->A long table full of ''Doctor Who'' girls, going "''I'' wasn't [[ScreamingWoman a screamer.]]" And of course we ALL were! Because that was essentially what the role ''was''.
-->--'''Janet Fielding''' on fan conventions, [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS20E2Snakedance}} "Snakedance"]] audio commentary

->None of this is because you want it. You had what you wanted, before that damnable [[MascotMook Red Arremer]] swooped down to take her. Your armor sitting there, mere feet away, crumbled in a post-coital heap as she was stolen. Now you have no choice but this endless forward march. No second thoughts or hesitations, compelled by lust or duty not to avert your eyes, you march on, up these horrific towers, pushing desperately for an unnecessary redemption.
-->--'''[[http://projectnes.blogspot.com/2011/04/strange-doors-that-wed-never-close.html El Sandifer]]''' on ''VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins''

->There's [[FatSweatySouthernerInAWhiteSuit Mr. Big]]. I think his name is "Roland" or something like that. Anyway...He's like, ''"Billeh! I got yo' gurr-friend, ah guarantee Imma gonna take 'er back to mah estate n' make 'er mah bitch 'til you come on down 'dere n' beat up mah henchmen, mm hmm, an' I got a helicoptah."''
-->--'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]]''' on ''VideoGame/TheAdventuresOfBayouBilly''

->Luke Skywalker and his deadbeat dad [[LateArrivalSpoiler [spoiler alert]]] get to swing their glowsticks around like inter-generational ravers; Han Solo runs around like he's just noticed that his gun has turned into a giant hairy spider; and what does Leia get? She can ''put up a shield.'' Oh, have mercy, Your Grace. But I suppose if they'd have given her a power based what she did in the ''films'', then they'd have had to have come up with something themed around constantly being captured and [[MsFanservice getting her jugs out.]]
-->--'''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''' on ''VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront''

->Everybody laments how Creator/ColinBaker was put in a truly awful position by ''Doctor Who''. There is no disputing that. However, Nicola Bryant suffered just as much. She spent her time on the show being objectified and ogled and taken advantage of. Peri’s primary function on the show was to serve as eye candy that could be put in peril...Indeed, the fact that Peri is routinely treated as nothing but a sex object is even treated as a joke here. Discussing an old dying warlord, she notes, [='=]''Beams that kill weren’t the only thing he had on his mind. Dirty old warlord. Glad we left that place when we did.''[='=] She is so used to the objectification that she seems [[InsultBackfire visibly relieved]] when Sil refers to her as the Doctor’s [='=]''[[HumansAreUgly revoltingly ugly assistant.]]''[='=] At least she doesn’t have to worry about Sil, then.
-->--'''[[http://them0vieblog.com/2013/06/26/doctor-who-the-trial-of-a-time-lord-mindwarp-review/ Darren Mooney]]''' on ''Doctor Who'', [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS23E2Mindwarp}} "Mindwarp"]]

->Despite how well done this episode is … there is a nagging issue I can’t ignore: It is a clear example of why the superhero girlfriend needs to evolve. Since the resurgence in superhero films and shows kicked off by ''Film/BatmanBegins'', the superhero girlfriend continues to be written in the same troubling ways that plague her comic-book counterparts. She [[IntrepidReporter can be accomplished]], but not so much to diminish the stature of the masked man who saves her on a nightly basis. She can be intelligent, but not smart enough to deduce that [[ClarkKenting the hero who consistently comes to her aid is her good friend in disguise]]. She’s said to be dynamic, but [[InformedAbility rarely shown as such]]. She’s the emblem of goodness and love, but rarely elevated into becoming her own human being. Since she’s more symbol than person, she becomes more valuable when in danger, or [[StuffedInAFridge actually dead]]. As a result, the archetype is rarely well-written enough that actresses like [[Characters/ArrowverseWestAllenFamily Candice Patton]] can demonstrate their talents. So much of this season has been about Iris’s death and how such a tragedy would affect everyone around her. [[MenActWomenAre But Iris herself has not been an active participant in this story line]].
-->--'''[[http://www.vulture.com/2017/05/the-flash-recap-season-2-episode-22.html Angelica Jade Bastièn]]''' on ''[[Series/TheFlash2014 The Flash]]'', [[Recap/TheFlash2014S3E22InfantinoStreet "Infantino Street”]]


