->'''Character name:''' Complicated and nuanced, with good intentions, ''or'' multilayered and complex, with evil intentions?
-->-- ThisVeryWiki, almost every AlternativeCharacterInterpretation entry

--->''The hell kind of plumber...?''
-->''I'm writing your union, tell you what.''
-->''I bet they'd love to know you're doing mushrooms,''
--->''And blowing up landmarks,''
--->''And setting the wildlife on fire.''
---->-- '''Rob Balder''', ''Still Annoyed''

-> [[TheDitz She'd outpester any pest]]\\
[[MotorMouth Drive a hornet from its nest]]\\
[[{{Badass}} She could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl]]\\
[[TheHeart She is gentle,]] [[NiceGuy she is mild]] \\
[[CloudCuckooLander She's a riddle,]] [[GenkiGirl she's a child]]\\
[[AllBlueEntry She's a headache!\\
She's an angel!]]\\
[[DynamicCharacter She's a girl!]]
-->-- "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?", ''Theatre/TheSoundOfMusic''

->"Remember that movie "Footloose", where those evil kids won in the end?"
-->--'''Kenneth, [[Series/ThirtyRock 30 Rock]]'''

->''"King Mogkat of Siam is one of the slimiest characters in fiction, and Anne Leonowens, the English schoolmarm who tries to civilize him, one of the smarmiest. Here is a man with twenty-three wives and forty-two concubines who allows ''[[EvilIsPetty one]]'' of his women and her lover to be put to death [[DisproportionateRetribution for exchanging a letter]]. And here is Anna, who spends her days in flirtation with the king, but won't sleep with him because--well, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking because he isn't white]], I guess. Certainly not because he has countless other wives and is a murderer."''
-->--'''Creator/RogerEbert''' reviews ''Film/AnnaAndTheKing''.

->''[[JoelSchumacher Joel]] refers to Poison Ivy as a “beautiful, sexy” version of the Unabomber. Never really thought of it that way, to be honest. Never gotten that drunk or stoned.''
-->-- '''''TheAgonyBooth''''', ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''' recap supplement

->''Captain Janeway is the only character we've seen past the ending of the final episode of ''[[StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]''. In any sane universe, she should have, at best, been formally reprimanded, and at worst imprisoned. Instead we find she has been promoted to the rank of admiral, and we actually see her order [[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Jean-luc Picard]] to [[StarTrekNemesis the Romulan homeworld]]. Janeway, who couldn't search for a group of terrorists without screwing it up, is ordering around a man who almost single-handedly prevented a Borg conquest of Earth, revealed the Bluegill conspiracy, and helped halt the Klingon Civil War. Janeway isn't worthy to order his "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" from the replicator, nevermind his ship. If there were any justice in Trek, she would be confined to a mining colony with the important task of turning big rocks into small ones.''
-->-- '''{{Website/SFDebris}}'''

->"A fastidious pigeon-worshiping felt tyrant whose draconian Shari'a law allows for neither loud noise nor rubber duckies!"
-->-- '''[[Series/SesameStreet Bert]]''', as imagined by '''[[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]]''' in GlennBeck-parody mode

->''This was a world where orcs were used as target practice by elvish communities. The elves loved that shit. Sauron put a stop to that by offering all the underprivileged creatures a place in his non-race-exclusive army (the only nonsegregated force in Middle-Earth except for the Fellowship) with promises of their own country and a future. After what he did for the orcs and goblins, Sauron was just some towering mace-wielding folk hero.''
-->--'''''Website/{{Cracked}}''''', "9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along"

-> ''I wanted to find an escape too, but every word I'd heard confirmed my fear that [[SpoiledBrat Heather]] had somehow allied herself with a ghost. What I wasn't sure of was the danger -- was [[StringyHairedGhostGirl Helen]] as wicked as Heather made her out to be, or was she merely a lost child looking for someone to love her?''
-->-- '''Molly,''' ''Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story''

->"Applejack, with her [[OohMeAccentsSlipping lovably inconsistent accent and mannerisms]] represents the Element of: The Alternate Interpretation"
-->--'''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Twilight Sparkle]]''', '''''[[AbridgedSeries My Little Pony]] [[MyLittlePonyCamaraderieIsSupernatural Camaraderie is Supernatural]]''''', "The Elements of Parody"

-> ''A discussion about the nature of eternity, set against a blank, featureless void: behold the beginning of the transformation of TheFamilyCircus into Existential Despair Comics.''
-->-- '''TheComicsCurmudgeon'''

-> ''[-You're an industrialist, trying to modernize a backward planet and raise up standards of living through the use of technology, for the common good. One day, some of your industrial robots are blown up by a sentient, supersonic blue hedgehog. That's scary as fuck. Now, said hedgehog has it in his head that you're a monster who's turning animals into robots and wants to take over the world and oppress it, in large part because of all the steroids, speed, colloidal silver, and other assorted shit he's been taking in massive quantities for the past decade. You decide to see if you can't reason with the guy, but for your troubles you get assaulted, and your ride gets trashed beyond recognition.\\
So you decide to deal with this like you would with any other pest problems: You put out some traps, like spike pits, modify a couple of your robots with .22 rifles, etc. The way you'd deal with any rodent, really. Soon enough, the hedgehog gets himself impaled, and you're done. Or so you think. Soon after, despite having quite clearly been drained of his precious bodily fluids, he's back and trashing your robots again. Maybe the other one was some sort of decoy? No matter, you're taking this into your own hands. You modify your ride, mad max style, adding a couple of guns, some spikes, missile, slowly swinging giant balls, that kind of stuff. Then you roll. You meet the hedgehog and after a brief struggle where he manages to make one or two lucky hits on spots you haven't really bothered armoring, you make him into thin gruel. This time you're sure he's done for.\\
How wrong you are. Soon after, he's back. You can't believe it. You try to kill him yourself once more, but this time he seems to know where to strike. He seems to know when to strike. He seems to know when you'll strike. Once you realize that, you try to change your attack patterns, but it's too late, he's done enough damage to blow up your vehicle, and you barely escape with your life. For the next few days, he follows you, destroying everything you throw at him, and it's obvious he won't stop until he gets you. You can't sleep. You watch as he destroys everything you've done to help people: one after another, chemical plants, oil refineries, amusement parks, all you've built, gets blown up by this satanic, unholy, immortal demon from the deepest pits of hell. When you do manage to take him out, he's back within hours.\\
Eventually, as you're trying to escape to the one place where you think you're safe, space, he defeats one of your latest creations, and for the first time, you're face to face with him. There's no steel plate protecting you. There's no vertical distance. He's there, staring at you with those empty, demonic eyes.\\
You run like you've never run before. [[RunOrDie You just fucking run]].-]''
-->--'''[=YeOldeButchere=]''', ''The Let's Play Archive'', explaining how Eggman can outrun Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog

->''"Kind of unrelated, but the fact that [[RebelLeader Ulfric]] has been compared to both AdolfHitler and William Wallace just goes to show what an awesome job Creator/{{Bethesda}} did of making a complex, realistic character."''\\
''"Or that the Skyrim fanbase consists of over-generalizing trogs with [[SmallReferencePools small reference pools]]."''
-->--Discussion on [[WMG/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim the WMG page]] of ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim''

->'''Jeff:''' Annie, let's not rehash this. The guy's been a jerk all year.\\
'''Annie:''' He's a jerk because we exclude him.\\
'''Jeff:''' We exclude him ''because'' he's a jerk. And last time I checked you were the last one feeling sorry about it.
-->-- ''Series/{{Community}}'', discussing '''Pierce'''.

->...In any case, the only reason this stratagem ''[giving Persephone the pomegranate seeds]'' worked was because the seeds were so little that [[GreekMythology Persephone]] thought they wouldn’t count. …Or at least that was the excuse she gave her Mom. My money says she ate them because Hades had just finished explaining to her that if she stayed with him she could be undisputed Queen of one of the three realms of existence. And she — clever young divinity that she was — immediately realized how to finesse this situation so that she could, quite literally, have the best of both worlds. If she then claimed to the Olympians sent to fetch her home that “he pressured me into eating them”, well, they’d be predisposed to believe that anyway…)
-->-- The blogger '''dduane''' [[http://dduane.tumblr.com/post/74399149579/something-thats-been-making-me-itch-all-day discussing]] the story of pePrsephone