[[folder:Anime & Manga]]

->I thought my [[MindControlDevice Dark Rings]] were a stroke of genius. [[ObliviouslyEvil I never realized I was causing pain]]. I made them work for me tirelessly without ever giving them a break, and I was cruel to them beyond imagination. [[IAmAMonster I'm a monster!]] I can't believe what I've done!
-->-- '''Ken Ichijoji/The Digimon Emperor''', ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02''

->I've always been this way, haven't I? [[FamousLastWords I never notice things]] [[DeathEqualsRedemption until it's too late]].
-->-- '''Precia Testarossa''', ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha TheMovie 1st''

->'''Hakim''': Space has become a place that has become monopolized by handful of powerful countries. We should fix that, shouldn't we? We should start over from scratch, shouldn't we?! And... return all the countries to the way they should be. (''slowly begins raising gun at Nono'')\\
'''Nono''': Countries? Oh, I've heard all about those! \\
'''Hakim''': (''stops raising gun'')\\
'''Nono''': I've heard Earth is divided into them, is that right? Oh, I guess I should explain, I'm a Lunarian. I was born and raised here! So, I've never seen any of those country things myself. I'm kinda curious, mister, where's your country? (''points at Earth'') Can you see it from here? \\
'''Hakim''': ...You're right. You can't see any of it from out here in space. But, I still do. You can't see them... but I still do. (''slowly walks away'')
-->-- ''Anime/{{Planetes}}''


[[folder:Comic Books]]

->[[Franchise/{{Batman}} You]] don't understand... I really didn't want to [[CallingCard leave you any clues.]] I really planned never to go back to Arkham Asylum. But I left you a clue anyway. So I... I have to go back there. Because I might need help. [[ReluctantPsycho I... I might actually be crazy.]]
-->-- '''The Riddler''', ''ComicBook/BatmanGothamAdventures''

->I think everybody wants to believe they'll be remembered when they check out. I also think everybody likes to believe that life can't go on without them, but that just ain't the truth. No way to stop the future. You're too young to be thinkin' about this kinda stuff no, but trust me... most men want to leave the world a better place than they found it. They wanna feel like they've made a difference. Been somebody. Everybody wants to be a Cadillac; no one wants to be an ol' junker!\\
All [[Literature/AChristmasCarol Scrooge's]] life, he had probably thought he was the Caddy - great paint job, powerful engine, smooth ride. I think when all was said and done, when it came down to the zero hour, ol' Scroogey knew that he would be remembered as the junker. You know, the one that used to break down on you all the time. You'd ''never'' forget what a pain in the neck it was. People don't remember that car when it was brand spankin' new... They just remember having to jump-start it every day.\\
Scrooge had lived his life as a man who could turn on you at any moment - leave you stranded or hurt. He'd been the type of man people only feared. Feared that he'd "break down" on 'em again.
-->-- ''Comicbook/{{Batman}}: [[YetAnotherChristmasCarol Noel]]''

->I lied to myself! I was no heroic German soldier, fighting and dying honorably on the eastern front! My sword has shown me the truth... I was a rapist! A monster! [[OurVampiresAreDifferent A Vampire]]! I deserved to die! I deserved to be sent here... To never see Rebecca again! I am truly in Hell! [[SubvertedTrope So I may as well]] [[ThenLetMeBeEvil enjoy it!]]
-->-- '''Heinrich Augsberg''', ''ComicBook/RequiemVampireKnight''

->If the world thinks you're a monster, what does it matter? The world is wrong. But when you start to think of ''yourself'' as a monster...
-->-- '''Megatron''', ''ComicBook/TransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye''

->'''Delia Surridge''': You've come to kill me, haven't you?\\
'''V''': Yes.\\
'''Delia Surridge''': Thank God.
-->-- ''Comicbook/VForVendetta''


[[folder:Fan Fiction]]

->"I've been terrible to both of you, haven't I?" Adagio said, fear welling up in her, but wishing for all the world she’d said these words sooner, "I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for ever dragging you two down into the dark with me. You both deserved better than me as a sister."
-->-- ''FanFic/EquestriaGirlsFriendshipSouls''

