->'''[=DiDi=]:''' I thought that girl was a ''bandit!''\\
'''Zii:''' Yuki? ''No-o-o-o,'' she's just a crazy friend of mine.\\
'''[=DiDi=]:''' Your friend? That is even ''worse!'' I tied her up like a ''criminelle!''\\
'''Zii:''' Don't worry, she probably enjoyed it.
--> -- ''Webcomic/MenageA3,'' Strip #217, October 26, 2009

->'''Hinata''': Mao, I swear to god I will break you.\\
'''Mao''': Okay!\\
'''Hinata''': Not like that!
--> -- ''Manga/FutureDiary'' [[TheAbridgedSeries Abridged]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI97yXB7M-E episode 8]]

->WARNING: Watching this video of Barbara Walters talking about fucking her dusty babawawa biscuit with a vibrator named ''[[ICallItVera Selfie]]'' on ''Series/TheView'' may be harmful to your health. Uncommon but serious side effects of viewing this video may include:\\\
[-Filing for divorce from the area of the brain that holds memories, a shame erection, thoughts of suicide (following shame erection), anti-arousal (also known as Sahara Syndrome), a written complaint from your gag reflex, the condition known as [[Creator/LouisCK Nope Face]], bargaining with a higher power for the existence of Film/MenInBlack mind-erase things. If you experience a sudden loss in vision, do not be alarmed; it is common for parts of your body to peace the fuck out during a traumatic event.-]\\\
Barbara, Iím happy youíre (''[[BrainBleach shudder]]'') masturbating, but we donít need to know anymore about Selfie. We donít need to know what kind it is, where you bought it, where you use it, or who youíre using it to. But if I had to guess, itís probably an old picture of UsefulNotes/CalvinCoolidge, right? No, wait, donít answer that.
-->--'''[[http://dlisted.com/2014/02/17/things-you-didnt-need-to-know-barbara-walters-vibrators-name-is-selfie/ Michael K.]]''', "Things You Didnít Need To Know: Barbara Waltersí Vibratorís Name Is 'Selfie'"