->'''Doyle:''' ''(searching Mask)'' Really big sunglasses...\\
'''Cop:''' Bike horn...\\
'''Doyle:''' Small-mouthed bass...\\
'''Cop:''' Bowling pin...\\
''(something goes snap)''\\
'''Doyle:''' ''Aah!''...Mousetrap...\\
'''Cop:''' Rubber chicken...\\
'''The Mask:''' Little to the left. That's it.\\
'''Doyle:''' ''(inspecting an odd-looking squeaky toy)'' ...I don't know.\\
'''Cop:''' Funny eyeball glasses...\\
'''The Mask:''' [[HowDidThatGetInThere I've never seen those before in my life.]]\\
'''Cop:''' [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Bazooka...]]\\
'''The Mask:''' I have a permit for that.\\
'''Doyle:''' Picture of Kellaway's wife.\\
'''Lieutenant Kellaway:''' What? ''(close-up of framed photo -- woman in lingerie, complete with her phone number and "Call me, Lover!")''\\
'''The Mask:''' Uh-oh.\\
'''Lieutenant Kellaway:''' Margaret! You son-of-a-bitch!\\
'''The Mask:''' Geez, I figured you had a sense of humor. After all -- ''you married her!''

->'''Gibbs''': You're coming along, strictly as an observer. Hand over all you weapons.
->'''Ziva''': Is that really necessay? ''(Gibb holds out his hand)'' Right. ''(gives him a gun)''
->'''Gibbs''': And your backup.
->'''Ziva''': What backup?
->'''Gibbs''': Left leg.
->'''Ziva''': Oh. That one. ''(gives it to him)''
->'''Gibbs''': And the knife concealed at your waist. ''(Ziva hands knife to Gibbs, who hands it back)'' You can keep this. [[IKnowYouKnowIKnow I just wanted you to know that I know]]. [[note]]This is a good thing, because she uses this knife to save their lives a while later. [[FridgeBrilliance Gibbs Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife]].[[/note]]
-->--'''Series/{{NCIS}}''', "Silver War"

->''[Outside the Gates of Nargothrond. Enter Beren, escorted by the Rangers, but unbound.]''\\
'''Captain''':''"Forgive me, sir, but you must leave your weapons with us. It isn't permitted to go armed into the presence of the King."''\\
'''Beren''':''"Of course. Hold on a minute --''\\
''[He hands over his bow, quiver, longsword, shortsword and dagger]''\\
'''Captain''': [relieved]''"Thank you for being so understanding about this. Now if you'll just come this way --"''\\
'''Beren''':''"Not done yet."''\\
''[taking assorted dirks from vambraces, leggings, belts and backpack.]''\\
'''Captain''': [staring at the mounting pile]''"Oh...Is there more?"''\\
'''Beren''': [working poniards out of cloak hem and hand-guards]''"Yup."''\\
'''Captain''':''"Is -- is that everything?"''\\
'''Beren''': [muffled, struggling out of his armor]''"No, there are still the backups, but you'll have to wait a bit."''\\
''[takes another several pounds of metal from undertunic, sleeves, waistband]''\\
'''Beren''': ''"That should do it."''
-->--''Fanfic/ABoyAGirlAndADogTheLeithianScript'', ''chapter 2''

->''[Captain John Hart hands over two guns and a [[KatanasAreJustBetter katana]]]''\\
'''Captain Jack Harkness:''' ''[holds a hand out, makes "gimme" motion]'' The rest.\\
'''Captain John Hart:''' Oh, you know me. I'm a two-weapon man.\\
'''Gwen Cooper:''' ''[scanning]'' One pistol strapped to each leg, laser knife beneath the left elbow, 17 explosive charges in the lining of his coat.\\
'''Captain John Hart:''' Slipped my mind.
-->-- ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

->Proton began running his hands over his clothing. "They confiscated my wristio, so we can't call out...Great Calculator, they've taken everything! Knife-rings, detonator buttons, belt-sword, trouser-fly transmitter, diamond-saw bootlaces, thermite lint, G-string abseil harness, infra-red contact lenses, my tiny glass balls filled with anesthesia gas, the synthetic strands of hair that can be joined into a 300-pound monofilament test line..." Proton lifted his shirt and stared in horror at the neat laser-scar across his stomach. "The bastards they even removed my fake explosive appendix!"
-->-- '''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space''', a [[Film/TheAdventuresOfCaptainProton Captain Proton]] fanfic