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[[WMG:"I'm Batman."]]

->''...some call me The Batman.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Detective Comics'' #35 (not his first appearance, but the first instance of some form of this line).

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Film/BatmanBegins'', to [[TheMafia Carmine Falcone]].

->''[[RuleOfThree I'm Batman.]]''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Film/BatmanReturns'', to [[ServileSnarker Alfred]].

->''Harvey! I'm Batman!''
-->-- '''BruceWayneHeldHostage''', ''Film/BatmanForever'', attempting to reveal himself to Two-Face.

->'''Batman:''' I'm not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me.
->'''{{Mook|s}}:''' [[WhatTheHellAreYou What are you!?]]
->'''Batman:''' ''I'm Batman.''
-->-- ''Film/{{Batman}}'' (1989)

->''Hi Freeze! [[RunningGag I'm Batman.]]''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'', to [[AnIcePerson Mr. Freeze]].

->''[[IAmTheNoun I am vengeance! I am the night!]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I! AM!]] '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis BATMAN!]]'''''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', [[ItMakesSenseInContext to]] [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome a blimp]]. [[spoiler:Repeated verbatim in ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamKnight'']]

->'''Terry [=McGinnis=]:''' You're Batman!
->'''Bruce Wayne:''' I '''''[[OldSuperhero was]]''''' Batman.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''

->'''[[TheDragon Mr. Fixx]]:''' You're pretty strong, for some clown who thinks he's Batman.
->'''[=Terry McGinnis=]:''' ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. AM. BATMAN!]]''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''

->'''Alfred:''' It seems you have discovered our little secret. Yes, I admit it. I am Batman.
-->-- ''[[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Gotham Knights]]''

->'''Static:''' (waking up in the Batcave) Who're you?
->'''Alfred:''' Batman.
->'''Static:'''...I don't think so.
->'''Alfred:''' Just once, I'd like someone to believe that.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/StaticShock''

->''I'm [[SpellMyNameWithAThe the]] Batman.''
-->-- '''The Batman''', ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman''

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'', [[WesternAnimation/TheBatmanVsDracula to]] {{Dracula}}.

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'', to the MirrorUniverse {{evil twin}}s of Blue Beetle and Green Arrow.

->''What, are you ''dense''? Are you ''retarded'' or something? Who the hell do you ''think'' I am? [[MemeticMutation I'm the Goddamn Batman.]]''
-->-- '''The Goddamn Batman''', ''ComicBook/AllStarBatmanAndRobinTheBoyWonder'', to Dick Grayson, [[InsistentTerminology age twelve]], [[UnfortunateImplications who he has just abducted]].

->''I am the Batman.''
-->-- '''Harvey Dent''', ''Film/TheDarkKnight''

->''I'm Batman!''
-->-- '''ComicBook/{{Robin}}''', ''Film/BatmanForever''

->''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I! AM... BATMAN!]]''
-->-- '''[[Creator/JimCarrey The Riddler]]''', ''Film/BatmanForever''.

->'''Penguin:''' Joker?!
->'''Joker:''' [[CostumeCopycat I'm the Batman.]]
->'''Penguin:''' Y'see, the thing is...you're NOT!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman''.

->''Darling, I don't have to answer to you. I'm Batman!''
-->-- '''[[ComicBook/{{Batwoman}} Katrina Moldoff]]''', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''. ''While in [[FreakyFridayFlip Batman's body]]''.

->'''Riddler:''' Everyone knows Batman doesn't kill.
->'''[[ComicBook/{{Batwoman}} Katrina Moldoff:]]''' You see, the thing is, [[InvertedTrope I'm not Batman]].
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' [[FreakyFridayFlip continuation of above]].