->Twilight, I... words cannot express what utter shame I am feeling right now. I have always believed in ideals of Crystal Prep, of competitiveness and constant race, because I truly believed that was an essential part of progress... but I forgot, in my blindness, that the Shadowbolts are supposed to take care of each other, and you were a Shadowbolt, since Cinch, er... chose you to represent our school. And I didn't do that. None of us did.
-->-- '''Sugarcoat''', ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/90557 Why]]''

->I meant what I said, you know. I am sorry. And I know there's nothing I can ever do to repay my actions. It's just something I have to live with.
-->--'''[[Disney/{{Frozen}} Prince Hans]]''' to Queen Elsa [[spoiler:regarding his actions from the film]] in ''FanFic/AMarriageOfConvenience''


[[folder:Film - Animated]]

->'''ComicBook/LexLuthor:''' I could have made ''everyone'' see! If it wasn't for you, ''I could have saved the world!''\\
'''Franchise/{{Superman}}:''' If it had ''mattered'' to you, Luthor, you could have saved the world years ago.\\
'''Luthor:''' ... (''quietly'') You're right.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/AllStarSuperman''

->'''Mr. Pickles:''' We're just doing our jobs.\\
'''Winnie:''' Your "jobs?!" Are you pest exterminators or ''evil henchmen?!''\\
'''Mr. Pickles:''' ...I knew that's how people saw us.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheBoxtrolls''

->I believed we were doing what was right; I was wrong. [[TheUndead Now this is our punishment.]] We thought we knew our way in life, but in death... we are lost.
-->-- '''Judge Hopkins''', ''WesternAnimation/ParaNorman''


[[folder:Film - Live-Action]]

->No. I haven't been acting correctly. I can't hardly recognize myself sometimes when I'm greased. I go on journeys out of my body and look at [[TheseHandsHaveKilled my red hands]] and [[HairTriggerTemper my mean]] [[AxCrazy face]] and I wonder about that man who's gone so wrong.
-->-- '''Jesse James''', ''Film/TheAssassinationOfJesseJamesByTheCowardRobertFord''

->[[RevengeBeforeReason Vengeance has consumed you.]] It is consuming them. I am done [[HeWhoFightsMonsters letting it consume me]].
-->-- '''[[ComicBook/BlackPanther T'Challa]]''', ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar''

->'''Prendergast:''' Let's meet a couple of police officers. They're all good guys.\\
'''D-FENS:''' I'm the bad guy?\\
'''Prendergast:''' ...Yeah.\\
'''D-FENS:''' How did ''that'' happen?
-->-- ''Film/FallingDown''

->I know now why God didn't [[CureYourGays heal Bobby]]. He didn't heal him because... (''breaks down in pained sobbing'') ...there was nothing wrong with him!
-->-- '''Mary Griffith''', ''Film/PrayersForBobby''

->See, now I'm thinkin': maybe it means you're the evil man. And I'm the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you're the righteous man and I'm the shepherd and it's the world that's evil and selfish. And I'd like that. But that shit ain't the truth. The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.
-->-- '''Jules Winnfield''', ''Film/PulpFiction''

->[[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans Stand down.]] [[HeelFaceTurn Stand down.]] It's finished. ...[[MyGodWhatHaveIDone We're finished.]]
-->-- '''[[KnightTemplar The Operative]]''', ''Film/{{Serenity}}''

->'''Dr. Alan Grant:''' Mr. Hammond, after great consideration, I have decided... ''not to endorse your park''.\\
'''John Hammond:''' ...so have I.
-->-- ''Film/JurassicPark''

->'''Tony Stark:''' I never got to say goodbye to my father. There's questions I would've asked him, I would have asked him how he felt about what this company did. If he was conflicted, if he ever had doubts. Or maybe he was every inch the man we all remember from the news reels. ''({{Beat}})'' I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them. And I saw that I... had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability.\\
''(various reporters try to ask questions, Stark points at one)''\\
'''Reporter:''' What happened over there?\\
'''Tony Stark:''' ''(stands up)'' I had my eyes opened! I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why -- effective immediately -- I am ''shutting down'' the weapons manufacturing devision of Stark International.
-->-- ''Film/IronMan1''



