->'''Garak:''' ''I'' knew [[Theatre/JuliusCaesar Brutus was going to kill Caesar]] in the first act, but Caesar didn't figure it out until the knife is in his back!\\
'''Bashir:''' That's what makes it a tragedy. Caesar couldn't ''conceive'' that his best friend would plot to kill him!\\
'''Garak:''' Tragedy is not the word I'd use. 'Farce' would be more appropriate.
-->--'''''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''''', "Improbable Cause"

->'''John [=McClane=]:''' You think I'm fuckin' stupid, Hans?\\
''(elevator arrives full of reinforcements)''\\
'''Hans Gruber:''' You were saying?
-->-- ''Film/DieHard''

->"Did you all take stupid pills this morning?"
-->-- '''Mr. Potatohead''', ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory''

-> Who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests? Talk about stupid! What do they feed you Mario Bros. anyway? Gullible soup?
-->--'''King Boo''', ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion''

->'''Mokuba''': But it's obviously a trap! Why are you acting so gullible and out of character?
--> --''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''

-> '''Téa''': I can't believe we're expected to believe all this.
-> '''Yugi''': And yet, apparently we do. ''God'', we're stupid.
--> --''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''

-> "Okay, I take it back. [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist Reed Richards]] is ''not'' a genius. He is actually a complete moron."
-->— '''Linkara''' comments on the irrefutable evidence in "SpiderMan and the ComicBook/FantasticFour in... Brain Drain!", ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall''

-> ''"Oh my God. Has everyone taken stupid pills!?"''
-->-- George Sands, ''BeingHuman''

-> '''84''': ''So the emerald one tried to steal your powers and now you're working with them and a super villain's daughter?''
-> '''Emerald Gauntlet''': ''Well I-- when you say it like...''
--> PS238

-> ''"The engineers tried everything to make me... behave. To slow me down. Once, they even attached an Intelligence Dampening Sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas."''
--> -- '''[=GLaDOS=]''', ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}''

-> ''"Uncle! What are you doing Firebending your tea? [[LampshadeHanging You know, for a wise old man,]] [[OutOfCharacterMoment that was a pretty stupid move.]]"''
-->-- '''Prince Zuko,''' ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

!!!On works
-> ''"Those kids in horror movies are so easy to kill, you could strangle them with a cordless phone y'know what I'm sayin? I mean, you see how they just run right into danger, these idiots, they run right into death. They're look'n for death."''
-->-- Pablo Francisco, [[http://comedians.jokes.com/pablo-francisco/videos/pablo-francisco---previews-voice this video]]

->''"In the fascist world, Sir Keith gets murdered whereas in the real world he survives, and episode seven makes it clear that this is central to why [[ForWantOfANail there's hope for the real world]]....Astonishingly, upon returning to the real world, the Doctor's course of action is to [[FearIsTheAppropriateResponse run around like a lunatic]] so that even the Brigaider thinks [[CassandraTruth he's lost it]] instead of explaining what's going on."''
-->--'''[[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2011/07/go-down-go-down-go-down-go-down-inferno.html Phil Sandifer]]''' on ''Series/DoctorWho'' ([[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS7E4Inferno}} "Inferno"]])

->''"''Star Trek'' Chiefs of Security were never the most efficient characters, I’ll acknowledge that. [[TheWorfEffect Worf]] would often be physically overpowered to prove the credibility of the week’s threat. However, Yar seemed to always get in a bit more trouble than that. The first season of ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' seemed to be powered by the bridge crew’s incompetence, and Yar suffered a bit from that. The crew were more incompetent than they would eventually become, so Yar ended up being [[TooDumbToLive spectacularly incompetent.]]"''
-->--'''[[http://them0vieblog.com/2012/12/03/star-trek-the-next-generation-code-of-honour-review/ Darren Mooney]]'''

->''"Just when I was saying that Chakotay had lost his way, the writers come along and make him [[WeCanRuleTogether a cult worshipper of a man with Godlike powers!]] It's not a shift in his favour and I was waiting patiently for the script to hit me with its ‘[[FakeDefector he was pretending all along]] so they could escape’ which never came. No, he really is as daft as he appears. ''[Robert]'' Beltran fails to convince on any level and when I read recently that he felt contempt for how the writers used his character [[CreatorBacklash I could actually sense that]] in this episode...it plays out in a way that he was simply charmed and had his ego stroked by an old man. When he starts playing about with simulations I was convinced he was perfectly stupid...‘I thought we were working to ''avoid'' more destruction!’ Chakotay you nob jockey ''any'' changes you make will [[ButterflyOfDoom cause destruction somewhere]]…"''
-->--'''[[http://www.docohobigfinish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/voyager-season-four.html Doc Oho]]''' on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Year Of Hell"

