-> '''Black Mage''': That plan is stupid, and so is your face.
-> '''Red Mage''': Ah, that is one of the unfortunate drawbacks for those with low charisma.
-->-- ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''

->Strength controlls how well you hit stuff and how much damage you do. - Important\\
Dexterity controlls how well you fire ranged weapons and how well you avoid getting hit in combat. - Important\\
Constitution controlls how much damage you can take and how well you resist poison. - Important\\
Intelligence controlls how well you cast magic, and how easily you learn skills. - Important\\
Wisdom controlls how well you resist bad magic and how keen your senses are. - Important.\\
Charisma controlls how good you look and how well you can play music. - yeah.\\
So guess which gets the lowest score?
-->-- ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids'' episode 63.

-> "One of the reasons I could never get into ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}'' or ''VideoGame/{{Torchlight}}'' with those RandomlyDrops ? 95% of the drops are [[SturgeonsLaw absolute crap]]. I'm playing a spellcaster...what am I going to use this big mace for? And I'm a spellcaster...what am I going to use this robe with defense for? So I can die in two and a half hits instead of two?"
-> "[[GenreBlind Dude, spellcasters are squishy wizards - you need all the defense you can get!]]"
-> "Haven't you played these kind of games before? What do I need strength for? So I can run up and melee for 3 damage instead of 1 damage? What would I be doing in melee in the first place? I'm not a MagicKnight. If these guys are even ''touching'' the spellcaster ''or'' the Healer, then we've already lost. Even if this is some kind of solo game, why bother stacking a bunch of points into defense if I can simply disintegrate enemies before they even get in range of me, or use abilities that reduce incoming damage? Defense is for warriors who don't have such or are ''supposed'' to be in there taking damage."
-->-- taken from a few Skype messages.