->'''Logical Batman Duplicate:''' I'm Batman.
->'''Aggressive Batman Duplicate:''' No, you're not! ''I'm'' Batman!!
->'''Slacker Batman Duplicate: '''Nuh-uh, [[TotallyRadical dudes]], ''I'm'' Batman!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''

->'''Batman:''' I'm Batman.\\
'''[[BadassAdorable Chibi Batman]]:''' ''Please''. Make me laugh again.\\
'''Batman:''' Excuse me?\\
'''Chibi Batman:''' I'm the '''{{gosh|DangItToHeck}}darn Batma'''--\\
'''Batman:''' Be quiet.
-->-- ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman'' #51

->'''Batman''': "You are the slinking coward who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne."\\
'''Joe Chill''': "That was a lifetime ago!"\\
'''Batman''': "Yes, my lifetime. You took them without mercy or regret, and in cold blood, Chill!"\\
'''Joe Chill''': "How do you know this? How could you possibly--"\\
'''Batman''': "I know because I watched it happen. I know because I am the son of the man you murdered. ''[[InvertedTrope I... am Bruce Wayne!]]''"
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'', "Chill of the Night"

-> ''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''Batman''', explaining to Harvey Dent how he knows so much, ''WesternAnimation/BewareTheBatman'', "Nexus"

->''"I'm not ComicBook/{{Hawkman}}."''
-->-- '''[[spoiler: Batman disguised as Hawkman]]''', ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman'' #5

->''"I'm the Batman."''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Batman: Death Mask''

->''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''Dick Grayson''', [[TakingUpTheMantle establishing himself as the new Batman]], ''Batman and Robin'' #3

->''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''[[spoiler: The Archivist-Bruce fusion, so we'll let you decide if he is Batman or not]]''', ''[[ComicBook/GrantMorrisonsBatman Return of Bruce Wayne]]'' #6

->''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''Batman to Deadman [[spoiler: explaining how he figured out who Deadman was despite never having seen him]]''', ''ComicBook/BrightestDay'' #14

->''[[BraggingRightsReward Achievement Unlocked]] - [[AscendedMeme 10G I'm Batman]].''
-->-- ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity'', after the Batsuit is acquired.

->''"Ich bin Fledermausmann!"''
-->-- '''Batman to a German kidnapper''', ''Arkham Knight'' #10

->'''[[{{Mook}} Apokolips Soldier]]:''' Whoever you are, prepare to be incinerated!
->'''Batman:''' Want to know who I am? '''I'M BATMAN!'''
-->-- ''Batman and Robin'' #36

-> '''Bruce Wayne:''' "I am Batman."\\
'''Dick Grayson:''' "What?"\\
'''Bruce Wayne:''' "I... am... Batman."
-->-- ''Theatre/BatmanLive''

->'''[=Terry McGinnis=]''': ''I'm Batman.''
->'''Static''': [[AndImTheQueenOfSheba And I'm Beyoncé!]]
->'''[=Terry McGinnis=] (''to Bruce Wayne, about Static'')''': He says his name's Music/{{Beyonce}}!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/StaticShock'', "Future Shock". ItMakesSenseInContext.

->'''Squire''': [[AskAStupidQuestion Are you really Batman?]]
->'''Batman''': [[SarcasmMode No, I'm Goldfish man. Can't you tell?]]
->'''Squire''': Oh, it's like ''that'' is it.
-->-- ''[[Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica JLA Classified]]'' [[Creator/GrantMorrison #2]]

->'''Terry [=McGinnis=]''': Tell me something. [[ItMakesSenseInContext Why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?]]\\
'''Bruce Wayne''': Well first, I know I'm not psychotic.\\
'''Terry [=McGinnis=]''': I hope your other reason is more convincing.\\
'''Bruce Wayne''': And second, the voice kept calling me Bruce. In my mind, that's not what I call myself.\\
'''Terry [=McGinnis=]''': What do you call yourself?\\
''(Bruce simply gives a MeaningfulLook)'' \\
'''Terry [=McGinnis=]''': Oh yeah. I suppose you would. ''[beat, smirks]'' [[LegacyCharacter But that's]] ''[[LegacyCharacter my]]'' [[LegacyCharacter name now]].\\
'''Bruce Wayne''': Hm. Tell that to my subconscious.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''

->''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''Lego!Batman''', ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie''

->'''[[Franchise/MortalKombat Scorpion]]:''' You are no Sub-Zero!\\
'''Batman:''' I'm Batman.
-->-- ''VideoGame/InjusticeGodsAmongUs''

->'''Brainiac:''' How is it ''you'' lead?\\
'''Batman:''' I'm ''Batman.''
-->-- ''VideoGame/Injustice2''

->''"C'mon, don't you recognise me? I'm '''Batman.'''''"
-->-- '''Spoiler''', ''ComicBook/BatmanEternal'' #52

->'''Tiffany Fox:''' But there's something I don't get. Why ''you?'' I mean, no offence, but you're just...Bruce.\\
'''Bruce Wayne:'''...[[WhamLine I'm Batman.]]
-->- ''VideoGame/BatmanTheTelltaleSeries''

[[WMG:"No, ''I'm'' Batman" (non-DC uses)]]
->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''WebVideo/ImAMarvelAndImADC'', to the audience, and to everyone else.[[note]]Only once he says "I'm A DC"[[/note]]

->''"Of course I'm the real Batman. See, here's a picture of me with Robin."''
-->-- '''Creator/AdamWest''', star of the 1960s series ''Series/{{Batman}}'' and its [[Film/BatmanTheMovie movie]], AdamWesting, ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''[[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Jim Kim]]''' imagining he's Batman in the first episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Detention}}''

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''' as Batman, to every [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames bad Bat-game]] he's about to pummel in his review of ''Batman'' video games. [[note]]The ones he thought were [[SugarWiki/NoProblemWithLicensedGames good]] got spared from this treatment.[[/note]]

->"''I'm Batman.''" (Batman cowl [[JumpCut appears]])
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Ask That Guy]]''', answering a stupid question %%Note: can someone figure out which episode number that was? Cheers.

->'''Dean:''' I'm Batman.
->'''Sam:''' [[SarcasmMode Yeah. You're Batman.]]
-->-- ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''

->''"I am the bat."''
-->-- '''Hank Venture''', ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers''

->'''Ferr:''' You are the night.
->'''Maxwell Adams:''' I am Batman.
->'''Ferr:''' You're invisible, you got the [[GrapplingHookPistol Hookshot]]... you're Batman.
-->-- The '''LetsPlay/FreelanceAstronauts''': LetsPlay ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]]'' - [[http://www.freelanceastronauts.com/view.php?id=478 Chapter 6-4]]

->''I'm Batman.''
-->-- '''Eric Matthews''', ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld''. [[ActorAllusion He actually is]] WesternAnimation/{{Batman|Beyond}}.

->'''Victor:''' Ho--Holy...
->'''Gert:''' You're... You're...
->'''Spider-Man:''' Yes. I'm Batman.
--->-- ''Comicbook/{{Runaways}}'' [[labelnote:note]]And [[http://www.engrish.com/2017/08/batman-begins/ the inevitable inversion.]][[/labelnote]]

->''You're not a dark and troubled soul. You're a doctor who thinks he's Batman.''
-->-- ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja''

->'''Concussed football player''': [[TropeNamers I'm fine, let's go]]!
->'''Coach''': Hold on, where are you?
->'''Football player''': I'm in New York.
->'''Coach''': [[TropeCodifier Who am I?]]
->'''Football player'''(grinning): You're the coach.
->'''Coach''': And who are you?
->'''Football player''': [[OlderThanTheyThink ...I'm Batman.]]
->'''Coach''': Sit down.
->'''"Batman"''': You don't understand, I'm Batman!
-->-- 1997 [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGACNG7-zsIan Snickers commercial]]

->Dude, the guy is a ''teacher'', not- ''(secret passage to underground lab opens)'' ...Batman...
-->-- '''Conner [=McKnight=]''', ''Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder'', about [[MemeticBadass Dr. Tommy Oliver]]

->'''Sheldon''': I couldn't become Franchise/GreenLantern unless I was chosen by the Guardians of Oa, but given enough start-up capital and an adequate research facility, I ''could'' be Batman.\\
'''Leonard:''' ''You'' could be Batman?\\
'''Sheldon:''' Sure! ''(gravelly voice)'' I'm Batman!... See?
-->-- [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt91cyc27RU A typical conversation]] from '''Series/TheBigBangTheory'''

->'''Kramer''': The bus is OUTTA CONTROL! So I grab him by the collar, I take him out of the seat, I get behind the wheel, and now I'm driving the bus!\\
'''Jerry''': Wow.\\
'''George:''' You're Franchise/{{Batman}}.\\
'''Kramer:''' Yeah. Yeah, I am Batman!
-->-- Series/{{Seinfeld}}

->'''Linkara, in his Batman voice''': I'm not Batman, I'm totally not Batman... *mimicks hiding his mouth with a cape* I'm Batman.
-->-- ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall''

-> ''"I'm Batman. And I can [[BatmanCanBreatheInSpace breathe in space.]]"''
-->-- '''Webcomic/{{Shortpacked}}'''

-> ''"Might as well come clean: I am Batman. [J]"''
-->-- '''Jeff''', ''WebVideo/{{Everyman HYBRID}}'', [[AscendedMeme confirming]] one of the fandom's [[MemeticMutation theories]] via Twitter.

->''"If I were to go on [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} there]] and write that, I don't know, I'm Batman, how long would I legitimately be Batman?"''
-->-- [[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]], to [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} Jimmy Wales]]

->'''Franchise/{{Batman}}''': I'm Batman.
->'''Franchise/{{Superman}}''': I know you are.
->'''Batman''': It's what I do.
->'''Superman''': I know. You say that ''[[LampshadeHanging a lot]]''.
->'''Batman''': [[UtilityBelt I carry things on my belt]]. [[OverlyLongGag Cause Iím Batman]].
->'''Superman''': ...Dude, it's cool.
-->-- [[WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded How Superman Should Have Ended]]

->'''Superman''': But dude, you know what I would've done?\\
'''Batman''': Oh, I don't know, probably just-\\
'''Superman and Batman simultaneously''': ''Fly really fast, saving everyone from the bullets and explosions!''\\
'''Superman''': Exactly!\\
'''Batman''': Yeah, well, I can't do those things. [[ShutUpHannibal Because I'm not an super-bulletproof alien from another planet that can defy gravity]]. But you know what I ''can'' do?\\
'''Superman''': What's that?\\
'''Batman''': ''Make an incredibly awesome movie!'' ...You know why?\\
'''Superman''': [Resigned] Because you're Bat-\\
'''Batman''': '''Because I'm Batman'''!
-->-- Film/TheDarkKnight Parody, '''WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded'''

-> '''Superman''': Dude, I catch falling planes in mid-air every other week.
-> '''Batman''': ... And I'm Batman.
-->-- ''How [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Captain America]] [[WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded Should Have Ended]]''

->''"I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck''', ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow''

->''"Oh, I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner''' attempting to make a crank call to Marzipan

->''"What? I bring joy to the world. I am filled with mirth and sunlight. Also, I am Batman."''
-->-- '''Creator/WarrenEllis'''

->''"Hello. I'm Batman. I remember it, because I'm Batman."''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic'''

->'''Batman''': Hey, guess what.
->'''[[VideoGame/BatmanArkhamAsylum Dr. Young]]''': What now?
->'''Batman''': Could you ask that again, using a complete sentence with more words?
->'''Dr. Young''': (Groans) What do you want this-
-->-- '''SanityNotIncluded'''

->'''Pinky''': Who the fuck just hit me?
->'''Black Belt Jones''': Batman, motherfucker!
-->-- '''Black Belt Jones'''

->''"Hi... I'm Batman - FUCK! ...I'm... Bruce Wayne..."''
-->-- '''Bruce Wayne''', ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''

->''"[Don] Draper? No oneís ever lifted that rock. He could be Batman for all we know."''
-->-- '''Harry Crane''', ''Series/MadMen''

->'''Alex Trebek''': Mr. Keaton.
->'''Michael Keaton''': ...I'm Batman.
->'''Alex Trebek''': No, you are not.
-->-- Celebrity Jeopardy, ''Series/SaturdayNightLive''

->'''Alex Trebek''': Let's see what Mr. Keaton came up with, you wrote... "Val Kilmer sucks."
->'''Michael Keaton''': ...I'm Batman.
->'''Alex Trebek''': Okay, and your wager... "George Clooney sucks."
-->-- Celebrity Jeopardy, ''Series/SaturdayNightLive''

->'''Boy''' ''I am not Jeff. I am WesternAnimation/TheBatman.''
->'''Mother:''' ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman, would you like a chocolate milk?''
->'''Boy:''' ''Yes. Yes, WesternAnimation/TheBatman would.''
-> (Boy sits down with his chocolate milk. He keeps a stern look on his face as he sips the drink.)
->'''Boy:''' *sips* ''Gotham is safe.''
-->-- [[http://notalwaysright.com/the-dark-chocolate-knight/20422 The Dark Chocolate Knight,]] ''Website/NotAlwaysRight''

