->''"From this bag here why I can pull most anything imag'nable\\
Like office desks and lava lights and Bert who is a cannibal."''
-->-- '''Yakko Warner''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''

->'''Otacon:''' That's [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link.]] He's the hero of Hyrule. That blade in his hand is called the Master Sword, also known as the 'Blade of Evil's Bane'. He also has a whole arsenal of items at his disposal--bombs and arrows, a shield, a boomerang, and a Clawshot. He's a force to be reckoned with.\\
'''[[Franchise/MetalGear Snake]]''': Gear is only useful when it's used at the right time and place. Just lugging a ton of it around doesn't do you any good.\\
'''Otacon''': ...I, uh... I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Snake.\\
'''Snake''': What's that supposed to mean?\\
'''Otacon:''' You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt.

->''"Try to think of all the good times, like remember all the great stuff we used to pull out from behind our backs."''
-->-- '''Timon''', ''WesternAnimation/TimonAndPumbaa''

->''"Where did you get ''that''?"''
-->-- '''Katara''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

->''"You know, that bag of yours must be magic. It's always got just what we need."''
-->-- '''Sheeta''', ''Anime/CastleInTheSky''

->'''Helen:''' Um. Where did you get that mallet?
->'''Mell:''' Whatdya mean? Mallets just happen.

->'''Sam''': You don't even have pockets. Where do you keep all that stuff.
->'''Max''': In my sock.
->'''Sam''': You don't wear socks. Where do you keep them?
->'''Max''': ''That's''... none of your damn business.
->-- ''SamAndMax: The Penal Zone''

->'''Roy''': Elan, where does Haley keep her arrows?
->'''Elan''': I dunno. They just sort of appear in her hand when she needs one.
->-- WebComic/TheOrderOfTheStick, #904

-> Oh I’m sorry, Nancy, but did I just hear you say you didn’t want to lug something around?
-> Is a saddle really going to make that much of a difference when you’re already carrying around approximately twelve pieces of paper, two lockets (one of which is inside its own BOX,) an entire set of tuning forks, ten whole arrowheads, a fuckin music box, a horseshoe, a purse, a box of beads, a water canteen, and various other rocks and keys and shit?
-> Not to mention your first day here when i literally had you carrying around kindling and FIREWOOD ALL DAY AND YOU SAID NOTHING AT ALL
-> But a saddle is just NOT OKAY WITH YOU
-> ''Well.''
-->-- A blogger [[http://karenplaysnancydrew.tumblr.com/page/47 lampshading]] this trope in [[VideoGame/NancyDrew Nancy Drew]]: ''Secret of Shadow Ranch''

->'''Creator/{{Egoraptor}}''': (Silver gets a Chaos Emerald) Where did he keep that? (Sonic gets a Chaos Emerald) Where did they keep THAT?
->'''WebVideo/JonTron''': [[AssShove In their butts!]]
-->-- WebVideo/GameGrumps, VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006

->''"You're telling me that I could go into a sporting goods store in this world, buy [[{{Medkit}} a tent]], and tell the devil in my magic lamp to turn ''that'' into ten Curaga spells? Do these spells take up tangible space, are they in a book or are they in my pocket? How does the character actually junction these spells to their hit points? Is it like a ring or a lotion or something? Where are your hit points located? I can also tell the Devil to refine his own card into 100 black holes, which I can then refine into the Demi spell, which is a great spell... but what's a black hole? Do you actually mean to say that I'm carrying 100 collapsed stars in my pants, and I got all that from a playing card?"''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment The Spoony One]]''', on ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII''[='=]s metaphysics.

->Dancer gestured theatrically upwards. The air above Dancer became simultaneously charged with energy and dead still. A tiny crack in the world was torn above him and a soulsteel rapier fell out from it, as though cutting itself from one world and into another.
-->-- ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' [[http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted/177326-fan-made-chapter-fiction fanfiction]]

->'''Shinji''':''“Where did you get this?”''\\
'''TJ''':''“Holdout Pocket technique. A little spatial fold tied to your personal space, good for keeping an emergency backup weapon or something handy. I also keep cold drinks in mine. It’s not a hard trick to learn. First year Weapon Theory stuff. I could probably teach you pretty quickly if you’ve got a gun or a knife you’d like to try it on.”''
-->--''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'', ''chapter 53''

->''I pull out one of my hatchets. I don’t even know where I get them anymore, they just come to me when I need them and vanish when they become ‘evidence’.''
-->--'''Asuka Langley Sohryu''', ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji''