->''For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak\\
With most miraculous organ.''
-->--'''''{{Hamlet}}''''', Act 2 Scene 2

->''"This community means about as much to me as a [[RefugeInAudacity festering bowl of dog snot]]. You think I care about the pea-brained yokels of this town? If you took their combined IQ and multiplied it by a hundred, you might have enough intelligence to tie your shoe, if you didn't drool all over yourself first! I can't stand those sniveling maggots; they make me want to puke! But there is one good thing about broadcasting to a town full of mindless sheep. I always know I've got them exactly where I want them! (points to the palm of his hand and follows up with a maniacal laugh)"''
--> -- '''R. J. Fletcher''', not knowing that he's being recorded, ''Film/{{UHF}}''

->''"And so you poisoned the tree, you betrayed Thalia, you set us up - all to help Kronos destroy the gods."''\\
''Luke gritted his teeth. "You know that! Why do you keep asking me?"''\\
''"Because I want everybody in the audience to hear you."''\\
''"''What'' audience?"''\\
''Then his eyes narrowed. He looked behind him and his goons did the same. They gasped and stumbled back.''\\
''Above the pool, shimmering in the rainbow mist, was an Iris-message vision of Dionysus, Tantalus, and the whole camp in the dining pavilion. They sat in stunned silence, watching us.''\\
''"Well," said Dionysus wryly, "some unplanned dinner entertainment."''
-->'''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians: The Sea of Monsters''', page 240.

->''Could you say that again please... this time in my coat pocket?''
--> -- '''''{{Fallout}}'''''

->'''Donna:''' I wanted to get even with you, and with your friend, Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}. You've both been getting in my hair. I don't mind telling you this, because you can't prove I'm the guilty one.\\
'''Linda Danvers:''' Can't I? You'd be surprised!\\
"At that moment, Donna's confession is pouring out through the public address system in the nearby stadium..."
-->--''Comicbook/ActionComics #319''

->I didn't mean it that way... I have a really, really keen sense of smell is all... I didn't know she was recording me...
-->-- '''[[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Linda Lee]]''', ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade''