->''"The bone is for the dog, the meat is for the man!"''
-->-- '''Anonymous''',

->''"Why sit on a rickety old chair when you can sink into a nice plush sofa?"''
-->-- '''Pops''', ''Time Gentlemen Please''

->''"[[HelloNurse Hello, Large Nurse]]!"''
-->-- '''Yakko''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''

->''"Never had a woman\\
Never had a woman like you\\
Doing all the things\\
Doing all the things you do\\
Ain't no fairy story\\
Ain't no skin and bone\\
But you give it all you got\\
Weighing in at nineteen stone[[note]]266 pounds/approximately 120 kilograms[[/note]]"''
-->-- '''[[Music/{{ACDC}} AC/DC]]''', "Whole Lotta Rosie"

->''"Who wants a twig when you can climb the whole tree?"''
->-- '''Motormouth Maybelle''', ''{{Hairspray}}''

->"There's a name for men like me that like women like that, we're called [[spoiler: heterosexuals.]]"
-->-- '''Creator/CraigFerguson'''

->'''Julia:''' ''(about the prole woman singing the "Love Song")'' She is a meter across the hips, easily.
->'''Winston:''' That's her style of beauty.
-->-- '''''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'''''

-> "[Camila Sagastume] was gigantic and sturdy, but over her colossal form a tenderness of femininity prevailed and she had a face that was so beautiful, hands so fine and well cared for, and such an irresistible personal charm that when she entered the house, Aureliano Segundo was heard to say in a low voice that he would have preferred the tourney to take place in bed and not at the table. Later, when he saw her consume a side of veal without breaking a single rule of good table manners, he commented seriously that this delicate, fascinating, and insatiable probscidian was in a certain way the ideal woman. He was not mistaken."