->'''Jacob Marley:''' Oh! captive, bound, and double-ironed, not to know, that ages of incessant labour by immortal creatures, for this earth must pass into eternity before the good of which it is susceptible is all developed. Not to know that any Christian spirit working kindly in its little sphere, whatever it may be, will find its mortal life too short for its vast means of usefulness. Not to know that no space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunities misused! Yet such was I! Oh! such was I!\\
'''Ebenezer Scrooge:''' But you were always a good man of business, Jacob.\\
'''Jacob Marley:''' Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business! At this time of the rolling year, I suffer most. Why did I walk through crowds of fellow-beings with my eyes turned down, and never raise them to that blessed Star which led the Wise Men to a poor abode? Were there no poor homes to which its light would have conducted ''me!''
-->-- ''Literature/AChristmasCarol''

->He wouldn't be able to walk on a street on any civilized planet in the galaxy; people wouldn't be able to abide his presence.\\
Nor would he blame them.\\
He couldn't stop thinking about it. He didn't believe he would ever be able to stop thinking about it. The dead would haunt him, forever.\\
[[MyGodWhatHaveIDone How could a man live with that?]]
-->-- '''Tenn Graneet''', Lead Gunner on the ''Literature/DeathStar''

->That boy had wanted to be [[KnightInShiningArmor Ser Arthur Dayne]], but someplace along the way he had become the [[BlackKnight Smiling Knight]] instead.
-->-- '''[[SympatheticPOV Ser Jaime Lannister]]''', ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''

->A month ago, he could easily have spoken with pride on how British dragons were cared for. Like all of them, Temeraire had been fed and housed on raw meat and in bare clearings, with constant training and little entertainment. Laurence thought he might as well brag of raising children in a pigsty to the Queen, as speak of such conditions to this elegant dragon in her flower-decked palace.
-->-- '''Captain William Laurence, Aerial Corps''', ''[[Literature/{{Temeraire}} Empire of Ivory]]''

-->-- '''Taylor''''s message to her dad, ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/tangle-6-9/#comments Tangle 6.9]]


[[folder:Live-Action TV]]

->For a demon, I never did think that much about the "nature of evil." Just threw myself in; thought it was a party. [[BloodKnight I liked the rush. I liked the crunch.]] (''quietly'') Never did look back at the victims.
-->-- '''Spike''', ''Series/{{Angel}}'', "Damaged"

->Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that.
-->-- '''Colonel Tigh''', ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}''

->I accept who I am. I'm the bad guy.
-->-- '''Jesse Pinkman''', ''Series/BreakingBad''

->I did it for myself. I liked it. was good at it. [[TearJerker And I was really… I was alive.]]
-->-- '''Walter White''' finally owning up, ''Series/BreakingBad''

->'''Detective Jake Peralta''': I can't believe we're fugitives on the lam, falsely accused of a crime.\\
'''Captain Raymond Holt''': There's nothing false about it. We committed several felonies and escaped from jail.\\
'''Peralta''': Yeah, but we were just doing what we had to do. We're the good guys. (''gasps'') This is what they all think!
-->-- ''Series/BrooklynNineNine''

->I'm the villain in my own story.\\
My actions have gone way too far.\\
I told myself that I was Jasmine\\
But I realize now I'm Jafar.\\
We're told love conquers all.\\
But that only applies to the hero.\\
Is the enemy what I'm meant to be?\\
Is being the villain my destiny?
-->-- '''Rebecca Bunch''', [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhzN7SfnNeY "I'm the Villain in My Own Story,"]] ''Series/CrazyExGirlfriend''

