Note that a lot of these quotes can also overlap with Quotes.GameOver.
->               '''YOU FAIL IT!'''\\
      - SEE YOU NEXT TIME -\\
               - BYE-BYE! -
-->--'''''VideoGame/BlazingStar'''''. if you don't beat a boss within the time limit

->''"[[FlawlessVictory Full Combo!]] [[ScoreScreen Result:]] [[GameOver FAILED.]]"''
-->-- '''Any ''{{jubeat}}'' announcer''', if you get a full combo but don't meet the [[ScoringPoints score]] quota

->It's official: you suck!
-->-- '''Shao Kahn''', ''VideoGame/MortalKombat3''

->''"The life of an [[AnAdventurerIsYou adventurer]] is full of the unexpected. For instance, you did not expect to be dead. And now you are."''
-->-- ''Blades of {{Avernum}}''

->''"A pulselaser blast to the forehead is not your idea of fun. Fortunately it didn't hit anything important."''
-->-- ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest III''

->''"Sylvester Stallone just told me I suck!"''
-->-- '''Noah "[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment The Spoony One]]" Antwiler''', ''VideoGame/DemolitionMan''

->"But hey! At least you get a little animation after you die!'' (slurred) ''Here's a lollipop after your doctor's visit! Uh, you may have herpes, but it... tastes like cinnamon!"
-->-- '''JonTron''', on ''Space Ace'' for the SNES

-->-- ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy''

->''"No need to fear, all you need to do is restore your game. What do you mean, 'Restore WHAT game?'"''
-->-- ''VideoGame/QuestForGloryI''

->''"The perfectly preserved remains of your body will be found by explorers, two thousand years from now. Your mission and your life end here."''
-->-- ''Literature/LoneWolf'', ''The Caverns of Kalte''

->''There was a Manhunter from New York\\
Who once took a walk in the park.\\
He stepped on a mine\\
Should have read the sign\\
Now he's scattered from dusk to dark.''
-->-- ''VideoGame/ManhunterNewYork''

->''"Flaming debris is not meant to be hugged."''
-->-- The online flash game [[ Focus]]

->''"[Player Name] likes to play in magma."''
-->-- ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}''

->''"That's right. You have no head. That darn pool was filled with acid. You obviously can't go on living that way."''
-->-- ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest 1'', after Roger Wilco tastes or smells an acid pool

->''"Happy [[DeadlyGame Hunger Games]]! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"''
-->-- ''TheHungerGames''

-->--'''The {{announcer|Chatter}}''', ''VideoGame/FZero''

-> '''Public Enemy No. 1''': ''"Come back when you lose your fear of flying!"''
-> ''No money for repairs''
-> ''GameOver''
-->-- ''VideoGame/RoadRash''

->''"Well, you're dead. Again. This planet just doesn't seem very safe now, does it. Well, you ponder that in the afterlife while I find something better to do."''
-->-- ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest: [[FanSequel The Lost Chapter]]''