->'''Dallas:''' As most of you may know, we're not home yet. We're only halfway there. Mother's interrupted our journey for she's programed to do so unless things change. Things have changed. It seems that she has... intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out. \\
'''Ripley:''' A transmission? Out here in remote space? \\
'''Lambert:''' What kind of a transmission? \\
'''Dallas:''' Acoustical beacon. It, uh... repeats at intervals of 12 seconds. \\
'''Kane:''' S.O.S.? \\
'''Dallas:''' I don't know. \\
'''Ripley:''' Human?\\
'''Dallas:''' Unknown.
-->-- '''Film/{{Alien}}'''

->''[[{{Metroid}} Samus]] is under fire! She sent an emergency directive: join the fight!''
-->-- '''Metroid''' Main Theme (SuperSmashBros Brawl remix)

->''"This is Colonel John Konrad, United States Army. Attempted evacuation of Dubai... ended in...complete failure. Death toll... too many."''
-->-- '''SpecOpsTheLine'''

->''[[spoiler:"This is Captain Martin Walker. Requesting immediate evacuation from Dubai. Survivors... one too many."]]''
-->-- '''SpecOpsTheLine''', [[spoiler:in some endings]]

->'''Chiana:''' A distress call. Directed at [[CosmicPlayThing us]]?\\
'''Chrichton:''' [[{{Irony}} How stupid is that!]]
-->-- '''Farscape''', ''[[Recap/FarscapeS01E21BoneToBeWild Bone to be Wild]]''