->''Big men often tremble\\
As they step aside\\
I thought I was big once\\
She changed my mind''
-->-- Music/TheyMightBeGiants, "She's Actual Size"

->'''[[spoiler: Agent 23]]''': See, this is your problem. Some men like women who are feminine!
->'''Agent 99''': ''[Outraged]'' I'm not feminine?
->'''[[spoiler: Agent 23]]''': No.
->'''Agent 99''': ''[[BerserkButton I'm not feminine]]''?! ''[Kicks him in the face]''
-->-- ''Series/GetSmart''

->''"Look, sir, I know Angua. She's not the useless type. She doesn't [[ScreamingWoman stand there and scream helplessly.]] She [[MuggingTheMonster makes other people do that.]]"''
-->-- '''Captain Carrot''', ''Discworld/{{Jingo}}''

->''"Where ya gonna find another girl who can shoot the eye out of a Bug at two hundred meters?"''
-->-- '''Dizzy Flores''', ''WesternAnimation/RoughnecksStarshipTroopersChronicles''

->''"I don't like your attitude, mister! I can be every bit as heroic as some guy!"''
-->-- '''Sheba''', ''VideoGame/GoldenSun: The Lost Age''

->''"Now where did you get'' her?"
-->-- '''[[spoiler:Victor]]''' on '''Fiona Glenanne''', ''Series/BurnNotice''.

->''"It was a performance. It was like the culmination of a lifetime's observation of martial arts tapes, cheap ones, the kind Case had grown up on. For a few seconds, he knew, she was every bad-ass hero, Sony Mao in the old Shaw videos, Mickey Chiba, the whole lineage back to Lee and Eastwood. She was walking the way she talked it."''
-->-- '''Literature/{{Neuromancer}}'''

->''Clobberella beats you up!''
->''Clobberella beats you up!''
->''Who does she beat up? '''You'''!''
-->--''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', "Less Than Hero"

->'''Aragorn:''' You have some skill with a blade.
->'''Eowyn:''' The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain.
->'''Aragorn:''' What do you fear, my lady?
->'''Eowyn:''' A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
->'''Aragorn:''' You are a daughter of kings, a shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate.
-->-- ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings: The Two Towers''

->''You know I'm a super girl\\
Yes, I'm a spunky gal\\
I never say die\\
No one can stop me\\
'Cuz I\\
Like to FIGHT! (Fight!)''
---> "Super Girl," Music/ShonenKnife

->"Unhand that gentleman, knaves!"
--->--Niko from ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers'' in one of her BigDamnHeroes moments

->"Leave saving the world to the men? I don't think so!"
--->--Elastigirl in ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles''

-> "Take my advice, Rookie. If you ever fall for a woman... make sure she's got balls".
-->--''Gunnery Sergeant Buck, ''VideoGame/Halo3ODST''

-> "Who says girls can't shoot? Oh yeah, that guy."
-->--''Arcee to a dead Decepticon, ''VideoGame/TransformersWarForCybertron''

->''I'm a warrior woman, forget the prophecies''
->''As a warrior woman, I'll do exactly as I please...''
-->'''Jex Thoth''', "Warrior Woman"

-> "I'm a warrior, but I'm a girl, too!"
-->--'''Suki''', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

->'''Kowalski:''' What the colonel is trying to say is, have you ever pulled out of a simulated bombing run in an F-16 at 8+ g-s?
->'''Carter:''' Yes.
->'''Kowalsky:''' ...well, it's way worse than that.
->'''O'Neill:''' Well, with all due respect doctor, I-
->'''Carter:''' It is appropriate to refer to someone by their rank, not their salutation. You should call me ''captain'', not ''[[BadassBookworm doctor]]''. I'm an Air Force officer, like you are, colonel. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of outside doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle.]]
->'''O'Neill:''' Oh, this has nothing to do with you being a woman. I like women. [[ObfuscatingStupidity I just got a little problem with scientists.]]
->'''Carter:''' Colonel, I logged over a hundred hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War. [[DeadpanSnarker Is that tough enough for you?]] ''({{beat}})'' Or we're gonna have to arm-wrestle?
-->-- ''Series/StargateSG1'', pilot episode

->''"I will jump in and take out Loki and his subordinates. Then, I will go home and prepare dinner."''
-->-- ''[[Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple Miu, before cutting a cross on a windshield and smashing through a car.]]''

->''"Yo, [[Franchise/WonderWoman Star-shorts!]] I figured you'd be getting lonely so I thought I'd hang with you. We can talk girl-talk. Y'know, butt-kicking, name-taking, like that."''
-->--ComicBook/SheHulk, ''ComicBook/{{JLA-Avengers}}'' #4

->'''Lt. Colonel Sarah [=MacKenzie=]''': (''while kicking Arab terrorist Sadik Fahd'') I'm not weak, I'm not barren, and I'm not a whore!
-->--''Series/{{JAG}}'', "Persian Gulf"

-->''IS it for this the [[DashingHispanic Spanish maid,]] aroused,''
-->''Hangs on the willow her unstrung guitar,''
-->''And, [[ValuesDissonance all unsexed ,]]the anlace hath espoused,''
-->''Sung the loud song, and dared the deed of war?''
-->''And she, whom once the semblance of a scar'' 5
-->''Appalled, an owlet’s larum chilled with dread,''
-->''Now views the column-scattering bayonet jar,''
-->''The falchion flash, and o’er the yet warm dead''
-->''[[MoreDeadlyThanTheMale Stalks with Minerva’s step where Mars might quake to tread.]]''
-->Lord Byron discribing the "Maid of Sarragossa"