->''Most spiders wait patiently for prey to arrive. Most spiders aren't forty feet tall.''
-->-- '''Plated Spider''', ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering''

->''"Relax? With three giant alligators knocking down the house? Be ''fair'', [=McGill=]."''
-->-- '''Dr. Orchid''', ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}'' episode "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Attack Of The Alligators]]"

-> ''Later on their wedding bed,''
-> ''The king was shocked to see''
-> ''A tender kiss upon her cheek''
-> ''Unleashed an armory.''
-> ''Rocket launchers and flamethrowing''
-> ''Guns grew from her sides,''
-> ''And she grew to seven times her size.''
-> ''Run!''
-->-- '''{{Music/Voltaire}}''', "The Mechanical Girl"

->''There was tons of shots of disasters and people running and human characters, and more of that in a second. But the centerpiece of the footage was a sequence where a [[{{Kaiju}} big monster]] is attacking an airport, shredding airplanes and trashing buildings. It looks sort of like the ''Film/{{Cloverfield}}'' monster with a [[BigCreepyCrawlies more of a beetle-like carapace and spindly insect legs]]. It looks massive and powerful.''

->''Yesterday, director Creator/GarethEdwards told us there would be other creatures in the film -- and here's our first sight of one. It looks scary and huge.''

->''And then Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'s foot comes down next to the creature. Godzilla's [[GiantFootOfStomping FOOT]]. Which is [[AlwaysABiggerFish dwarfing this poor spindly little creature]].''

->''And then there's a massive hero shot of this previously big-looking creature looming over the airport, and then Godzilla rises up behind it, and it's like a skyscraper next to a hut. Godzilla is this ginormous dark scaly beast with a gaping maw and a mighty screaming roar, and the crowd basically lost its shit. Host Chris Hardwick made a joke about people having to change their pants, and this seemed totally accurate.''
-->--'''io9 [[http://io9.com/we-saw-a-glimpse-of-godzilla-you-wont-believe-the-siz-851082801 article]] on Comic-Con teaser for''' ''Film/{{Godzilla 2014}}''

->''Once again Universal led the charge with ''Film/ItCameFromOuterSpace'' in 1953 and ''Film/CreatureFromTheBlackLagoon'' in 1954, and by the time Ishiro Honda's anti-war parable ''[[Film/{{Gojira}} Godzilla]]'' landed on [[Film/GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters1956 American shores in 1956]], the rest of the era would sit under the atomic cloud of giant lizards, bugs, arachnids, women, and anything else that could credibly destroy a city.''
-->-- '''Passport to Dreams''' [[http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/2013/01/riding-haunted-screen.html on the history of horror]]

->''All I wanna do\\
Is see you turn into\\
A {{giant woman}}\\
A giant woman!\\
All I wanna be\\
Is someone who gets to see\\
A giant woman''
-->--'''Steven,''' "Giant Woman", ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse''

->''Why do you have to look up to her, aside from in a literal sense?''
->'''Pearl,''' about '''Sugilite''', ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse''