->'''Summer:''' ''(talking about her exes)'' Oh, and then there was Charlie.
->'''Tom:''' ''(pictures a group of people, zooms in on an attractive guy)''
->'''Summer:''' [[GenderBlenderName She]] was nice and all, but...
->'''Tom:''' ''(zooms in on an attractive woman behind said guy)''

-> ''I kiss other girls, sure, but that doesn't make me a lesbian. Does it? I mean, I read ''Playgirl''.
--> -- '''Sarah Michelle Gellar''

->'''Stiles''': I thought you liked girls.\\
'''Caitlin''': I do like girls. Do you?\\
'''Stiles''': Absolutely.\\
'''Caitlin''': Great!\\
'''Stiles''': So you also like boys?\\
'''Caitlin''': Absolutely! Do you?
-->''Series/TeenWolf'', Episode 3x16 "Illuminated"

->"[[NoBisexuals Despite what you might have heard]], [[AvertedTrope bisexual people are real!]]"
-->-- '''Bryan Konietzko'''