->'''Gumball''': Man, I really wish something that once seemed insignificant would show up and save me!\\
(''Darwin charges at Bobert, but he gets knocked away for the second time.'')\\
'''Gumball''': Okay, something else insignificant.
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball''', "The Robot"

->'''Peter''': You didn't know grandma [[BiTheWay dyked out]] before, did you?\\
'''Tyler''': No. Unfortunately, she never told me.\\
'''Peter''': Have fun getting that image out of your head tonight when you beat your meat.\\
'''Tyler''': I will.
-->-- ''Creator/AdamSandler'', "Calling Home"

->'''Thornton Reed''': Take this, Dag.\\
'''Dr. Rick Dagless M.D.''': What is it?\\
'''Thornton Reed''': ''Something that might come in handy.''
-->-- '''Series/GarthMarenghisDarkplace''', "Scotch Mist"

->''It appears that you're heading directly into the heart of the volcano. On reflection, this was inevitable, really. I mean, you can't just have a Final Boss Battle near a volcano. It would be like having a [[ChaseScene car chase]] in which the [[FruitCart fruit cart]] doesn't get knocked over. Or fighting crime in a [[GiantRobot giant robot]] and never using RocketPunch.''
-->-- ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing''

->[[color:red:TG: you just HAD TO FIGURE all that juice was going to come back to haunt me]]\\
[[color:red:TG: like frankensteins incontinent fucking ghost]]\\
[[color:red:TG: it was like]]\\
[[color:red:TG: chekhov's juice]]
-->--Dave Strider, ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''

->'''Vyvyan''': "It's a potion I've invented, where, when the patient drinks it, he turns into an [[AxCrazy axe-wielding homicidal maniac.]] It's basically a cure...[[PsychoSerum for not being an axe-wielding homicidal maniac.]] The potential market's enormous!"\\
'''Neil''': "Is this it?"\\
'''Vyvyan''': "Yeah, yeah, I put it in a Coke can so nobody'd drink it by mistake."\\
'''Neil''': "[[LampshadeHanging Y'know, I just bet a bit later on somebody does drink that and turns into an axe-wielding homicidal maniac.]]"\\
'''Rick''': "Yes, I bet that as well. That's just the sort of crazy, imaginative thing that happens around here."

->''This means nothing right now, but obviously will later.''
-->--[[http://www.formspring.me/mspadventures/q/172838272148466310 Andrew Hussie]]

->'''Casey''': Well, you know what they say about a gun in the first act, Ron.\\
'''[[TheDitz Kyle]]''': First act of what?

->''"We’ve been trained by movies that if you find some seemingly unimportant bauble, then the story will later create a situation where it will be the key to solving a problem in an unexpected way."''

->'''Archer''': "God, I SAID the cap slips off the poison pen for no reason, didn't I?!"\\
'''Cyril''': "I know, I know, but I just assumed that if anything bad happened it-it would've been-"\\
'''Archer''': "No, do NOT say the Chekhov gun Cyril! THAT, sir, is a facile argument!"\\
'''Woodhouse''': "[[GeniusBonus Also woefully esoteric.]]"
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''

->''The coffin was the trap, the coffin was the solution. [[LampshadeHanging That's so neat I could write a thesis.]]''
-->-- '''[[Series/DoctorWho The Eleventh Doctor]]''', ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures''

-> ''Works like a charm. I could build a mechanical barrel-maker in my sleep, but for ''real'' inventing genius, these ''[[FreakyFridayFlip Brain-Transfer Helmets]] have to be my pièce de résistance!''
-->-- '''Cranky Kong''', in a scene from ''WesternAnimation/DonkeyKongCountry'' which shouldn't need any further explanation.

->''[Film/JamesBond] always used every single item. [[DeconstructedTrope He never came back and said "Q, I've got a lot of stuff I didn't use on that adventure."]]''
-->-- '''Creator/EddieIzzard''', ''Unrepeatable''

->''Show a gun on the mantelpiece in the first act. Before the curtain goes down, it's going to blow someone's scrotum off.''
-->-- '''[[MadArtist Sam Krieg]]''', ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld''

-> ''I won't find it fantastic or think it absurd''\\
''When the gun in the first act goes off in the third.''
-->-- '''Aimee Mann''', "Frankenstein"

->''[[RecordNeedleScratch Cut the music!]] Go back and look at that fern. Stanley, this fern will be ''very important'' later in the story. Make sure you study it closely, and remember it carefully.''
-->-- '''The Narrator''', ''VideoGame/TheStanleyParable''

->''"He takes out from his pocket a .44, and checks it's loaded. (beat) [[LampshadeHanging I don't know why he checks it's loaded, surely he is the one who loaded it.]]"''
-->-- '''Hans Kieslowski''' adding to the script, ''Film/SevenPsychopaths''

->''"Ha! I threw that shit before I came in the room!"''

->''"So the moral of the story is, you never know when random, seemingly unimportant, stuff will turn out to be very important. Which is why you shouldn't question me when I tell you to build me something like a hammock, or...a human slingshot."''
-->--'''[[LazyBum Grif]]''', ''[[Machinima/RedVsBlueTheChorusTrilogy Something Else Entirely]]''

->'''Francis''': You lied to me, Bluebeard. What's more, you withheld important information from me. And you know exactly what I mean, my friend. But I'm still puzzled why you did it.
->'''Bluebeard''': Well, uh...I thought maybe it wasn't that important.
->'''Francis''': Not that important? When it's a matter of solving a case as complex as this one, every detail is important, Bluebeard, every single one! Any little thing can unexpectedly become important under certain circumstances.
-->--''WesternAnimation/{{Felidae}}'' ''(novel only)''