->''"How many gay cheetas gave their lives for this jacket?..."''
-->-- '''Mike Thorton''', ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol''

->''"[[RunningGag Are you wearing that for a bet?]]"''
-->-- '''Jeremy Clarkson''', ''Series/TopGear''

->''"This sequence is an exercise in obscenely conspicuous consumption, in which the girls appear in so many different outfits they must have been followed to the Middle East by a luggage plane. I don't know a whole lot about fashion, but I know something about taste, and these women spend much of the movie dressed in tacky, vulgar clothing. Carrie and Samantha also display the maximum possible boobage, oblivious to Arab ideas about women's modesty. There's more cleavage in this film than at a pro wrestler's wedding."''
-->-- '''Creator/RogerEbert''' on ''[[Series/SexAndTheCity Sex and the City 2]]''

->'''Banto''': Awe inspiring? In ''that'' coat? Have you taken a look in the mirror recently? Come to think of it I shouldn’t think you do much else.
->'''Doctor''': [[IfYouTauntHimYouWillBeJustLikeHim I intend to rise above your barbs]]... but ''[[HypocriticalHumour before I do]]'' I’d like to say that [[http://doctorwhocompanions.com/files/2011/03/sixth-doctor-colin-baker-4.jpg this coat]] can only be appreciated by someone with a sharpened aesthetic sense – not a ''dunderhead'' like you!
->'''Banto''': ''Sharpened aesthetic sense?'' Sharpened by ''what'', a dose of mind altering drugs?
-->-- AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho, ''The One Doctor''

->"My coat," the Doctor said, with his best (not very good) imitation of patience, "is in fashion on exactly no planets, in precisely no time or place whatsoever. You see, fashion is at its heart a form of categorization. Dress in one way and be taken for a gentleman of leisure; choose less distinguished clothes, and one is mistaken for the janitor. On no world, in no era, will I step outside the TARDIS and have the natives say, without introduction, 'Ah, of course, you must be a scientist'–or a dentist, or a bricklayer–because my clothing defies such easy classification." He was getting louder. "Defies? Laughs at! With this," he pulled on his lapels, "I tell the universe that I will not be pigeonholed! I may not be slotted neatly into a mental folder! I have no caste, I suffer no artificial restrictions, I cannot be put in my place because my place does not exist. Kings and galley slaves are alike to me, because to me, such hierarchies are nothing! I reject them! The indefinite article does not apply to me; I am not ''a'' or ''an'' anything. This coat says that I am ''the'' Doctor, singular, unique, without substitute or equivalent or equal!" The other people on the top deck decided spontaneously, in unison, to be further away from the deranged, eye-searing shouty man. "And," the Doctor added smugly, in a slightly less parade-ground voice, "[[ShoutOut I aim]] [[Series/{{Firefly}} to misbehave.]]"
-->-- '''[[Series/DoctorWho The Sixth Doctor]]''', ''[[http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=45378 Color Coded for your Inconvenience]]''

-> One of the kidnappers had drawn his blaster and was lining it up on a badly dressed and clearly insane figure that had appeared from nowhere and was running straight at him.
-->-- '''[[Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse Mara Jade]]''' observing Luke Skywalker, ''Literature/ChoicesOfOne''

-> "And here I thought you wore black because you dressed in the dark."
-->-- '''Han Solo''' observing Luke Skywalker in non-black clothing, ''ComicBook/StarWarsUnion''.

-> Here was a muumuu made entirely out of belts and zippers. There was a garment which was naught but the buttoned pockets of cargo pants all sewn to each other in a blouse-like formation. On this pony mannequin: a set of parachute pants so slack and saggy, one could leap off a cliff in them and be assured of a safe glide back to earth. On that pony mannequin: dungarees dyed in the whimsical hues of smashed caterpillars and cockroaches.
-->-- Lero Michealides' reaction to Applejack's outfits, in Fanfic/DividedRainbow.

->"You a free man?"\\
"You mean nobody made you dress like that?"
-->-- ''Film/DjangoUnchained''.

->(Because I'm tacky)\\
Wear my belt with suspenders, and sandals with my socks\\
(Because I'm tacky)\\
Got some new glitter Uggs, and lovely pink sequined Crocs
-->-- '''Music/WeirdAlYankovic''', "Tacky"

-> "What's with that tanktop? Your face is on it! (Laughs) That's so painful!"
-->-- [[Anime/OsomatsuSan Osomatsu's]] reaction to Karamatsu's clothing

-> ''That goddamn Moire pattern shirt even makes me ill, and I do bad, sanity-wracking things to local geometry for the funzies.''
-->-- '''[[WindsOfDestinyChange Murphy]]''', comparing '''[[BlindBlackGuy Jericho]]''''s [[BrownNote weapons]][[MadScience -grade]] attire to the AlienGeometries she [[RealityWarper slings around]], "Murphy's Laws of Whateley"[[http://whateleyacademy.net/index.php/original-timeline/765-murphy-s-laws-of-whateley]], ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse''