->''"I fuck anything that walks."''
-->-- '''Music/{{Eminem}}''', "My Name Is"

->''She's got girls,''\\
''Girls all over the world.''\\
''She's got men,''\\
''Every now and then.''
-->-- '''Music/TheSweet''', "AC-DC"

->''"Fuck it. I'm doing everything. With everyone."''
-->-- '''[[Music/{{Queen}} Freddie Mercury]]'''

->''"I was 22 when I arrived in Hollywood in 1948. I had more action than Mount Vesuvius - men, women, animals!"''
-->-- '''Creator/TonyCurtis'''

->'''Anne''': So, John, does Jack like men or women?\\
'''John''': Jack likes a bit of both. He's a modern kind of guy. Anything with a postcode.
-->-- '''Creator/JohnBarrowman''' on the Series/DoctorWho version of ''Series/TheWeakestLink''.

->"...who'll stick his peepee into anything with a hole in it."
-->-- ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick'', on [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries James T. Kirk]].

->Here's a man who eight freakin' years ago all but admitted to sexually harassing women and proclaimed decades ago in ''Film/PumpingIron'', "I am cumming day and night." So excuse us if our world was not shattered when we found out--after he left office--that he was plowing the help.
-->-- '''[[http://www.gq.com/entertainment/humor/201112/25-least-influential-people-alive/#slide=13 Drew Magary]]''' on Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger, "The 25 Least Influential People of 2011"

->''"When Bret wants to keep a girl, he gives her a backstage pass. Do these girls need another reminder that their future boyfriend has so much anonymous sex that attendees need a badge to get near his junk? I don't know if Bret is truly attracted to anything that probably has a vagina or if his body needs to be industrially milked every few hours. Either way, I think everyone on the set would feel more comfortable if the girls Bret chose to keep received some kind of medical clearance to be near other people's eyes and mucous membranes. If you burned the ''Series/RockOfLove'' house to the ground, looking at the ashes would give you AIDS."''
-->-- '''{{Creator/Seanbaby}}''', [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/six-ways-to-fix-reality-dating-shows/#ixzz33R3Qy0b2 "6 Ways to Fix Reality Dating Shows"]]

->'''David''': Yo, straight up: ComicBook/{{Hawkman}} is a Goddamn creep. In every continuity. Heís just really, really creepy. Heís like [[ComicBook/AntMan Hank Pym]].\\
'''Chris''': Yeah, Clark ends up having Lois sent to one of Hawkmanís archaeological digs so that he can keep an eye on her, and Hawkman totally hits on her and tries make out with her. So ironically, Hawkman is a terrible [[{{Pun}} wingman]].\\
'''David''': He also tells her his entire creepy origin story where heís cursed to an eternity of stalking, which I canít imagine any woman in the world would find even remotely hot.
-->-- '''Chris Sims''' and '''David Uzumeri''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/smallville-shield-recap-review/?trackback=tsmclip on]] ''{{Series/Smallville}}'' ("Shield")

->''"Johnís into [[BestialityIsDepraved bestiality]] too? There really is [[WorldOfHam nothing subtle]] about this show, is there? Lusting after a poodle isnít funny, it's just a bit tasteless."''
-->-- '''[[http://docohobigfinish.blogspot.com/2011/10/torchwood.html Doc Oho]]''' on ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', [[Recap/TorchwoodS2E1KissKissBangBang "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"]]

->''"I'll fuck '''anything that moves!'''"''
-->-- '''Frank Booth''', ''Film/BlueVelvet''

->'''Kent Paul:''' ''No'', Maccer! [[ADateWithRosiePalms Resist the urge!]] [[ThinkUnsexyThoughts Think about...]] [[UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher Thatcher]]!\\
'''Paul:''' [[BrainBleach Agh!]] You're not right in the head, mate.
-->-- '''''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'''''