->'''Fisk:''' I was thinking about a story from Literature/TheBible...\\
'''SWAT 1:''' I tell you to open your mouth?!\\
'''[[DirtyCop SWAT 2]]:''' Let him talk. Don't mean nothin'.\\
'''Fisk:''' I'm not a religious man, but I've read bits and pieces over the years. Curiosity more than faith. But this one story... There was a man, he... he was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho... when he was set upon by men of ill intent. They stripped the traveller of his clothes, they beat him, and they left him bleeding in the dirt. And a priest happened by... saw the traveller... but he moved to the other side of the road and continued on. And then a Levite, a religious functionary, he... came to the place, saw the dying traveller... but he too moved to the other side of the road, and passed him by. But then came a man from Samaria, [[GoodSamaritan a Samaritan, a good man]]. He saw the traveller bleeding in the road, and he stopped to aid him without thinking of the circumstance or the difficulty it might bring him. The Samaritan tended to the traveller's wounds, applying oil and wine, and he carried him to an inn, gave him all the money he had, for the owner to take care of the traveller, as the Samaritan, he... continued on his journey. He did this simply because the traveller was his neighbour. He loved his city, and all the people in it. (''sighs'') I always thought that ''I'' was the Samaritan in that story. It's funny, isn't it? How even the best of men can be... deceived by their true nature.\\
'''SWAT 1:''' [[WallOfText The hell does]] ''[[WallOfText that]]'' [[WallOfText mean?]]\\
'''Fisk:''' It means that I'm ''not'' the Samaritan. That I'm not the priest. Or the Levite. That ''[[BadassBoast I am the ill intent]]''... who set upon the traveller on a road that ''he should not have been on''.
-->-- ''Series/{{Daredevil}}''

->'''Davros''': You betrayed the Daleks?\\
'''Dalek Caan''': I ''saw'' the Daleks. What we have done throughout time and space. I saw the truth of us, creator, and I decreed: ''No more!''
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'', "Journey's End"

->I've taken lives. And I got worse, I got ''clever''. [[TechnicalPacifist Manipulated people into taking their own.]] Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long.
-->-- '''The Tenth Doctor''', ''Series/DoctorWho'', "The End of Time"

->'''Dave:''' You've really done it this time, Bill. You've bankrupted the station, nearly stripped us bare, and on top of that you broke poor Matthew's heart. I hope you're proud of yourself.\\
'''Bill:''' How do you think I feel? Everyone hates me now. I mean, not like before when they only sorta hated me. This is the real stuff.
-->-- ''Series/NewsRadio'', "Twins"

->They've got skulls on them. Have you noticed that [[SkeletonsInTheCoatCloset our caps actually have little pictures of skulls on them?]] Hans... are we the ''baddies?''
-->-- '''[[ThoseWackyNazis SS officer]]''', ''Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook''

->You start to tell a story, you think you’re the hero. [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope And then when you get done talking...]]
-->-- '''[[CowboyCop Detective McNulty]]''', ''Series/TheWire''



->I was fighting for a reason\\
Holy blessed homicide
-->-- '''{{Music/Disturbed}}''', "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Us6CEufX6E Overburdened]]"

->[[BigWordShout STOP!]]\\
I wanna go home \\
Take off this uniform and leave the show \\
But I'm waiting in this cell because I have to know \\
Have I been guilty all this time?
-->-- '''Music/PinkFloyd,''' "Stop!", ''Music/TheWall''

->[[BastardBoyfriend I'm a bastard]] if it's true\\
If the thing she did to me\\
[[LaserGuidedKarma Is what I did to you]]\\
I'm a bastard if it's true\\
And I guess it's true
-->-- '''Prozzäk''', "Sucks to be You"

->Hear me as I speak to you:\\
Of all the evil men can do\\
There is none worse that I know\\
Than [[LeaveNoSurvivors what we did]] in cold Glencoe
-->-- '''Music/{{Rise}}''', "Cold Glencoe"

->I'm gonna go to sleep and wake up, far away, as someone else\\
And all of this, and my whole life, just a terrible dream\\
But it's still my eyes staring back, in the mirror, cold and black\\
Is this for real? Tell me now! Am I the fear in your hearts?
--> '''Music/{{Keldian}}''', "Never Existed"


[[folder:Tabletop Games]]

->I can hardly sleep anymore. I feel the tugging of some inner force, something inside that beckons me further into this nightmare. I'm scared. I hate to admit it, but I'm terrified. Rob's "[[KillAndReplace replacement]]" shakes me so deeply inside that I had to skip class. I'm almost afraid to call in sick, for fear of the "cure" [[MadScientist Dr. Reid]] might send. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere I should go]]. I know it, [[TrappedInVillainy but I can't]]; more to the point, I won't. [[IveComeTooFar I've gone this far and won't back off now]]. Rob was an idiot, screwing a fellow Progenitor and mouthing off [[AcademyOfEvil in class]] to a superior. I won't make his mistakes.\\
God help me. I've just read what I've written and it doesn't sound like me at all. So cold, so callous. What have I become?
-->-- '''Andrew Greene,''' ''TabletopGame/MageTheAscension - Convention Book: Progenitors''



->Now I'm the villain in your history\\
I was too young and blind to see...\\
I should've known\\
I should've known
-->-- '''Aaron Burr''', ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'', "The World Was Wide Enough"

->What have I done? Sweet Jesus, what have I done?\\
Become a thief in the night, become a dog on the run.
-->-- '''Jean Valjean''', ''Theatre/LesMiserables''

->We all deserve to die!\\
Even you, Mrs. Lovett, even I!\\
Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief!\\
For the rest of us death will be a relief!
-->-- '''[[Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet Sweeney Todd]]''', [[Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet the Demon Barber of Fleet Street]], "[[VillainSong Epiphany]]"


[[folder:Video Games]]

->For years, I've been rushing around, taking whatever I fancied, not giving a tinker's curse for those I hurt. Yet here I am... with riches and reputation, feeling no wiser than when I left home. Yet when I turn around, and look at the course I've run... here's not a man or woman that I love left standing beside me.
-->-- '''Edward Kenway''', ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag''

->This is the part where the bad guys regret their life choices.
-->-- '''Kyle''', ''VideoGame/SouthParkTheFracturedButWhole''

->'''[[WellIntentionedExtremist Baelheit:]]''' Why, Daimon? Why won't you lend me your strength?\\
'''[[BondCreatures Daimon:]]''' Because we were wrong.
-->-- ''VideoGame/BatenKaitos Origins''

->One of the children came and sat in my lap. I push her off, I shout, "Get away from me!" I can see the [[PsychoSerum ADAM]] oozing out of the corner of her mouth, thick and green. Her filthy hair hanging in her face, dirty clothes, and that dead glow in her eye... I feel... ''hatred'', like I never felt before, in my chest. Bitter, burning, fury. I can barely breathe. And suddenly, I know: it is not this child I hate.
-->-- '''[[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Brigid]] [[TheAtoner Tenenbaum]]''', ''VideoGame/{{BioShock|1}}''

->Once [[LovecraftianSuperpower The Darkness]] gets ahold of you, you start to lose control. You start to wonder what the fuck you're doin'. Time slips away from you. And then, all of a sudden, it's like you're sittin' in a theater, watchin' a movie of your own life. And you're up there on the big screen. Big as life, you're a fuckin' movie star. And you're killin' all the bad guys, tearing them limb from limb. [[EvilFeelsGood And you feel good]]. [[EvilIsSexy You look good.]] Fuck, you are good. And then you realize something. Everyone else in the theater: they're screamin', [[MookHorrorShow 'cuz they're watchin' a horror movie.]] And you're not the hero...\\
You're the monster...
-->-- '''Jackie Estacado''', ''VideoGame/TheDarkness 2''

->[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge I want to take from them what they]] [[DoomedHometown took from me, from my family.]] In this life. [[PayEvilUntoEvil I want them to suffer. I want all of them to die in fear and pain.]] I want to have my revenge. Against him. Against [[EvilFormerFriend Caesar]]. I want to call it my own, to make my anger [[ChurchMilitant God's anger.]] [[BeAllMySinsRemembered To justify the things I've done.]] Sometimes I tell myself these wild fires will never stop burning. But I'm the one who starts them. Not God. Not them. I can always see it in my mind, the warmth and the heat. It will always be a part of me... [[TheAtoner but not today.]]
-->-- '''Joshua Graham''' if he is convinced to spare Salt-Upon-Wounds, ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas''