-> '''Steve''': I don't believe this. How could they put me at the kids table? I'm 14.
-> '''Random Kid''': I'm Batman.
-> '''Steve''': No, you aren't!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', "Buck Wild"

->"So Azrael's all like 'I'm Batman', and Tim's like 'No, you're not, you're Azrael', and then Azrael's like 'Jesus is Batman', and Tim's all 'What the ''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck]]'' are you talking about?'".
-->-- '''Creator/MaxLandis''', attempting to explain ''ComicBook/{{Knightfall}}''

->'''Master Shake''': Guess who I am? [swings grappling hook] I'm Batman!
->'''Carl''': Of course! [[FreakOut I'm Batman, too, eh!]] [jumps out his own window]
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce'', ''P.D.A''

->"Mr. [[Creator/DonaldTrump Trump]]?"
->"Are you Batman?"
->[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZA9k7WAuiY "I am Batman,"]] [[Creator/DonaldTrump Trump]] said.
-->-- ''RealLife'', [[http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08/16/politics/donald-trump-iowa-state-fair/ 'I am Batman,' Trump tells boy on helicopter ride]]

[[WMG:Everything else]]

->''"Every mystery the universe has ever faced -- from the streets of Gotham to the solar pits of Apokolips -- he's solved them."''
-->-- '''Wally West''', ''[[Comicbook/DCRebirth DC Universe: Rebirth]]''

-> '''Bruce Wayne''': ''Dad's estate left me wealthy. I am ready...but first I must have a disguise. Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot. So my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a ''creature of the night'', black, terrible...a...a...''
-> - ''As if in response, a huge bat flies in the open window!''
-> '''Bruce Wayne''': ''A bat! That's it! It's an omen. I shall become a '''BAT!'''''
-> - ''And thus is born this weird creature of the dark...this avenger of evil; ''' 'The Batman' ''' ''
-->-- The original origin of the Batman, ''Detective Comics'' #33.

->'''Terry [=McGinnis=]:''' You don't know your way around here. A lot of things have changed.
->'''Batman:''' Are criminals still superstitious and cowardly?
->'''Old Bruce:''' Yup.
->'''Batman:''' Good enough for me.
-->--''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2"

->'''Franchise/WonderWoman:''' Circumstances asides, it was kind of enjoyable being a kid again.
->'''Batman:''' I haven't been a kid since I was eight years old.
-->-- ''ComicBook/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'', "Kid Stuff"

->''Am I blue? / Am I blue? / Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you...''
-->-- '''Batman''' [[TheCastShowoff showing off his musical ability]], ''ComicBook/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'', "This Little Piggy"

->''It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Film/BatmanBegins''

->''Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. [[ForTheEvulz Some men just want to watch the world burn.]]''
-->-- '''Alfred Pennyworth''' on ComicBook/TheJoker, ''Film/TheDarkKnight''

-> ''Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?''
-->-- '''The Joker''', ''Film/{{Batman}}''

-> '''Penguin:''' ''You don't really think you'll '''win''', do you?''\\
'''Batman:''' ''[[IronicEcho Things change.]]''
-->-- ''Batman Returns''

->''How about a magic trick? I'm going to [[EyeScream make this pencil disappear]].''
-->-- '''ComicBook/TheJoker''', ''Film/TheDarkKnight''

->''7 million. Never leave the cave without it.''
-->-- '''Batman''', using his Bat Credit Card, ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''

->''People think it's an obsession. A compulsion. It's never been like that. I chose this life. On any given day, I could stop.'' '''''Today isn't that day. Tomorrow won't be either.'''''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''ComicBook/IdentityCrisis''

->''All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.''
-->-- '''ComicBook/TheJoker''', ''ComicBook/TheKillingJoke''

->''Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Film/BatmanTheMovie''

->''"My world goes crazy sometimes."''
-->-- '''Batman''', ''Detective Comics #475''

->''"By the '''gods!''' You pursue me past your '''dying...!''' Are you '''man--''' Or fiend from hell?"''
-->-- '''Ra's al Ghul''' ''([[ArbitrarySkepticism who really shouldn't be so shocked by resurrection]]), Batman #244''

->''"Yet we're linked, you and I. Like comedy and tragedy. Two sides, same coin."''
-->-- '''ComicBook/TheJoker''' to Batman, ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'', "The Bat In The Belfry"

->''"It wasn't the '''money''' I wanted. It wasn't the '''action''' I sought. I just liked the '''attention.'''"''
-->-- '''The Riddler''', ''Detective Comics Annual'' #8, on why he is who he is.

->''"Why are we doing this? Because '''we''' are now two faces. One good, the other bad. Half-and-half. Fifty fifty. Opposite and equal. And we're '''deadlocked.''' When that happens... we let the '''coin''' decide."''
-->-- '''Two-Face''', ''Batman Annual'' #14, explaining his philosophy as he holds a gun to his [[AbusiveParents abusive father]]. [[spoiler:The coin comes good-heads up just as Batman barges in.]]

->'''Red Robin:''' Bruce, you're Batman. You've lost your memory somehow, but you're this rich guy who dresses up in a costume to scare bad guys.
-->-- '''''[[ComicBook/GrantMorrisonsBatman Return of Bruce Wayne #6]]''. Robin brings it back to first principles for us.'''

->''An almost '''legendary''' figure, the cowled shadow of '''The Batman''' prowls through the night, preying upon the '''criminal parasite''' like the '''winged creature''' whose '''name''' he has '''adopted!''' ''
-->-- The standard tagline accompanying each ''Batman'' front page, circa ''Strange Apparitions''...

->''I made a promise on the grave of my parents to rid this city of the evil that took their lives. By day, I am Bruce Wayne, billionaire philanthrophist. At night, criminals, a cowardly and superstitious lot, call me...'''BATMAN''' ''
--> ...and circa ''Hush'' by Creator/JephLoeb.

->'''Mr. Freeze:''' Tonight I mean to pay back the man who ruined my life...''our'' lives...
->'''Batman:''' Even if you have to kill everyone in the building to do it?
->'''Mr. Freeze:''' *nods* Think of it, Batman. To never again walk on a summer's day with a hot wind in your face, [[TearJerker and a warm hand to hold]]...oh yes. I'd ''kill'' for that.
-->-- "Heart of Ice", ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries''

->''"There are times when I, too, disagree with Master Bruce's decisions. And when that happens, there's something I do that never fails to lift my spirits. I disobey him."''
-->-- '''Alfred''', ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'', "The Joining"

->'''Harley:''' There's one thing I gotta know: why'd you stay with me all day? Risking your life for someone who's never given you anything but trouble?
->'''Batman:''' I know what it's like to try and rebuild a life. ''(gives her the dress she paid for)'' I had a bad day too, once.
->'''Harley:'''...Nice guys like you shouldn't have bad days. ''(kisses him on the cheek, turns away - then plants one on him)''
-->-- "Harley's Holiday"

->'''Ace:''' When I was little, Cadmus used to make me play all kinds of games. They'd strap me into their machines and poke wires into my brain, "Ace, can you move this object with your mind?" ''(uproots a tree and launches it into the sky)'' Yeah. I can move it. They weren't really games, you know. They were training me, turning me into a weapon - for 'justice', they said. They got their weapon. I got cheated out of my childhood.
->'''Batman:''' [[DeathByOriginStory I know what that's like.]]
->'''Ace:''' You do, don't you? ''(smiles)'' You don't have to answer. I've read your mind. That's how I knew you weren't going to use Mrs Waller's weapon on me.
->'''Batman:''' No. I wasn't. ''(drops Waller's kill-switch)''
->'''Ace:''' You were going to try and talk me into fixing what I've changed...before I die.
->'''Batman:''' Yes.
->'''Ace:'''...I'm dying very soon.
->'''Batman:''' Yes. I'm sorry.
->'''Ace:''' ''(quietly, crying)'' Would you {{stay with me|UntilIDie}}? I'm scared.
-> ''(Batman sits next to her - when he offers his hand, she takes it)''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'', "Epilogue"

