->''Since I was no bigger than a weevil, they've been saying I was evil\\
That if "bad" was a boot that I'd fit it\\
That I'm a wicked young lady, but I've been trying hard lately\\
O fuck it! I'm a monster! I admit it!''
-->-- ''Music/NickCave'', "The Curse of Millhaven"

->''Everyone's going to be free\\
But they'll have to agree to be free\\
They'll have to agree to be less free than me\\
'Cos I rule the world you see\\
So wait for the army of kiddie winkies\\
And terrible tiny tots\\
In armoured school buses\\
Firing poison pea-shooters\\
And sinking their milkteeth into your thighs\\
Delapsus resurgam! When I fall I shall rise!''
-->-- ''[[Music/TenCC 10CC]]'', "I Want to Rule the World"

->''"Being a grown-up isn't so much. ''I'm'' not a man, and I can do anything. [[DrunkWithPower You can't.]]"''
-->--'''Charlie''', ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' ("Charlie X")

->'''Buford:''' She gives me the willies...\\
'''Phineas:''' ''Little Suzy Johnson'' gives you the willies?\\
'''Buford:''' You don't know, man. You don't know!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', "One Good Scare Ought To Do It!"

->'''Gabe:''' These are babies that lie. Babies that cheat. And yeah, babies that kill.\\
'''Tycho:''' How can a baby do those things?\\
'''Gabe:''' Man, you're asking me to get inside the head of some crazy-ass, fucked-up baby. I don't want to go there.
-->-- ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'', [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/10/26/ Babicide]]

->'''Ladd:''' You...You're not really a child, are you?\\
[[spoiler:'''Czeslaw:''']] Glad to see you understand so quickly. Now, if you can kill all of those passengers for me...
-->-- ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}!''

->It is total propaganda that all children are good and innocent.
-->-- '''Symus''', ''Webcomic/CwensQuest''

->"Is he not beautiful?" she cried. "Is my son not beautiful, as fair as the summer sun?"\\
These were her last words.
-->-- ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'' [[Literature/TheDarkTower VII]]

->I hope to meet you again, Flit-oniisan... ''(gives a PsychoticSmirk)'' if you survive long enough, that is.
-->-- '''Desil Galette,''' ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamAGE''

->The look on your face when a toddler rips your heart out and shows it to you? Priceless.
-->-- '''Richard''', ''Webcomic/LookingForGroup''

->“With the shoulder bone connected to the,” she paused, “Hip bone…”

->[[MadDoctor Bonesaw sang to herself as she drew a scalpel from her sleeve, investigated it, then laid it on the counter.]]

->“And the hip bone connected to the… back bone.”

->She drew a pair of forceps from beneath her dress, another two pairs of forceps were retrieved, joining the first.

->“And the back bone connected to the… knee bone. And the knee bone connected to the… hand bone.”

->I was scared. I could admit that. I could barely think straight, [[StrappedToAnOperatingTable I couldn’t move, and whatever she’d dosed me with was rendering me unable to use my power.]] It was there, it wasn’t like what Panacea had done; it hadn’t shut it down entirely. I could sense what my bugs did, and I could maybe give them crude instructions, but I couldn’t do anything even remotely complicated or delicate.

->"[[DeadlyDoctor And the neck bone connected to the-]]” She rocked her head to either side as she finished, “[[FateWorseThanDeath Head bone]].”

->A century ago, Velya fell in love with, and "wed" one Elaine Cassidy, a 10-year-old Boston socialite. He watched from afar as Elaine meticulously spidered her way into a dominant position within her [[BigScrewedUpFamily neurotic family]] by [[AntagonisticOffspring reducing her mother to catatonia]], [[CainAndAbel contriving her sister's untimely demise]], and [[{{Gaslighting}} cleverly manipulating]] [[DrivenToMadness her sensitive elder brother into a madhouse]]. Velya [[InLoveWithYourCarnage was entranced]]; aiding little Elaine's schemes from a distance, Velya ensured the girl's inheritance of the entire Cassidy fortune. The young and impressionable Elaine, for her part, was quickly taken with the wise and Mephistophelean vampire noble upon meeting him, and [[UnholyMatrimony the two monsters joined in a sanguine union]].
-->--''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade - Children Of The Night''

->[[HellIsThatNoise The pitter-patter of tiny feet]]. A sensation a little like nostalgia and a lot like a night terror. Cherub voices in the gloom. Listen.
->"Play with us."
->"Don't go. We love you. We love you very much."
->"[[AxCrazy Insides on the outside]]!"
->"Games are fun when you're dead!"
->"Spleens, spleens, the magical fruit - [[IAmAHumanitarian the more you eat]], [[MadnessMantra the more you eat, the more you eat, the more you eat, the more you eat]]..."
->By the time you hear the [[EvilLaugh twinkling laughter]], it is already too late.
-->--'''The Buzzing''' on the Little Ones, ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld''

->''"It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. On days like this, [[OmnicidalManiac kids like you...]] S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L."''
-->-- '''[[spoiler:Sans]]''' as the FinalBoss of the [[KillEmAll Genocide Route]], ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''

->You see, they get visits at night, by black-eyed children. I don't mean they've got bruising around their eye sockets, I mean [[BlackEyesOfEvil their eyes are entirely black, with no whites, irises or pupils]]. They usually come in pairs and they are usually inadequately dressed for the weather. They visit houses, approach cars, hotel rooms, even boats. And they knock, and if you answer, they ask to come in. They don't engage in conversation - in fact they seem to have a limited range of questions and responses, which they communicate in a [[CreepyMonotone demanding monotone]]. They are insistent and evasive, and appear vulnerable. You get an intense feeling of dread and panic. These children terrify you. They want to come in. And sometimes they tell you [[EmotionEater they want to feed]]. And then you see their eyes and [[GoMadFromTheRevelation your mind can't cope, because their eyes are entirely black]].
->There is only one encounter recorded where one of these children was let in and people survived.
-->--''Driver Error,'' by Paul Meloy

->Trapped within a helpless body for its first few years of life, the [[DemonicPossession fomor]] bides its time, but eventually the child will begin to show signs of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent the bad seed]] that created it. Such fomori are cruel and uncaring, but often quite clever at covering up their behavior and acting innocent. Siblings of such Bane Children, unless also fomori, [[CainAndAbel rarely survive childhood]].
->Bane Children torture their pets, poison their grandmothers, beat up other children and steal their possessions, and create mayhem wherever they go. Because they never do anything in front of witnesses or in such a way that anything can be proved against them, [[VillainWithGoodPublicity they can literally get away with murder]]. And if ''one'' Bane Child sounds scary, imagine mama trying to deal with quintuplets.
-->--''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse - Freak Legions: A Player's Guide To Fomori''

->Somewhere in a Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle, Music/JustinBieber is holding a meeting with his lawyer Teddius Stuffington, Esq. to discuss last night’s on-point ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' commercial spoofing those busted black and white Calvin Klein ads. ''“They’re just jealous haters. Can we sue them for being jealous haters? Think about it and get back to me – I want to watch ''WesternAnimation/BubbleGuppies'' before my nap.”''
-->--'''''[[http://dlisted.com/2015/01/18/cue-justin-bieber-threatening-to-sue-snl-in-3-2-1/ Dlisted]]''''', "Cue Justin Bieber Threatening To Sue SNL In 3…2…1…"