->''"Now listen to me, if everyone was critical about everything all the time, the world would be a dull place. So let's start with the positives: At least it gave me a millisecond's preview of the game before [[SuddenlyShouting SHOVING A HINT IN MY FUCKIN' FACE]]"''
-->-- '''{{JonTron}}''' plays ''{{Disney/Hercules}}''

->''"It could be that the average Joe Scumfuck is now tech-literate enough that we no longer need a Baby's First Console to slowly and patiently introduce to the dumb-dumbs all the wonders of the magic glowing box."''
-->--'''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''' on the WiiU

->'''Roll:''' Mega Man! Mega Man! There's a hole in the zipline that you--\\
''({{Egoraptor}} punches Roll in the jaw)''\\
'''Egoraptor:''' No, '''shaddap'''! I don't '''need''' you! Because look: the game shows me what it is! Before I even feel confident enough to jump down, another platform moves over, and whoosh! OK! So, there you go. I fall to my death. I'm glad I knew that, so it wasn't fuckin'...shoved down my throat by a... robot or whatever!!"
-->-- '''''Sequelitis''''', ''VideoGame/MegaManX''