->'''Odo:''' I don't eat! This is not a real mouth! It is an approximation of one! I do not have an esophagus, or a stomach, or a digestive system. I am not like you. Every sixteen hours, I turn into a liquid!\\
'''Lwaxana''': ''(even more aroused)'' I can swim.
-->-- '''''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''''', "[[{{Recap/StarTrekDeepSpaceNineS01E17TheForsaken}} The Forsaken]]"

->'''The Doctor''': Relax. He's a fifty-first century guy. He's just a bit more flexible when it comes to {{d|oubleEntendre}}ancing.\\
'''Rose Tyler''': How flexible?\\
'''The Doctor''': Well, by his time, you lot are spread out across half the galaxy.\\
'''Rose Tyler''': Meaning?\\
'''The Doctor''': [[BoldlyComing So many species, so little time.]]\\
'''Rose Tyler''': What, that's what we do when we get out there? That's our mission? We seek new life and...and...\\
'''The Doctor''': [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow Dance.]]
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'', "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E10TheDoctorDances The Doctor Dances]]"

->'''Bernie Focker''': Oh, [[DogsAreDumb Moses]] is fine. He's perfectly trained.\\
'''Greg Focker''': Dad, he humps everything that moves.\\
'''Roz Focker''': ''*laughing*'' He's like your father!\\
'''Bernie Focker''': [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I never]] [[NoodleIncident cheated on you!]]
-->-- ''[[Film/MeetTheParents Meet the Fockers]]''

->"My schoolmates would make love to anything that moved, but I never saw any reason to limit myself."
-->-- '''Emo Philips'''

-> You ain't gonna believe this, chief -- right in the middle of interstate [[ThirteenIsUnlucky 13]] -- the biggest orgy you ever saw! Cars and people strewn all over the place -- traffic already backed up 8-10 miles!\\
Yeah! They say some woman with pink hair [[AnythingThatMoves ran amok]]!
-->-- ''Sweet Chastity''

->"''"Life is short. If you have not made love recently, please, put down this book, and take care of that with all haste. Find a wanton lass or a frisky lad, or several, in whatever combination your wise loins direct, and do not under any circumstances play hard to get. Our struggle against the colossal forces of oppression can wait.''"
-->-- The Renrijra Krin, ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion''

->"''What's the difference between Dr. Frank N. Furter and the Titanic?''"\\
"''We know how many people went down on the Titanic.''"
--> AudienceParticipation line for ''Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow''.

->'''Envy''': So I take it you're [[HoYay into girls]], then?\\
'''Cimarron''': Girls, boys, [[BestialityIsDepraved goats]]... whatever's available.
-->-- ''Roleplay/HonorableHogwarts''

->''"Oh, she'd fuck anyone. Chicks, dudes, didn't matter. Fat guys, skinny guys, guys who climb on rocks, dogs, cats, squirrels, bugs, snails. She fucked a snail. I watched her fuck a snail once. That sounds weird, right? Just hearing me say it? Imagine how weird it was to '''see''' it. She fucked! A snail!"''
-->-- '''Spike,''' ''WebAnimation/PonyDotMov''

