->''"In [[BigApplesauce this city]] live Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.'' \\
''Of course, you know Ricky as the famous orchestra leader and singer.''\\
''And Lucy is the famous, um, well she's...''\\
''[[TriviallyObvious her hair is very red. And she's married to Ricky.]]''\\
''In this little district close to theaters and nightclubs where Ricky works,''\\
''they have a little apartment where they laugh, love, and thoroughly enjoy life."''
-->--'''Opening Narration to {{Pilot}}'''

->''"Next time you want a hamburger without onions, ''ask'' for a hamburger without onions! Don't just stand there yelling, "Bring the bull in the ring and laugh in his face"!''
-->--'''Lucy''', about Ricky's attempt at [[HashHouseLingo diner slang]], "The Diner".