->Next episode! Look forward to "Tears of Blood in the Extra Stage!" (er, I mean, good luck)
-->--A message from '''ZUN''' after one-credit-clearing the main game on Normal difficulty, [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Subterranean Animism]]

-> [[SincerityMode Good luck.]]
-->--The loading screen that appears before [[Music/DragonForce "Through the Fire and Flames"]] is attempted on Expert, ''[[VideoGame/GuitarHero Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock]]''

->''"To the true Ridge Racer who has cleared all 39 tours, we introduce these tours of maximum difficulty. The first MAX tour, “Opus 1,” is the ultimate 4-car battle of Class 1 machines. Only 1 in 200 is expected to clear this challenge. [[CosmeticAward There are no prizes. Race for your honor!]]"'' (Opus 1)
-->-- '''Description of the first MAX tour''', ''{{Ridge Racer}}s''

->''"''[...]'' Only 1 in 300 is expected to clear this challenge. ''[...]''"'' (Opus 2)\\
''"''[...] ''Only 1 in 400 is expected to clear this challenge. ''[...]''"'' (Opus 3) \\
''"''[...] ''Only 1 in 20000 is expected to clear this challenge. [[SerialEscalation So difficult, that even the best players in the development team were only able to clear it twice within 60 days.]] The achievement will [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome equal that of climbing Mt. Everest]]. Race for [[OneHundredPercentCompletion the ultimate honor]]!"'' (Opus 7)
-->-- '''More MAX tour descriptions''', ''{{Ridge Racer}}s''

->''"Welcome to Hell!"''
-->-- '''''VideoGame/CaveStory''''', at the beginning of "''Sacred Ground''".

-> ''"When I [say] the special world is hard, I wasn't joking. If it's too hard for you, just give up. Or [[SaveScumming spam savestates]] like a kid"''
-->--'''Yogui''', message box at the end of a level in the Special World of ''VideoGame/{{Something}}''