-> Leaving a Truly Owned object around can be dangerous. If it takes a tidal wave or an earthquake to bring it to you, when the spell has built up enough potential you'll ''get'' a tidal wave or an earthquake, and all the damage that would cause.
-->-- ''Literature/TheMisenchantedSword''

-> [=SheZow=] legend clearly states that "Whoever shall weareth the ring shall forever bear the responsibility of [=SheZow=]!"
-->-- '''Kelly Hamdon''', ''WesternAnimation/SheZow'', "[=SheZow=] Happens!"

->'''Nanny Ogg''': You ever throw a magic ring in the middle of the ocean and then when you get back for your tea it's sitting on the table looking at you?\\
'''Granny Weatherwax''': [[SubvertedTrope No, Gytha.]] And neither have you.