->''"Ha, youĎre too naïve, Kami-yan. I have a wide range of acceptance when it comes to women: not just fallen female main characters but also [[NotBloodSiblings foster sisters]], foster mothers, [[WifeHusbandry foster daughters]], {{twin|ThreesomeFantasy}}s, [[RomancingTheWidow widows]], [[SenpaiKohai senpais, kouhais,]] fellow classmates, [[HotForTeacher teachers]], {{childhood friends}}, {{ojou}}samas, [[EveryoneLovesBlondes blondes]], brunettes, brown-haired, silver-haired, [[LongHairIsFeminine long-haired]], medium-haired, [[BoyishShortHair short-haired]], [[HairDecorations girls wearing bobby pins]], wavy-haired, [[GirlishPigtails twintails]], [[TomboyishPonytail ponytails, one-sided ponytails]], [[BraidsOfAction twin braids]], [[IdiotHair ahoges]], [[QuirkyCurls curly-haired]], [[SailorFuku girls in sailor clothes]], blazers, [[MartialArtsUniform judogi]], kyuudougi, kindergarten nurses, {{m|eido}}aids, [[FairCop policewomen]], [[CuteWitch witches]], [[{{Miko}} shrine maidens]], {{n|aughtyNuns}}uns, military women, {{se|xySecretary}}cretaries, [[LoliconAndShotacon lolis, shotas]], {{tsundere}}s, [[AllGuysWantCheerleaders cheerleaders]], {{s|exyStewardess}}tewardesses, [[FanserviceWithASmile waitresses]], [[ElegantGothicLolita goth girls wearing black, goth girls wearing white]], [[ChineseGirl girls in China dresses]], [[IllGirl frail girls]], albino girls, fantasists, girls with split personalities, queens, [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princesses]], [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh-high socks]], garterbelts, [[{{Bifauxnen}} girls who cross-dress as guys]], [[{{Meganekko}} girls who wear glasses]], [[EyepatchOfPower girls who wear an eyepatch]], [[BandageBabe girls who wear bandages]], [[SchoolSwimsuit girls in school swimsuits]], one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, V-shaped bikinis, [[BarelyThereSwimwear bikinis that barely cover anything]], {{youkai}}, [[CuteGhostGirl ghosts]], [[LittleBitBeastly animal-eared girls]], etc.- any female is within my area of acceptance."''
-->-- '''Aogami Pierce,''' ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex''

->'''Pam:''' I mean, don't get me wrong; I'd still do her.\\
'''Malory:''' Oh, you'd do...name a noun.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''

->'''Joe Orton''': I take it [[Music/TheBeatles they]] all sleep together...\\
'''Brian Epstein''': They do NOT.\\
'''Orton''': But they're all very pretty. I imagine they just had a good time... sang, smoked, fucked everything in sight including each other. I thought that was what success meant.
-->-- ''Film/PrickUpYourEars''

->''There's no one alive who could comprehend my sexual preference.''
-->--'''Alucard''', ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged''

->''He literally fucks his problems.''
-->--'''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bHFkjh2NBU HoldenReviews]]''', referring to [[VisualNovel/SchoolDays Makoto]].

-> '''Man 1''': What would you do if the world were to end in 60 seconds?\\
'''Man 2''': I'd shag anything that moves. What would you do?\\
'''Man 1''': I'd stand perfectly still.
--> A joke as told by Creator/BillyConnolly.

-> '''[[HornyDevils Dabbler]]:''' I find complex women arousing.\\
'''Maxima:''' You find ''stairs'' arousing.
-->-- ''Webcomic/GrrlPower''

->''"So lock up your daughter\\
Lock up your wife\\
Lock up your [[DoubleEntendre back door]]\\
Run for your life\\
The Man is back in town\\
So don't you mess me 'round"''
-->-- '''Music/{{ACDC}}''', "TNT"

-> '''Harry:''' God, she is all kinds of trouble, isn't she?\\
'''Pete:''' Everything turns you on, doesn't it?
-->-- ''Series/MadMen'', "The Doorway, Part 2"

->''"I like sex! Man ... woman ... banana."''
-->-- '''Conrad Gates''', ''Footballers' Wives''

->'''Creator/JoanCollins''': Richard, you'd go to bed with a snake.\\
'''Creator/RichardBurton''': Only if it wore a skirt, darling.

->'''(410):''' Help everything's hot
->'''(410):''' Men are hot women are hot non-binary people are hot [[BoldlyComing aliens are hot]]

->She could explore pleasures of the body that [[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Kara]] never would have dared to, satisfy lusts that the blonde beast never even knew she had. She could force herself upon any suitor, male or female or whatever, and destroy them after their job was done.
-->--'''Satan Girl''', ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy''