->''"Nobody can add to the absurdity of this book, nobody can imitate it successfully, nobody can hope to produce its fellow; it is perfect."''
-->--'''MarkTwain''', in the introduction to ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_As_She_Is_Spoke English As She Is Spoke]]''

-> ''"Every once in a while we [[LiteraryAgentHypothesis turn up another P.D.Q. Bach manuscript]] in a monastery or attic. And every time we do, we have a great feeling of anticipation, a feeling of exultation, you might say. A feeling that this new piece we've found can't possibly be as bad as the last piece. But so far, every new piece we find of his lives up to the same low standards set by the previous one."''
-->-- '''Peter Schickele''' on [[Music/PDQBach P.D.Q. Bach]], ''An Evening with P.D.Q. Bach''

->'''Aram''': To say that Jeriah's writings are actually poetry is much the same as saying that tripping down a flight of stairs and breaking your collar bone is ballet.\\
'''Gamal''': What about the 20 minute speech comparing love to plate tectonics? Was that a poem too?\\
'''Aram''': I don't even know what the hell that was.
-->-- ''Webcomic/MenInHats'', [[http://www.meninhats.com/d/20031203.html]]

->''"Florence Foster Jenkins was a TERRIBLE singer. If the world of opera were the city of [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Springfield]], Ms. Jenkins would be Ralph Wiggum with his head stuck in a bucket. She was the only woman in the performing arts whose voice could strip paint. She made [[YokoOhNo Yoko Ono]] stubbing her toe sound like ReginaSpektor having an orgasm...For 32 years, the Music/RebeccaBlack of opera refused to believe she didn't have what it takes, and gave it to music regardless. She was so bad that being injured in a car crash ''actually improved her voice.'' But if that wasn't embarrassing enough, she made her own (crappy) costumes, was [[ServileSnarker mocked by her pianist]] while she performed, and tossed flowers to the crowd during her acts and then ''took them back for the next show.''"''
-->--'''''{{Website/Cracked}}''''', [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-star-performers-who-never-let-lack-talent-stop-them/ "5 Star Performers Who Never Let a Lack of Talent Stop Them"]]

->''"During a performance of last night’s [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative most expensive lip-synching show]] in Las Vegas, one of [[Music/BritneySpears Brit Brit Spears’]] fans, who paid a lot of money to see her move her mouth and wave her arms, recorded a video of her looking like she’s moving her mouth to Music/{{Sia}}’s vocals. Leave it to Our Lady of Cheetos to turn fuck effort lip-synching into an art form...Brit Brit [[EpicFail doesn’t even know what a 'lip-synch' is!]] She thinks it’s a fancy name for 'water fountain.' Not many people know this about Brit Brit, since she’s always been humble about her natural gifts, but she actually has two sets of vocal cords. So last night, the audience witnessed true greatness. Brit Brit not only naturally sang her part, but she also sang in the voice of Sia at the same time! Brit Brit’s audience didn’t watch lip-synching-gone-wrong last night. They watched a vocal wonder at work!"''
-->--'''''[[http://dlisted.com/2014/08/17/our-lady-of-cheetos-is-a-vocal-chameleon/ DListed]]''''', "Our Lady Of Cheetos Is a Vocal Chameleon"

->''"This whole episode is like a hobo trashcan fire [[RecycledInSPACE from space.]]"''
-->--'''Chris Sims''' and '''David Uzumeri''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/smallville-recap-episode-10-6-harvest/ on]] ''{{Series/Smallville}}'' ("Harvest")

->''"To forge ahead with a prequel series for a fandom that is known for obsessing over continuity gaffes? This is truly a brave thing to attempt... What we got had nothing to do with continuity gaffes, and everything to do with, well, '''EVERYTHING''' gaffes."''
-->--'''{{Website/SFDebris}}''' on ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'', "These Are the Voyages..."

->''"''Insurrection'' is a symphony of stupid. It's like [[Creator/LudwigVanBeethoven Beethoven's]] Symphony No. 5, but for below-average Hollywood hack-job filmmakers and producers."''
-->--'''[[Creator/RedLetterMedia Harry S. Plinkett]]''' on ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection''

->''"As a case study, to look at his films, to step back with distance and chart the downfall, is to reveal a sedimentary-layer view of a man losing total control of his ego, and his own ability to objectively judge his own work. There’s a huge clue in the book ''The Man who Heard Voices'', which is devoted to the production of ''Film/LadyInTheWater''. The book covers, in great detail, how blown away Night is by a Disney executive who unthinkably failed to ‘get’ his script, and the soul-searching, sweaty-sheeted introspection about [[TheyCalledMeMad just what was wrong with other people]], that they couldn’t see how incredible his story was."''
-->--'''[[http://franticplanet.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/the-self-destruction-of-m-night-shyamalan/ Stuart Millard]]''', "The Self-Destruction of Creator/MNightShyamalan"

->''"I first read this sentence nearly three years ago. Since then, I have read it once a week in an increasingly desperate search for meaning. But I still don't understand it."''
-->--Nick Page, In Search of the World's Worst Writers, on the opening line of {{Amanda McKittrick Ros}}'s Delina Delaney