->I guess this is it. [[LockedInAFreezer Not much air left now]]. Minutes, maybe. [[UndesirablePrize And this is what I have to show for it]]. I guess [[ShootTheShaggyDog the joke's]] (''gasp'') on me. Prolly shouldn't (''gasp'') have killed... all those people, Prolly shoulda stayed at home... (''gasp'') [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas and taken care of my ma]]. She... always used to say people who... murder and steal... [[KarmicDeath die bad in the end]]. Said they... (''[[KilledMidSentence gasp]]'')
-->-- '''Allen Marks'''' last words, recorded on [[ApocalypticLog holotape]], ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas''

->I let myself believe we were [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans making things better]]. But we're not.
-->-- '''Regime Flash''', ''VideoGame/InjusticeGodsAmongUs''

->It is such a quiet thing, to fall. But far more terrible is to admit it.
-->-- '''Kreia''', ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords''

->We're shitty people, Joel. It's been that way for a long time.
-->-- '''Tess''', ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs''

->'''[[BadassBookworm Mordin]]''': Understandable, but not acceptable. Will not sacrifice [[DyingRace Krogan]] for political gain.\\
'''[[AntiHero Renegade]] [[PlayerCharacter Shepard]]''': Every time we've talked about this before, you've ''defended'' the [[DepopulationBomb genophage]]! Hell, I had to talk you into saving Maelon's data! How can you change your mind now!?\\
'''Mordin''': I MADE A MISTAKE! [[note]] This is one of the only sentences where [[TerseTalker Mordin]] uses the first-person pronoun "I;" [[OutOfCharacterIsSeriousBusiness he normally leaves it out as part of his depersonalization to disconnect himself from his actions]].[[/note]]
-->-- ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''

->[[FamousLastWords Goodbye, Shepard. Thank you.]]
-->--'''Saren Arterius'''[[note]] Saren was [[MindRape indoctrinated]] by the Reapers to help them invade the Galaxy, and was reputed for [[FantasticRacism his hatred of humans]]. The fact that Shepard convinced him to see the truth and realize it makes the above quote (done by Paragon Shepard, any other dialogue choices will be a BossBattle). [[/note]], ''VideoGame/MassEffect''

->I'm already a demon. [[ThenLetMeBeEvil Heaven's not my kinda place, anyway]].
-->-- '''Punished Snake''' aka '''Big Boss''', ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain''

->'''[[SharingABody Tyrann]]:''' You know, [[TermsOfEndangerment Sunshine]], that [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Black Scrawl has almost completely taken you over]].\\
'''Kainé:''' Yeah. I know.\\
'''[[DemonicPossession Tyrann]]:''' But ''goddamn'', we had fun, huh? Killing and killing and ''more'' killing... [[AxeCrazy what a rush!]]\\
'''Kainé:''' Yeah? ''[[HeroicRROD Ngh...]]''\\
'''Tyrann:''' Wait - no! No, no, no! It wasn't fun at all! [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone I turned you into a killing machine! I spread evil and chaos around the world!]] [[BeingEvilSucks But it all feels so empty now!]] ''[[WhatIsThisFeeling Why?! I don't understand!]]''\\
'''Kainé:''' Sorry, [[IronicEcho Sunshine]]. [[HumanityIsInfectious Maybe I'm just nicer than you thought]].
-->-- ''VideoGame/{{NieR}}''

->Stories are told again and again, and from their shape we build our understanding of the world. [[Literature/HanselAndGretel Two children are led into the woods; they are lost for a time, but then are captured by an old witch]]. A child goes missing in [[AmusementParkOfDoom Atlantic Island Park]]; he wanders, lost, for a time, before finding his way into the mouth of an old witch. In the oldest version of the story, the [[AbusiveParents mother]] and the [[WickedWitch witch]] were the same person.\\
I never wanted to be the witch... but I am... aren't I?
-->-- [[spoiler: '''Lorraine''']], ''[[VideoGame/TheSecretWorld The Park]]''