->'''Bruce:''' You don't know the first thing about the American justice system, do you?
->'''Tim:''' I know it's bogus.
->'''Bruce:''' And how did you come to that well-thought-out conclusion?
->'''Tim:''' Watching you.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries''

->'''Batman:''' I imagine this is a unique opportunity for you. It must be odd for you to have the chance to catalog new levels of physical discomfort, as you rarely experience them.
->'''Superman:''' What kind of masochist keeps track of the different kinds of pain they've -
->'''Batman:''' Four hundred and ninety-six by my last count.
-->-- ''ComicBook/GreenArrow'': ''[[Creator/KevinSmith Quiver]]''

->'''Batman:''' (on making Robin his sidekick at age ''nine'') Robin needed to help bring the man who murdered his family to justice.
->'''Wonder Woman:''' So he could turn out like you?
->'''Batman:'''...So that he wouldn't.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice''

->''"Of [[TheAdjectivalSuperhero all the descriptive names of all the things people say when they hear a hero in action]], The Amazing Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, The Invincible Iron Man, the only descriptive word for this guy is 'The God-damn Batman!"''
-->-- ''WebSite/SFDebris'' on ''Film/TheDarkKnight''

->'''Bruce Wayne''': Yes, father. I shall become a bat.
-->-- '''ComicBook/BatmanYearOne'''

->'''Bat-Mite''': Batman's rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To be sure, [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold this]] is a [[LighterAndSofter lighter incarnation]], but is certainly [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation no less valid]] and true to the character's roots as the [[DarkerAndEdgier tortured avenger]], [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker crying out for mommy and daddy]].
-->-- ''A [[TakeThat rebuttal]] to angry fans of WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', '''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''', '''Legends Of The Dark Mite'''

->''"Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on ó none of you are safe."''
-->--'''Batman''', ''ComicBook/BatmanYearOne''

->'''Superman:''' Big man in a Batsuit. Take that away, what are you?
->'''Batman:''' A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, detective, pilot, escape artist, master of disguise; fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Russian...mastered 127 styles of martial arts, including taekwondo, judo, muay thai, karate, boxing, jujitsu, ninjitsu...degrees in criminal science, forensics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, biology, advanced chemistry, technology...
->'''Superman:''' All RIGHT!
-->--''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyNXnuHNF8k Justice League Trailer (Avengers Style) Parody]]''

-> ''"Criminals are a terror. Hearts of the night. I must disguise my terror. Criminals are cowardly. A superstitious terrible omen. A cowardly lot. [[TerrorHero My disguise must strike terror. I must be black. Terrible]]. [[MadnessMantra Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot]]. I must be a creature. I must be a creature of the night. [[DeathByOriginStory Mommy's dead]]. [[MyParentsAreDead Daddy's dead]]. [[ThatManIsDead Brucie's dead]].'' I shall become a bat."

-> ''More than anyone else in the world, when you scratch everything else away from Batman, you're left with someone who doesn't want to see anybody die.''
-->-- '''Franchise/{{Superman}}''' to Franchise/{{Batman}}, ''Comicbook/KingdomCome''

->"[[DespairEventHorizon Did I finally reach the limits of reason?]] And find TheDevil waiting? And was that [[TheDreaded fear in his eye]]?"
-->-- ComicBook/BatmanRIP

->''Young man, you have two seconds to remove your hands from my person before I remove them for you.''
-->-- '''Alfred Pennyworth''' to the Goddamned '''''Batman''''', after the latter has grabbed him and shoved him against a wall, showing everyone that Batman is NoBadassToHisValet.

-> ''"When the mugger or the thief stops to think twice:'' that ''is fear.'' [[TerrorHero That]] ''[[TerrorHero is what I am]]. That is why they hired assassins - [[TheDreaded because I am the reason that criminals breathe easier when the sun rises]]."''
-->-- ''Videogame/BatmanArkhamOrigins''

-> ''"Terry, I've been thinking about something you once told me, and you were wrong. It's not Batman that makes you worthwhile. It's the other way around. Never tell yourself anything different."''
-->-- '''Bruce''' to '''[=Terry McGinnis=]''', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker''

->'''Robin''': ''Whoa, does Batman live in Bruce Wayne's basement?''
->'''Batman''': ''No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic!''