->'''Loveless''': ''(while crushing Jim West with one of his mechanical legs)'' You expect to kill me with that pea-shooter?\\
'''Artemis Gordon''': If I have to, yes.\\
'''Loveless''': Then why is it I am not afraid...?\\
'''Jim West''': ''(strained)'' Shoot...him...Gordon! ''Shoot him!''\\
''(Artemis Gordon fires ''one'' bullet from a very small handgun. It connects with a very small "tink")''\\
'''Loveless''': [[TemptingFate After all that, you missed?]]\\
'''Artemis Gordon''': Actually, I didn't.\\
''(Loveless looks down, noticing his mechanical legs are leaking hydraulic fluid and are breaking down underneath him.)''

-> '''Thomas''': Brother, you can't hit shit!
-> '''Ray''': It's not shit I was ''aiming'' at!..

->''See? The human cannot hit a simple target!'' ''[looks down, to see a ruptured, hissing gas pipe...that explodes]'' '''''Ahh! Ooghah! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!'''''
-->--'''Extremely Unfortunate Krogan''', ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''

->'''Captain Amelia''': ''Did you actually ''aim'' for that?''\\
'''Dr. Doppler''': ''You know, actually, I ''did''!''

->'''Seņor Senior Jr.''': "Why did you not simply aim the laser at their bodies?"
->'''Seņor Senior Sr.''': "Junior, if you do not understand the traditions of villainy, I have failed as a father."

->'''Dreadwing''': Your aim is poor.\\
'''Optimus Prime''': That is a matter of perspective.\\
''(Dreadwing [[HairTriggerAvalanche gets buried]])''

->'''Goku:''' HA! You missed.
->'''Freeza:''' Or did I?
->'''Goku:''' [[SarcasmBlind Yeah, you did.]]
->'''Frieza:''' Well, no, I really didn't -
->'''Goku:''' You see? Not a hole on me.
->'''Freeza:''' I wasn't ''trying'' to -
->'''Goku:''' You should really work on your aim!
->'''Freeza:''' You know what? I'm not going to say ''anything''. I'm just going to let this next part be a surprise.
->'''Goku:''' What part - ''(LAVA COLUMN!)''
-->-- ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged''

->'''The Hood:''' It's not me you're angry at, Alan.
->'''Alan:''' It's not you I'm aiming at. ''(shoots the console behind the Hood)''
-->-- ''Film/{{Thunderbirds}}''