->''" [...]One day fate smiled upon the child, and so he came upon the implement of his destruction, decisions! Decisions! The outcome was not certain - [[BilingualBonus Pro captu lectoris, habent sua fata libelli]]."''
-->-- ''VideoGame/CryOfFear''

->'''Malory''': I'm sorry, but how is that "awesome"?\\
'''Archer''': Because, pretty much my whole life I've wanted to fight some guys on the roof of a speeding train!\\
'''Kenny''': Well find one of my boys. You might just get your wish, big guy.\\
'''Archer''': Ooh, ''[[LampshadeHanging thanks Freddie Foreshadowing.]]''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''

->"And of course in stories there is always fate. It goes by the name of foreshadowing and is the emperor of everybody."
-->-- '''Percival Unck''', ''Literature/{{Radiance}}''

->[[LampshadeHanging I keep doing that, I know]]. The foreshadowing. It's a cheap trick, a would-be writer's conceit, but it's also how life works. Everything is foreshadowed once it's happened, and I have now happened. The man I'm describing, the one still an hour away from Lake Tahoe, with a full bladder and an increasingly strident desire for a beer, is the man I was a few weeks ago. The guy who opened Book 'Em is the man I was over ten years back. The one who placed a ring on the finger of a feisty girl from Portland called Aerin (who lit up every room I ever saw her in, and who, I am sure, truly meant it when she swore she'd be forever true) is twenty-five years in the past. The cat's out of the bag in those lives. I know what happens, which road fate pushes those guys down. They become me. The person I am now, who casts a dark shadow back down his years, limiting everyone he once was.
->We all cast shadows. They are dark.
-->--''Afterlife,'' by Michael Marshall Smith

->Ness! Now, I... well... It's going to seem like I'm running away. But perhaps I'll just sneak away to another era to think about my next plan.
-->--[[spoiler:Porky Minch]], ''VideoGame/EarthBound''

->'''Jad''': Any advice at all? Something that's going to save my life?\\
'''Rosa''': Don't open it.
-->-- ''WebVideo/BenDrowned''