->I-I didn't mean to hurt anybody...
-->-- [[spoiler: '''Captain Martin Walker''']], ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine''

->[[PlayerPunch You]] [[WhatTheHellPlayer feel your sins crawling on your back.]]
-->-- BossBattle with [[spoiler:Sans]], ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', [[KillEmAll "No Mercy" playthrough]]


[[folder:Visual Novels]]

->That was the worst to me, that [Lily] could be so nice and still take so many people for granted. Why even join the Student Council, then? It seemed so shortsighted and selfish, don't you think? But it's actually me who's this way.
-->-- '''Shizune''', ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo''

->I know the [[AmoralAttorney path I've walked]]. You don't need to tell me. And the path I've walked... hasn't been a just one. I can't forgive myself for what I've done... and no one else should forgive me either.
-->-- '''Miles Edgeworth''', ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyJusticeForAll''


[[folder:Web Comics]]

->I was certainly a lousy father... Since my visions of the future I've changed a lot... I saw the error of my ways and how barbaric the Saiyan people were... But don't expect any excuses. You can give up if you want.
-->-- '''Bardok''', ''WebComic/DragonBallMultiverse''


[[folder:Web Original]]

->I'm not a soldier. I'm a monster...like [[TheSociopath you]].
-->-- '''[[spoiler: Locus]]''', ''Machinima/RedVsBlue''


[[folder:Western Animation]]

->But anyway, [[HeelFaceTurn I'm good now.]] I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad...
-->--'''Zuko''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', "The Western Air Temple"

->I wanted to speak out against this [[FinalSolution horrifying plan]], [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone but I'm ashamed to say I didn't]]. My whole life, I struggled to gain [[AbusiveParents my father's]] love and acceptance, [[WasItReallyWorthIt but once I had it]], I realized I'd lost myself getting there. I'd forgotten who I was.
-->--'''Zuko''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', "Sozin's Comet"

->'''Dipper''': Rumble! I have something to tell you! Robbie... Robbie didn't kill my father.\\
'''Rumble''': (''gasps'') Then who did?\\
'''Dipper''': What? No-one. I... I lied to you.\\
'''Rumble''': Hwuh? Well then, you're actually a... ''bad guy!''\\
'''Dipper''': I guess I kinda am.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls''

->Avatar Korra. I am truly sorry for all that I've done to you. I thought I was better than my father, but his ghost still shaped me. I became a soldier of revenge, just like he wanted me to be.
-->-- '''Tarrlok''', ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''

->You think you can boss [[EldritchAbomination Discord]] around?! You think I'm just going to turn all this back because ''you'' say so?! Because if I don't, I'll lose the one friend I ever had?! [[WideEyesAndShrunkenIrises ...Oh.]] [[TearsOfRemorse Well played, Fluttershy. Well played.]]
-->-- '''Discord''', ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''

->'''Dr. Venture:''' What the hell am I signing, a zeppelin?\\
'''Dr. Henry Killinger:''' A most sacred pact - membership in the [[WeirdTradeUnion most elite brotherhood]], ''mit'' exclusive arching rights.\\
'''Dr. Venture:''' Didn't have to go through all this hooey to get my first {{archenemy}}, but what the hey. Did you pick me a good one?\\
'''Dr. Henry Killinger:''' No, ''you'' did.\\
'''Dr. Venture:''' What... my brother?\\
'''Dr. Henry Killinger:''' Bingo! Isn't it perfect? It's a classic [[CainAndAbel Cain-]]''[[CainAndAbel und]]''[[CainAndAbel -Abel]] story.\\
'''Dr. Venture:''' But... but he can't arch me, he's not even a super- ''Oh my God.''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBros'', "The Doctor is Sin"


[[folder:Real Life]]

->You may have just saved my wife's life, for as I listened to you describing Simpson's [[DomesticAbuse abuse]], I recognized myself.
-->-- An abusive husband, writing to one of the prosecutors in the O. J. Simpson case. Quoted by Gavin de Becker in ''The Gift of Fear''