->''Rashid, please move forward and prevent it from disintegrating me, if you please.''
-->--'''Arthur Langtry''', Merlin of the White Council, ''[[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Turn Coat]]''

->''So I was hoping after you punch me through a wall, you could-''
-->--'''Rocky Rickaby''', ''Webcomic/{{Lackadaisy}}''

->''Houston, we have a problem.''
-->--'''Jim Lovell''', ''Film/{{Apollo 13}}''

->''"When you're drowning, you don't say 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,' you just scream."''
-->-- '''Music/JohnLennon'''

->''Emmett even shouted a remark about the superior flavor of ursine creatures in between being used to knock a tree over and successfully depriving Siobhan of one of her feet.''
-->--'''Narration''', ''Fanfic/{{Luminosity}}''

->'''Spooner''': How long is that gonna take?\\
'''Calvin''': About six minutes.\\
'''Spooner''': What if we didn't have six minutes?\\
'''Calvin''': Then we'd have a problem. Why?\\
'''Spooner''': Because I seriously doubt we have six minutes.\\
''(Camera pans out and shows an army of robots climb up the side of the building)''

->''[Zombies are swarming. Harry takes out one that was about to attack Lara.]''\\
'''Lara:''' ''[conversationally]'' Oh. That was gentlemanly of you, Dresden.\\
'''Harry:''' I've been known to pull out chairs and open doors, too.\\
'''Lara:''' How very unfashionable. And endearing.
-->--''[[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Turn Coat]]''

->"We're stuck here, about to be turned into [[ItMakesSenseInContext wax statues]], and the two of them are bickering! They really don't seem to understand the danger of the situation at all!"
-->--Princess Vivi of ''Manga/OnePiece'', noting Nami and Zoro's response to the current kidnapping.

->''[[Film/{{Jaws}} "We're gonna need a bigger boat."]]''
-->-- Martin Brody, upon sighting the shark about five metres from the stern of the ''Orca''

->'''Mr. Miracle''': You have to admit, this is a pretty good death trap.
->'''Batman''': I've been in better, but the track is a nice touch.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' (They are chained to a rollercoaster and dodging things such as fire and giant hammers)

->'''Lilo:''' ''(on the phone)'' Uh, hello, Cobra Bubbles? Aliens are attacking my house.

-> "... Excuse me a minute."\\
He was interrupted by a burst of incoherent screaming which sounded like the warcry of a [[BloodKnight Khornate fanatic]] and which [[KilledMidSentence terminated abruptly]] in a [[DropTheHammer thud of a power maul on full charge]] and a gurgle that sounded distinctly unhealthy. "Well he's not getting mine ... Sorry commissar, where were we?"
--> -- Praetor Kolbe, ''Literature/CiaphasCain: The Traitor's Hand''

-> '''Air Traffic Control''': You are cleared to land on any runway.
->'''Capt. Al Haynes''': Roger. ''[chuckles]'' You want to be particular and make it a *runway,* huh?
--> [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_232 United Airlines Flight 232]], crash landing in Sioux City, Iowa, July 19, 1989.

-> '''[[ComicBook/ImmortalIronFist Iron Fist]]''' ''(mid-battle)'': Awww... is this one of those 'witty banter' teams?
-> '''ComicBook/SpiderMan:''' Yeah.
-> '''Iron Fist:''' I hate banter.
-> '''[[ComicBook/LukeCageHeroForHire Luke Cage]]:''' You're ''doing'' banter.
--> ''ComicBook/NewAvengers''

->''"[[CatchPhrase Eh... what's up, Doc?]]"''
--> -- '''WesternAnimation/BugsBunny''', often while he had a gun pointed directly at his skull.

->'''Pacha:''' ...[[OhCrap Uh-oh.]]
->'''Kuzco:''' ''(facing the other way)'' Don't tell me. [[GenreSavvy We're about to go over]] [[InevitableWaterfall a huge waterfall?]]
->'''Pacha:''' Yep.
->'''Kuzco:''' Sharp rocks at the bottom?
->'''Pacha:''' Most likely.
->'''Kuzco:''' [[BringIt Bring it on.]]
-->-- '''''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove'''''