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-> Every single chapter of those books had to end with a cliffhanger. It was the law. A chapter would finish with "Tash stepped off the spaceship and heard a blood-curdling scream!" Then you'd read the next chapter and it would say "[[PseudoCrisis But apparently it was just a bird.]]"
->--'''Daniel Wallace''' on the ''Literature/GalaxyOfFear'' series

-> ''I must object to the false jeopardy and melodramatic suspense at the end of every section. This is an informative essay, not a holodrama.''
-->-- DV-9, grading Tash's homework

->''Is this the tragic end of me?\\
Or will the sequel set me free?''
-->-- '''Music/TheAquabats''', "Stuck In A Movie!"

->''"The situation's turned critical, and things can't get any worse. And this is how they're ending the episode? Oh, for crying out loud! I hate it when they pull this."''
-->-- '''Lina Inverse''' (narrating), ''[[{{LightNovel/Slayers}} Slayers TRY]]'', episode 9

->''To be continued...''
->''...[[LampshadeHanging sorry]]''
-->-- ''Series/{{Grimm}}'', before going on hiatus

->'''Karla:''' "What are we going to ''do'', Captain?"
->'''Kremmen:''' "I'm gonna to do what I always do when something desperate and untoward happens. Leave it to next week!"
-->-- ''Kremmen of the Star Corps''

->'''Ellie:''' Oh man!
->'''Joel:''' Hey, what happened to sleeping?
->'''Ellie:''' Okay, I know it doesn't look like it, but this here is not a bad read. Only one problem. Right there. 'To be continued!' I hate cliffhangers.
-->-- '''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'''

->'''Agent Sulky:''' Oh my God, whatís that strange light hanging over the crop circle? Itís...itís...itís...the end of the episode!
-->-- '''The X Fools'''

->'''Moominpappa:''' "That was thrilling, eh? But you see, it's a trick all good authors use, to close a chapter at the ghastliest moment."
-->-- '''[[Literature/TheMoomins Moominpappa's Memoirs]]'''

-> ''Believe me, the temptation to cliffhanger there was so real and if Website/YouTube still had a 10 minute time limit I would have definitely gone for it.''
-->-- '''{{LetsPlay/Chuggaaconroy}}'''

->'''Ansem:''' But this ending, it doesn't have any suspense.
->'''Axel:''' You want suspense? You want a cliffhanger? Here you go!


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