->''Jim loved sex, probably more than he loved oxygen; but that didnít mean he didnít have principles.''
-->--A ''Film/StarTrek'' FanFic, on James T. Kirk

->''"The healing [[ThePowerOfLove power of love]] awaits with Yon Angel! [Character name]! Tarry no longer!"''
-->-- '''Sain''', ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword]]'', on Lyn

->''"It's a part of every prince's job to give women something to dream about!"''
-->-- '''Prince Wilfred''', ''Manga/PrivatePrince''

->'''Sophie''': That was very sweet of you, Alex. Especially for a man wearing such tight pants.
->'''Alex''': It forces all the blood to my heart.
-->-- ''Film/MusicAndLyrics''

->''I believe a woman has complete control and right over her body, and if she also wants to shake that ass while she makes a sandwich for me, that's fine too.''
-->--'''Philip Defranco''', ''WebVideo/ThePhilipDefrancoShow''

->''I ask for consent before I thrash anuses.''
-->-- Website/{{YouTube}} user '''[=AnalThrasher69=]'''

->Nay, he may have read porn in public--even around minors--but Kakashi was a ''gentleman'', goddammit. A real classy sumbitch.

->''I mean, I like to swing, but Film/DrNo means no, baby!''
-->--'''Film/AustinPowers''', ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory''

->'''Tyrion''': I won't share your bed. Not until you want me to.\\
'''Sansa''': What if I ''never'' want you to?\\
'''Tyrion''': [[VowOfCelibacy "And so my watch begins..."]]

->'''bazooka_Jroe:''' How do you have so many bitches?!?\\
'''[[{{Magazine/Playboy}} Hugh Hefner]]:''' I have a lot of girlfriends because I don't call them bitches, Jroe. A little respect will take you a long way.
-->--{{Website/Twitter}} exchange