->''"Lord, I thank you for the presence of Charles, Sal and my boys this year. I am also thankful that you've given my dear Joyce a future husband. And I thank you for any possible future offspring, and may they come swiftly. I need grandkids, blessit. So would you please let them know with '''subtlety''' to stop doing it in the '''ass''' or '''pulling out''' or '''whatever''' the hell they're doing to rob me of my '''babies'''."''
-->-- '''Joyce's Mother''', ''[[Webcomic/RoomiesItsWalkyJoyceAndWalky Joyce And Walky]]''

->'''Claire Huxtable (nee Hanks)'s Mother:''' If you want the joy of a child without the bother, there's a perfectly simple answer.\\
'''Claire:''' Grandchildren.\\
'''Claire's Mother:''' They're perfect. If you don't like them, you go ''home''.
-->-- ''Series/TheCosbyShow'', season one episode "One More Time"

->''"Go for it. Just don't get pregnant. Or do. My grandfather clock is ticking."''
-->-- '''Simon''' to his daughter Sydney, ''Series/TheCrazyOnes''

->'''Jeanine:''' I happened to be in Milan promoting my state's business interests when I heard Samantha was arriving to discuss whether or not to start a family. I got here right away.\\
'''Samantha:''' ...which is how this became a political debate.\\
'''Dave:''' You'll each have two minutes for opening statemen--\\
'''Jeanine: I NEED GRANDKIDS!'''
-->-- ''ComicStrip/SafeHavens''

->'''Kyouko:''' [[VoiceOfTheLegion Do you]] [[DemonHead have a]] [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily child yet]]?\\
'''Hajime:''' Child? [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Even I know you can't marry a grade schooler]].\\
'''Kyouko:''' I mean ''your'' child, with your wife!
-->-- ''Manga/ICantUnderstandWhatMyHusbandIsSaying''

->'''Kathryn:''' So instead of nagging your ''son'' about producing grandchildren, you nag women who may or may not be remotely interested in him?\\
'''General Tagon:''' This is a new tactic. I guess I do both.\\
'''Kathryn:''' For as stupid as your selfish DNA is, I'm surprised you were able to reproduce at all.\\
'''General Tagon:''' The boy's mother used to say the same thing.
-->-- ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary''

->''"I want some grandkids!"''
-->-- '''Eudora''' to Tiana, ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''

->'''Derek:''' Mother, you've done a lot of crazy things to get me to do what you want, but pretending to be dying?
->'''Jean-Bob:''' Fake dying? Zat's genius! Queen Uberta,I salute you.
->'''Uberta:''' What else am I supposed to do, Derek? Guess how many grandchildren the Queen of Wixom has? Go on, you just guess!
->'''Derek:''' I don't know, four?
->'''Uberta:''' No! None! But what if she has one before me? Oh! The shame!
->'''Derek:''' Mother, I promise, no one wants children as much as Odette and me.
->'''Uberta:''' Then show me the baby! Show me the baby!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSwanPrincess''