->''"Brother, you can't go to jail\\
For what you're thinkin'\\
Or for the 'ooooh, so' look in your eye\\
You're only standing on the corner\\
Watching all the girls\\
Watching all the girls\\
Watching all the girls\\
Go by"''
-->--'''''Theatre/TheMostHappyFella''''', "Standing on the Corner"

->'''[[Anime/MazingerZ Count]] [[Anime/ShinMazinger Brocken]]''': Geh-heh-heh, that one's piloted by a girl, huh?\\
'''Count Brocken''': Punishing you is gonna be SO MUCH FUN. First I'll peel off the cockpit armor, and then...\\
'''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeedDestiny Lunamaria]]''': Enemy of womankind!\\
'''[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsZ Marguerite Pistail]]''': Lewd men such as you deserve little mercy!\\
'''[[Anime/DancougarNova Aoi]]''': You're the one who's gonna be punished!\\
'''[[Anime/GenesisOfAquarion Sylvia]]''': Prepare yourself, Count Pervert!\\
'''[[Anime/CodeGeass Kallen]]''': I'm gonna play soccer with your head!\\
'''[[OvermanKingGainer Sara]]''': No, no, I'm going to turn it upside down and use it as a flowerpot!\\
'''[[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Yoko]]''': I could use it for target practice...\\
'''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Noin]]''': No, I'll feed it to my dog.\\
'''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Sumeragi]]''': I hereby authorize all of you to carry out those actions.\\
'''Count Brocken''': Wha-WHAT?! I haven't even done anything yet!
-->--Scenario 47, ''VideoGame/{{Super Robot Wars Z}}2: Saisei-Hen''

->'''Fred''': Now, she's got T.B.
->'''Lamont''': What?
->'''Fred''': Terrific Body.
->'''Lamont''': You're a dirty old man, you know that?
->'''Fred''': And I'm gonna be one till I'm a ''dead'' old man
-->--Sanford And Son, A Matter of Life and Breath

->'''Grandpa''': Nice of you to come visit, Tťa! I see your breasts have gotten a lot bigger.\\
'''Tea''': Please don't talk about those...\\
'''Grandpa''': WHAT, YOUR BOOBS?\\
'''Tea''': Yes, those.\\
'''Grandpa''': So you don't want me to talk about your gazongas.\\
'''Tea''': No, I don't.\\
'''Grandpa''': Okay, so just to be clear, I'm definitely not going to bring up your double whammies. Your melons are off the table. Hooters are a no-go area. [[PigLatin Ixnay on the eavage-clay]]!\\
'''Tea''': Are you done?\\
'''Grandpa''': Yes. So, how was school?\\
'''Tea''': It was fi--\\
'''Grandpa''': TITTIES!

->''"By the time [[HillaryClinton Hillary]] takes over, Stein writes, momentarily undistracted by his penis, this country will be in shambles for his darling daughter, the one female character in the essay that Ben Stein doesn't talk about wanting to fuck.\\\
A regular Charles Mehkowski, that Ben Stein. "''
-->--'''''[[http://jezebel.com/ben-stein-writes-truly-bizarre-essay-on-being-a-creepy-1599361600 Jezebel]]''''', "Ben Stein Writes Truly Bizarre Essay On Being A [[DirtyOldMan Creepy Old Man]]"

->''"Terrible to see my dear friendóthe great [[Creator/BillCosby BILL COSBY]]óhave his name dragged through the mud this year. Funny? YOU BET! A rapist? HARDLY! Oh, wait Ö now, wait a second here. Iím just remembering. 1962. The Ferret Club. [[Creator/JackNicholson Irish]] and I, sitting in the booth, drinking champers and having a couple of starlets (it was Ann-Margaret and Leann-Margaret!) feed us shrimp eggs. Well, into the club comes the Cos, who proceeds to sit down at our booth and tell a FABULOUS story about an overweight kid named Albert who used to sit on the other children. Would have made a great TV show, if TV was my business (TV is grade school, baby)!''
->''Well, we all finish up our shrimp eggs and snort some aspirin and itís off to Woodland! Next thing I know, I wake up on the floor of my shower. I have sweater yarn in my teeth! And Nicholson is in the tub with four popsicle sticks up his ass! All this time, we figured it was the girls that slipped us the mickeys! IíLL BE DAMNED! I donít know how Iíll break this to Nicholson. Heís been huge on popsicle sticks up his ass every since! This changes things considerably!"''
-->--'''[[http://deadspin.com/fuck-the-fade-route-1660807016 "Robert Evans"]]''', ''Roberts Evan's MVP Watch!''

-> ''"Heheh! This gym is great! It's full of women!"''
-->-- Unnamed old man, VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue (Regis in Gold and Silver)