->'''ComicBook/{{Scott|Pilgrim}}''': ...Is that a talking penguin?
->'''[[Franchise/{{Disgaea}} Prinny]]''': ...I'm a Prinny, dood!
->'''Scott''':...Like from Disgaea...-Scott pokes the Prinny-...Dood.
->'''Prinny''': ...Yeah...like from Disgaea...I didn't know anybody even played those games in Canada, dood!
->'''Scott''': Are you kidding?...I play all kinds of games, dood.
->'''Prinny''': Oh, well, that makes sense...uh...what's yer favorite game, dood?
->'''Scott''':...That's a pretty tough question, dood. I like 'em all...Sonic 3 and Knuckles I guess...but I get most of my moves from Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom.
->'''Prinny''': Oh, yeah, the Sonic games are classics, doo..."Get yer moves from"?
-> '''Scott''': Yeah, my moves! Back home, I'm the best fighter in the province! I kick all kinds of ass!...At least four kinds. And I learned all my combos!
->'''Prinny''': ...I didn't know video games actually taught something, dood! That's...somewhat impressive!

->''"Your cars are no match for my mad Frogger skillz!"''
-->--'''Jack''', ''Webcomic/MiscellaneousError''

->''''Of course! I'm fully instrument rated on Microsoft Flight Simulator!"''
-->--'''Mike Nelson''', ''[[Film/ThisIslandEarth Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie]]''

->''"My reflexes have been honed by years of videogames!"''
-->--'''[[AscendedFanboy Ryusei Date]]''', ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration''

->'''Polnareff''': Oh, by the way, I'm surprised you can drive even though you're a highschooler.\\
'''Kakyoin''': Yeah, I'm pretty decent at [[VideoGame/FZero F-Mega]].\\
'''Polnareff''': That's a Video Game! Hey, switch out with me!\\
(Kakyoin is now driving terribly.)\\
'''Polnareff''': Why are you pressing down on the gas?! Brake! Brake! Step on the brake!\\
'''Kakyoin''': Brake? The A button is the accelerator and the R button is to drift.\\
'''Polnareff''': [[ThisIsReality It ain't a game]]! Brake! Brake!\\
(Kakyoin is still driving terribly.)\\
'''Polnareff''': That's the gas! Switch with me! Switch with me!

->'''Josh:''' What are we gonna do?\\
'''Drake:''' I'm gonna fly this helicopter! You've seen me play ''Helicopter Rescue''!\\
'''Josh:''' What? That's a video game!\\
'''Drake:''' So? If I can land a military helicopter on the Empire State Building and rescue the princess while a [[GiantEnemyCrab giant lobster]]'s shooting rockets at me, I think I can land this thing on a freeway, alright?\\
'''Josh:''' I won't argue with ''that'' logic!
--> -- ''Series/DrakeAndJosh'', "Helicopter"

-> '''Jesse [=McCree=]:''' D.Va, just tell me one thing. Where'd you learn to shoot like that? \\
'''Hana "D.Va" Song''': ''16-Bit Hero''!
--> --''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}''

->''"It's fun to imagine that I've accrued some genuine knowledge in my quest to achieve more potent 'skillz' in the digital realm. There may be scenarios in which I could represent our species well. If alien invasions occurred with greater frequency, I think I could really distinguish myself."''
--> --'''Jerry Holkins''', "Webcomic/PennyArcade Vol. 1: Attack of the Bacon Robots!"