->''"So the plot is that someone's trying to kill Amidala for no reason, and Anakin and Obi-Wan are assigned to protect her. So, she doesn't sleep in an interior bedroom of this building with no window where it's safer, but rather in a room where the blinds are half-open in a city where nine hundred quadrillion people can see her--especially the robot that's here to kill her. They say they're doin' this so [[TheBait she can be bait to lure out the assassin]]--but she turns off any camera surveillance so she can have her privacy. Is that [[TooDumbToLive more important than your life, you dumb bimbo?]] You could at the very least aim the cameras at the windows, 'cause that's the only way in! ...Also, it's revealed in a bit that this assassin is a shapeshifter, which could very well be ''the most advantageous attribute that an assassin could possibly have''. But instead he went with the whole '[[BeeBeeGun bugs through the window]]' approach. Y'know, [[ComplexityAddiction the classic.]]"''
-->--'''[[WebVideo/RedLetterMedia Mr. Plinkett]]''' on ''AttackOfTheClones''

->'''Lincoln:''' We need you to help expose the truth behind the illegal clones! Tell the world that Creator/SeanBean is evil!
->'''Clone Daddy Lincoln:''' Okay I'll help you, despite the fact [[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain I'm going to die in two years and I have no possible benefit to helping you and I need your liver.]]
->'''Lincoln:''' What?
->'''Clone Daddy Lincoln:''' Nothing. I'm just going to go get my shoes [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial and not call Sean Bean.]]
->'''Lincoln:''' But you're ''[[IHaveToIronMyDog wearing]]'' shoes!
-->--'''WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment''' [[http://www.spoonyexperiment.com/the-island/ on]] ''TheIsland''

->'''Chris''': Towards the end of the movie, it’s revealed that Kayla [[FakingTheDead wasn’t really dead]] (SURPRISE!), and that Sabretooth just drugged her and poured about a coffee cup’s worth of blood onto her shirt. Don’t you think Wolverine would have maybe checked for any kind of wound at all?\\
'''Matt:''' Or, you know, [[LongList waited for police to arrive, had a coroner check her out, attended a funeral, seen to her burial, etc.]]\\
'''Chris''': I get that he’s going to be hot on the trail for revenge, so I’m not expecting him to call in [=CSI=] ([[CanadaEh Canadian]] Scene Investigators) or anything, but you’d think he would’ve become pretty darn familiar with stab wounds in general and Sabretooth’s handiwork in particular at some point over the past 130 years. Her shirt’s not even ripped!\\
'''Matt''': [[HandWave He is blinded by rage!]]
-->--'''Chris sims''' and '''Matt Wilson''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/comicsalliance-reviews-x-men-origins-wolverine-2009-part-o/ on]] ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine''

->'''[[WebVideo/BadMovieBeatdown Film Brain]]:''' Finally, they get back to the idea of killing him, which of course they plan to do by having a plot to cut him up into tiny pieces, that they will post all over the country... or you know, they could just blow him up?
->'''[[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]:''' Shh, the Octopus is holding his Idiot Ball.
--> -- '''Film Brain''' questions the Octopus' plan in the ''Film/TheSpirit'' movie

->'''Caveman:''' The Thing loosens an arm and attaches itself to the guy's face in face-hugger style. And everyone just stares at him for, oh, I dunno, '''''FIVE MINUTES!!!''''' He should have had four rounds put in his head and been put on fire!\\
'''Birdy:''' It's Horror Stupidity Syndrome. And it seems to have become a rather prominent element in modern horror films in particular.
-->-- WebVideo/MediaWhorz review of ''Film/TheThing2011'' (2011)

->''"...ultimately, what really doomed ''Film/{{Star Trek V|The Final Frontier}}'' was how it [[CharacterDerailment betrayed its beloved, long-established characters]] by having them do and say things that are unbelievably stupid."''
-->-- '''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''s [[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Star_Trek_V__The_Final_Frontier_1989.aspx recap of The Final Frontier]]

->''"And with that, viewers, welcome back to LetsPlay ''Videogame/{{Homeworld}}: Cataclysm.'' Last time, we managed to figure out what the Taidaan Imperialists were up to, which appeared to be, well... ''being dumbasses.''"''
-->--'''[=TheOneTrueRenairen=]''', LetsPlay ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydUj5Ak00iw Homeworld: Cataclysm]]''