->''If you can't hold on\\
Then baby, baby don't save me now\\
''(If your love isn't strong)''\\
Baby, don't save me now''
-->--'''{{Music/Haim}}''', "Don't Save Me"

->''Yeah, Mario's back\\
Out to save that crazy Princess Daisy\\
By now he's sick of this\\
[[YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle Princess fake-out bullshit]]''
-->--'''Music/BrentalFloss''', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand'' with [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAtWQ_xn0kI lyrics]]

->Normal women catch bouquets. I catch bombs.
-->-- '''ComicBook/LoisLane''', ''Series/LoisAndClark'' ("We Have a Lot to Talk About")

->Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday.
-->-- Series/{{Buffy|the Vampire Slayer}}, "Once More With Feeling"

->We save April ''at least'' once a day.
-->-- '''1987 Donatello''', ''WesternAnimation/TurtlesForever''

->Why is she always the one getting kidnapped?'' I'm ''the princess!
-->-- '''Amalia Sheran Sharm''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}''

->'''[[Franchise/MetalGear Mei Ling]]:''' But still, don't you think it's romantic? I mean, to have a guy who's always there for you?\\
'''Snake:''' If he was smart, he'd tell her to stop getting kidnapped.\\
'''Mei Ling:''' ...You don't get a lot of dates, do you, Snake?
-->-- ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl'', on [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Peach and Mario]]

->[[ComplainingAboutRescuesTheyDontLike The one being rescued doesn't get to complain]]! You just act the part and stand around trembling and say 'Oh, save me!
-->-- '''Ichigo Kurosaki''', ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''

->Help! I'm being, like, stolen or something!
-->-- '''Alison''', ''VideoGame/TotallyRad''

->William, tell me somethin'. Have you come because you need my help to save a certain distressin' damsel--or rather, damsel in distress?--Either one.
-->-- '''Jack Sparrow''', ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd''

->'''Sue''': This is pretty uninspired. The BigBad Doctor Doom kidnapping me just to [[BatmanGambit lure us here]] to your wretched little island.\\
'''Dr. Doom''': Yes, I'm so sorry to involve you in the [[DeadHorseTrope time-worn damsel-in-distress]] [[{{Cliche}} cliche]], Mrs Richards. I fear the only thing missing is the [[ChainedToARailway onrushing train]]. However, [[BoringButPractical sometimes expediency outweighs originality]].
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/FantasticFour 1990s series''

->'''Hercules''': "Aren't you a Damsel in Distress?"\\
'''Megara''': ''(struggling in Nessus' grip)'' "I'm a damsel... I'm in distress... I can handle this! Have a nice day!"
-->-- ''Disney/{{Hercules}}''

->Oh dear... Here we go again... I can't believe I'm kidnapped again. Mario and Toadsworth must be worried sick. Again.
-->-- '''Princess Peach''', ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor''

->Groo -- damsel in distress. [[BridalCarry You know the drill]].
-->-- ''Series/{{Angel}}'', "The Price"

->'''Snow:''' Wait, Belle, [[spoiler:Zelena]] never froze you when she was crazy monologuing and creepily feeling my baby bump. Why didn’t you do anything to stop her? Everyone else tried.
->'''Belle:''' Everyone else got frozen or turned into a flying monkey. Every time I go up against the villains, I get locked up, knocked unconscious or shot. At this point, I’m just trying to stay alive.
-->-- Fanfiction blog ''[[http://ouatconversations.tumblr.com/post/84333622060/snow-wait-belle-zelena-never-froze-you-when-she OUAT Conversations]]''

->''"I dream of a world where [[Franchise/AceAttorney Maya Fey]] can walk down a street without being accused of murder."''
-->-- Blogger '''[[http://yangderexiaolong.tumblr.com/post/85999721725/i-dream-of-a-world-where-maya-fey-can-walk-down-a Tenouttaten]]''