->'''[[spoiler: Wheatley]]:''' You two are gonna LOVE this big surprise. In fact... You might say... You're gonna love it... ''[[ImpliedDeathThreat To death]]''... Love it... until it- until it kills you - until you're dead. Heheheh! Alright, I don't know, ah... whether you're picking up on what I'm saying there but-\\
'''[=GLaDOS=]:''' ''(dryly)'' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Yes. Thanks. We get it. ]]

-->-- ''VideoGame/{{Portal2}}''

->Analysing comedy is like dissecting a frog. Nobody laughs and the frog dies.
-->-- '''Barry Cryer'''

->'''Music/JayZ:''' ''Cause I Kill At Will like solid water dude''\\
'''WebVideo/TheRapCritic:''' "Solid water"? Really?\\
'''Jay-Z:''' ''Y'all niggas don't get it''\\
'''Rap Critic:''' No, we got it.\\
'''Jay-Z:''' ''Kill at Will''\\
'''Rap Critic:''' We get it, it's just not that funny.\\
'''Jay-Z:''' ''Solid water''\\
'''Rap Critic:''' Yes, thank you.\\
'''Jay-Z:''' ''Music/IceCube!''
-->-- '''The Rap Critic''', "Top 5 Worst Lyrics I've Heard ([[http://blip.tv/rapcritic/top-5-worst-lyrics-i-ve-ever-heard-this-month-july-2013-6619641 This Month]])"

->"[[IncrediblyLamePun You finally got into the music]]! Do you get my joke? Because your head is... [[CaptainObvious It's in the tuba.]]
-->'''Prince Naveen''', ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''

->[[Wrestling/RTruth Truth]] steals the title belt [[UncleTomfoolery and he puts it in his potato sack]]. And the commentators find this hilarious. And they proceed to explain to us that R-Truth put the belt in the potato sack. --Which R-Truth has. And he starts to escape through the crowd with the potato sack with has the Intercontinental Title belt in it. And Wrestling/WadeBarrett goes after R-Truth (who has the Intercontinental Title belt in a potato sack, the commentators explain to us), and he demands the potato sack from R-Truth which has the title belt. And so R-Truth goes, "okay!", and he hands over the potato sack (which has the title belt (in the potato sack, the commentators explain to us again), and R-Truth runs away. And then Barret opens up the potato sack with the Intercontinental Title belt in it that R-Truth stole, but it's not the Intercontinental Title belt; it's a ''fake'' Intercontinental Title belt that was in a ''different'' potato sack that R-Truth also carried the ring (the commentators explain, because it is fake). And then R-Truth holds up the real Intercontinental Title belt from the real potato sack and laughs, and it's funny. And Wade Barret is left holding a fake Intercontinental Title belt from the second potato sack, because R-Truth brought a second potato sacks with a fake Intercontinental Title belt that he gave to Wade Barret instead of giving the real potato sacks with the real Intercontinental Title belt (because R-Truth still has the real one, they explain to us.)\\\
And the best moment of this is...the best moment is...Wrestling/MichaelCole starts to explain that, once this is all over, the [[Wrestling/UltimateWarrior Warrior]] is going into the Hall of Fame, and then he gets interrupted by Wrestling/BookerT who explains, ''"wait wait--He had a ''fake'' Intercontinental Title belt in a ''second'' potato sack! It was--in a '''''SECOND''''' potato sack!'' (laughs like a goon)''"'' Really. And in that moment--in that exact moment--[[ThousandYardStare you can see Michael Cole's soul die.]]
-->--'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]]''' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQa22mseyeU#t=760s on]] ''[[{{Wrestling/WWE}} Intercontinental Clusterfuck]]''

->[[http://twoevilscientists.smackjeeves.com/comics/63520/the-unfortified-fortress-pt-23/ This joke]] is funny because the Green Devil looks like he's made of Jello, and Jello rhymes with yellow. I realized I shouldn't have to say that, but I need something to fill this space.
-->-- '''[=RyanMC=]''', commenting on ''Webcomic/TwoEvilScientists''

->It's like when you tell a joke and nobody laughs. You then explain the joke and everyone goes 'oh, that's pretty clever, I guess', but they still won't laugh because you didn't tell the joke right in the first place!
-->-- Ben ''[[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation 'Yahtzee']]'' Croshaw'''

->It's not funny if I have to explain it.
-->-- '''[[ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}} Scott Adams]]'''

->'''Antillus:''' When we get back, you and I are going to have a talk in which you lose your teeth. Because I'm going to knock them out of your head. With my fists.\\
'''Phrygius:''' 'I think we all understood what you meant at the end of your first sentence, dolt.
-->--'''High Lords Antillus and Phrygius''', ''Literature/CodexAlera''

->What do you mean explaining the joke ruins it? Fuck you!
-->--'''The WebVideo/ThirdRateGamer'''

->Now you and this robotic guardian can have some quality time... Yes, quality snack time! When he snacks... on you! For you... ARE the snack! Ciao!
-->--'''Dimentio''', ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario''

->The fact that you had to explain the joke just shows how lame it was.
-->-- '''[[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} Mikado Ryugamine]]'''

->If you have to explain a joke, is it really a joke?
-->-- '''Creator/CraigFerguson''', ''Series/TheLateLateShow'' from September 30, 2008

->Did you ever notice [[StockShticks how men leave the toilet seat up?]] [{{beat}}] [ChirpingCrickets] ...That's the joke.
-->-- '''[=McBain=]''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', "A Star Is Burns"

->Jokes aren't funny if you have to explain them.
-->-- '''[[LetsPlay/HarshlyCritical John Wolfe]]''', [[HypocriticalHumor after explaining a joke about shin guards]]

->'''Gront:''' Yup, no cake, I lied. Haha! Get it?\\
'''Grant:''' Uuugggh.... yeah, I got it...\\
'''Gront:''' It's a reference!\\
'''Grant:''' I know the reference...\\
'''Gront:''' To VideoGame/{{Portal}}!\\
'''Grant:''' Yes, Gront, i've heard it...\\
'''Gront:''' {{The cake is a lie}}!\\
'''Grant:''' I KNOW!!!\\
'''Gront:''' That's where it's from!\\
'''Grant:''' [[BigShutUp SHUT UP, DAMNIT!!!]]
-->-- ''Machinima/{{Smashtasm}}''

->'''Captain Ginyu:''' Now to deal with these three. Make sure you treat them nicely, boys.\\
'''Jeice:''' Yeah, and when he says "Treat'em nice," that don't mean we're gonna buy you flowers or nothin' like that. No, it means we're gonna kill you!\\
'''Captain Ginyu:''' Oh, would you please shut up!\\
'''Jeice:''' [speaking small] Right, right, sorry about that...
-->-- ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' ep 62, "New Ally, New Problem" (English dub)

->If you have to say 'Get it?', you've ruined the joke.
-->-- '''Kevyn Andreyasn''', ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2005-03-05]]

->"[...] I heard all of the Pepperidge Farm servants chant in perfect unison: '''[='=]The Goldfish is here! He has come to lead us all to salvation!!![='=]''' Naturally, I figured they were all a few ingredients short of a ginger bread man (haha, get it!? Pepperidge Farm sells ginger bread men and I was making a subtle reference to that with my joke! Get it!? HAHAHAHA! THAT'S SO GODDAMNED FUNNY I COULD PUKE! HOLY BASTARD THAT RULED!)."
-->-- '''Roger Barr''', I-Mockery.com, "[[http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/goldfish/ THE GIANT GOLDFISH INVASION!]]"

-> '''Neeshka:''' Okay, explain that one to me.\\
'''Khelgar Ironfist:''' Well, she said your brains are next to your tail... which would imply that your brains are in your rear end. And that means you breathe through your--\\
'''Neeshka:''' Okay, okay, I get it, all right? Little witch.\\
'''Khelgar:''' Don't take it so hard. I had to explain it, which means the insult's a failure.
--> -- ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2''

->'''Michael Eisner:''' So, are Aces high or low?\\
'''Peter:''' They go both ways.\\
'''Bill Gates:''' Ha! He said ''"They go both ways!"''\\
''(Everyone laughs)''\\
'''Ted Turner:''' Like a bisexual!\\
'''Michael Eisner:''' Thank you, Ted. That was the joke.