->''"The horse's name isn't Joshua. He's called Susan, and [[CrowningMomentOfFunny he wants you to respect his life choices]]."''
-->-- '''The Doctor''', ''Series/DoctorWho'' - ''A Town Called Mercy''

->'''Receptionist:''' ...''You're'' the two o'clock?
->'''[[DastardlyWhiplash Bowler Hat Guy]]:''' Yes!
->'''Receptionist:''' ...You're Mary Johnson.
->'''Bowler Hat Guy:''' Err... It's short for... um... er...
->'''Receptionist:''' ...Marion?
->'''Bowler Hat Guy:''' ...Uh, can that be a boy's name?
->'''Receptionist:''' *sighs* Yes.
->'''Bowler Hat Guy:''' Oooh! Yes! Yes it is!

->'''Jayne''': Well, as a rule, I say girlfolk ain't to be trusted.
->'''River''': Jayne is a girl's name.
->'''Jayne''': Well, Jayne ain't a girl! She starts in on that girl's name thing, I'll show her, good an' all, I got man parts!
->'''Simon''': I'm trying to think of a way for you to be cruder. It's just...it's not coming.
-->-- ''{{Firefly}}'', "Trash"

->''"My father's name was Mary, his father's name was Mary, and his father's name was Craig."''
-->--Mary Lightly, ''{{Psych}}''

->"'''Kamille?' I thought I heard a girl's name, but that's clearly a boy.''"
-->--Jerrid Messa, Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam, inadvertently kicking off a war that would soon end up killing millions of civilians.

->''(Mary is recounting details of a party)''\\
'''Mary:''' OK, Taylor was drinking this soda--\\
'''Emily:''' Wait, girl-Taylor or boy-Taylor?\\
'''Mary:''' Girl-Taylor. But then Riley bumped into her.\\
'''Emily:''' Girl-Riley or boy-Riley?\\
'''Mary:''' Boy-Riley. But girl-Riley thought that they were flirting, so they broke up. And now girl-Taylor's with boy-Riley and girl-Riley's with boy-Taylor.
-->--'''''Series/SeeDadRun'' ep. 1x04'''

->''"Lord" is a male title, the female equivalent is "Lady". "Lightlord" would be a fine title if all of the monsters were male - which they are not. You would have to use "Lightlord" for the male monsters and "Lightlady" for the female ones. But what about Ryko and Gragonith, are they "Lightlord" or "Lightlady"? Perhaps we'd need a 3rd category, called "Lighthing". Or perhaps "Lightit". Also you'd need to change things like Judgment Dragon to work off of "Lightlord and/or Lightlady". Or even "Lightlord / Lightlady / Lightit monsters".''
-->--Kevin Tewart, TabletopGame/YuGiOh translator

->'''[[Anime/FullMetalPanic Karate Club member]]''': Tell me your name.\\
'''[[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Kamille Bidan]]''': Kamille Bidan.\\
'''Karate Club member''': Kamille? That's a girl's na-\\
(Kamille kicks the Karate Club member's butt.)
-->--''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen]]''