'' ("Finale")

->The first three years of this show in earnest, with some flawed concepts and a great deal of fluff, endeavored to tell the tale of a kid learning to be an adult in such a way that he would become a future hero. The high water mark was when Chloe blew up, Lionel went to jail, and Clark gave himself to his training.\\\
Every. Single. Second. After. That. Was. Stretching.\\\
They hit the {{reset button}} and went back. Chloe returned to life. Lionel got out of jail...And from then on, the show became not about this basic thread of story that (rightly) enthralled us. It became a story of how much longer they could stretch that story by exploiting the fan's need to enjoy fanservice and the things they KNOW.\\\
Mikhail Mxyzptlk. Lois Lane in Smallville. Brainiac before Metropolis. This is where things began to go off the rails, and in retrospect, it's where the show stopped being about Clark's journey and started being [[SoOkayItsAverage a very dull drama]] that survived because people like you, and ME, yes, me, I am guilty as well, watched it in order to see if Mikhail was, indeed, like the Mxy we know and love.\\\
[[YankTheDogsChain He was not.]]
-->--'''[[http://www.supermanhomepage.com/tv/tv.php?topic=reviews/smallville-finale1 Neal Bailey]]''' on ''{{Series/Smallville}}''

->Judging from the title and David Hasselhoff's fondness for not trying too hard, you'd think this show would be ''{{Series/Baywatch}}'', [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin at night]]. Instead they took the extra step and made it ''Baywatch'', only in a detective agency solving beach cases. But if you watch it [[JiggleShow in slow motion]] with the brightness turned down, yeah, it's ''Baywatch'', at night.
-->-- '''''{{Website/Cracked}}''''' on ''[[http://www.cracked.com/article/242_6-tv-shows-that-completely-lost-their-shit/#ixzz2c61jSYiv Baywatch Nights]]''

->For a show that had the name ''{{Franchise/Highlander}}'', it had almost nothing at all to do with immortals. The first half of the series was almost entirely rejected plots from ''Series/NYPDBlue''. Amandaís flashbacks were rare and tangential when they did appear... Worst of all, when immortals did appear, they just sucked. We got none of the history we had with bad immortals from the previous series. We didnít even get someone who could delightfully chew the scenery like Mario Van Peebles did as Kane in ''Highlander III''. We got characters that were just as bland and incompetent as Nick was. One episodeís big villain is an immortal who has figured out [[MadMathematician a mathematical algorithm]] that takes all the immortals in the world and tells him who he needs to kill and in what order to become the last one. YeahÖthereís a guy whose big schtick is that he plays the fantasy football version of immortality. Forget the fact that [[WritersCannotDoMath no one can calculate how a swordfight to the death is going to turn out]] due to all the variables involved.
-->--'''''[[http://screamsheet.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/highlander-the-raven/ The Screamsheet]]'''''

->Every single word in this title is a lie. There are no teenagers, no mutants, no ninjas, and no turtles. Well, there actually be may turtles -- [[OffModel it's hard to tell]].
-->-- '''Website/HardcoreGaming101''', on the Vietnamese bootleg iOS game ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles''

->''"Hey, wait. You know what would have made it even more of a ''Film/WaynesWorld'' game? If you controlled a big hand. Both Wayne and Garth have hands. And faces too. Wait! They also both wear blue jeans, so you could control a pair of jeans that has to infiltrate a face warehouse to get their hands back! And if you collected the letters that spelled, 'SCHWING,' your pants would get a hard-on for a bonus 2000 'Party On!' Points. That would be a better game and keep in mind, I have no formal video game training.
-->--'''{{Seanbaby}}''', [[http://www.seanbaby.com/nes/basedoncrap03.htm The 10 Worst Ideas to Make Nintendo Games About]]"

->I'm 'Alone', but I'm not in a 'Home.' I'm [[GreenHillZone in some sort of botanical garden]]. Also, why is this taking place during ''summer?'' Did anyone on this--and I use this term loosely--"[[IncompetenceInc team of developers]]" ''watch the film'' before sitting down and making the game? I know they had to put it together in [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames one whole weekend]], but ''damn'' son. That is some serious commitment to being unfaithful to your source material!
-->--'''JonTron''' plays ''Film/HomeAlone'' (the [[ShoddyKnockoffProduct bootleg game]])