->''Did yez ever know an Irishman who didn't love a fight?\\
Or who wouldn't stay to see it to the end?\\
Did yez ever know of one who wasn't merry when he's "tight,"\\
Or who wouldn't give his life to save a friend?\\
And who can beat the Irish when it comes to makin' love?\\
The other nations do the best they can;\\
And in other ways they trick us\\
But, sure, they'd never lick us,\\
If they'd stand up and fight us man to man!''
-->--''Eileen'', "The Irish Have A Great Day Tonight"

->''The Irish have long been stereotyped as drunks and brawlers. It's enough to make you want to get drunk and punch somebody.''
-->--'''Joey "Ice Cream"''', ''Series/TheBlackDonnellys''