->''There's a devil and an angel on your shoulder, it's true,\\
they're always fighting, making a fool out of you.''
-->-- '''The Underscore Orkestra''', "Blue Draggish"

->'''Devil Orange:''' You should tell Cucumber his mother's a pickle!\\
'''Orange:''' ''(laughs)'' Good idea, Devil Orange!\\
'''Angel Orange:''' Oh, no, Orange, you can't tell him that!\\
'''Orange:''' I can't?\\
'''Angel Orange:''' No! You should ask Cucumber... "Why the long face?"
-->-- ''TheAnnoyingOrange'', "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C41IBSKGF4w Cruel as a Cucumber]]"

->''Every man hath a good and a bad angel attending on him in particular all his life long.''
-->-- Robert Burton

-> '''Devil Pinto''': Fuck her. Fuck her brains out! Suck her tits, squeeze her buns. You know she want it.
-> '''Angel Pinto''': For shame! Lawrence, I'm surprised at you!
-> '''Devil Pinto''': Ah, don't listen to that jack-off. Look at those gazongas! You'll never get a better chance!
-> '''Angel Pinto''': If you lay one finger on that poor, sweet, helpless girl, you'll despise yourself forever! [[{{Beat}} *beat*]] I'm proud of you, Lawrence.
-> '''Devil Pinto''': You homo!
-->-- '''AnimalHouse'''

-> '''Dennis' Shoulder Devil''': Hey, switch the cards. It'll be hilarious.
-> (Dennis looks at his other shoulder)
-> '''Dennis' Shoulder Devil''': What are you looking for?
-> '''Dennis Finch''': Isn't there supposed to be an angel over here?
-> '''Dennis' Shoulder Devil''': Are you Dennis Finch?
-> '''Dennis Finch''': Yes.
-> '''Dennis' Shoulder Devil''': Then no. Do it!
-->-- '''JustShootMe'''