->'''Captain Tagon:''' It's NOT okay for us to sell a guy back to the people who love him, but it's just fine for us to sell him to a body politic that wants to incarcerate him or execute him?\\
'''Doythaban:''' Bounty-hunting is like that.
-->-- ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary''

->''"We make a honest living. I'm not going to tarnish our fine profession of beating people unconscious and transporting them across international borders with ... with petty fraud!"''
-->-- '''Gannji''', ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick''

->'''Stevens:''' What does he pay you for murdering me?\\
'''Angel Eyes:''' Five hundred dollars... to get the name.
-->-- ''Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly''

->'''BountyHunter:''' A man's got to do somethin' for a livin' these days.\\
'''[[Creator/ClintEastwood Josey Wales]]:''' Dyin's not much of a livin'.
-->-- ''Film/TheOutlawJoseyWales''

->'''Crook:''' Don't you get it?! I'm gonna splatter grandma!\\
'''Spike:''' [[SarcasmMode Well, that's a real shame.]] [[PunchClockHero But we're not cops and we're not from some charity organization.]] Sorry lady, but we don't protect or serve, this is strictly business.
-->-- ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' the Movie

->When bail is given, the principal is regarded as delivered to the custody of his sureties. Their dominion is a continuance of the original imprisonment. Whenever they choose to do so, they may seize him and deliver him up in their discharge; and if that cannot be done at once, they may imprison him until it can be done. They may exercise their rights in person or by agent. They may pursue him into another state; may arrest him on the Sabbath, and, if necessary, may break and enter his house for that purpose. The seizure is not made by virtue of new process. None is needed. It is likened to the rearrest by the sheriff of an escaping prisoner. It is said, "The bail have their principal on a string, and may pull the string whenever they please, and render him in their discharge."
-->-- ''Taylor v. Taintor'', 83 U.S. 366, 371 (1872)

-> '''Simon Tam:''' So you're a bounty hunter.\\
'''Jubal Early:''' ''(not listening)'' No, that ain't it at all.\\
'''Simon Tam:''' Then what are you?\\
'''Jubal Early:''' I'm a bounty hunter.\\
'''Simon Tam:''' That's what I said.\\
'''Early:''' Yeah, but you didn't say it well.
-->-- ''Series/{{Firefly}}''

-> '''Warden Kuril:''' Bounty hunters... aren't dependable.\\
'''Zaeed:''' You're not hiring the right ones.
-->-- ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''

->''"A Mr. Fett to see you, sir."'''
-->-- '''ZZ-4Z:''', ''Franchise/StarWars: Dark Empire''

->'''Dr. King Schultz:''' Do you know what a bounty hunter is?\\
'''Django:''' No.\\
'''Dr. King Schultz:''' Well, the way the slave trade deals in human lives for cash, a bounty hunter deals in corpses. [...] The state places a bounty on a man's head. I track that man, I find that man, I kill that man. After I've killed him, I transport that man's corpse back to the authorities. Sometimes that's easier said than done. I show that corpse to the authorities, proving yes, indeed, I truly have killed him, at which point the authorities pay me the bounty. So, like slavery, it's a flesh for cash business.\\
'''Django:''' What's a bounty?\\
'''Dr. King Schultz:''' It's like a reward.\\
'''Django:''' You kill people? And they give you a reward?\\
'''Dr. King Schultz:''' Certain people, yeah...\\
'''Django:''' Bad people?\\
'''Dr. King Schultz:''' Ah! Badder they are, bigger the reward.
-->-- ''Film/DjangoUnchained''

->''"Man, bounty hunting sucks ''balls''. Kinda thing you do when you can't ''do'' anything else."''
-->-- '''Abraham Presley''', ''VideoGame/{{Evolve}}''

->''The thrill of the hunt... the promise of payment.''
-->-- '''The Ancestor''', ''VideoGame/DarkestDungeon'', upon hiring a Bounty Hunter