[[caption-width-right:350:Would you buy a comic from these people?]]
--> ''"[[BlatantLies I'll cut that bit out.]]"
---> ''Zoe Kirk-Robinson''

''[[http://www.webcomics.co/ The Webcomics Company]]'' is a podcast by five ([[JoinedYourParty originally four]]) webcomic writers and artists from the UK and Ireland. They discuss current issues in the world of {{webcomics}}, talk about how they make their own comics, and generally try to give helpful advice to anyone interested in making a comic of his own.

The members of the team are:
* Zoe Kirk-Robinson, artist and co-writer for ''Webcomic/AllOverTheHouse'' and ''Webcomic/TheLifeOfNobTMouse''. She is also head writer of ''[[http://www.webcomicbuilder.com/ The Webcomic Builder]]'';
* James Spence, artist and writer of ''Dr Sheep And The Aardvark'' and ''Girls In Space'';
* Luke Healy, writer and artist of ''Swanny Nook'' and ''Pint Size Pixel'';
* Luke Surl, writer and artist of ''Luke Surl'', and
* Matt Dyson, the newest member, artist and co-writer of ''Moo And Keo''.
!!This podcast provides examples of:
* AttentionDeficitCreatorDisorder: James noting that Zoe listing her projects during the intro takes up a sizeable portion of the podcast.
* BerserkButton: Although it is in a decidedly British manner, note Zoe's reaction to the mention of counting your Twitter and Facebook followers.
* BlatantLies: Count how many times Zoe says she will edit something out of the final cut.
* CatchPhrase: It's early days yet. but three have emerged already:
-->'''Luke Healy:''' "So yeah..."
-->'''Zoe:''' "There's a comic in that."
-->'''James:''' "I'm using Old Skype..."
* FiveManBand: Although actual roles vary from episode to episode, the overall personalities of the crew follow this pattern reasonably well:
** TheHero: Luke Surl
** TheLancer: Matt
** TheSmartGuy: Luke Healy
** TheBigGuy: James Spence James
** TheChick: [[Creator/ZoeKirkRobinson Zoe]]
* {{Jingle}}: Re-cuts of the intro are spaced throughout the show as bedding tracks for info dumps.
* OverlyLongGag: When being "badge buddies" turns into a SaturdayMorningCartoon about people who summon a giant fish robot to [[TheyFightCrime fight crime]].
* {{Podcast}}: Well ''duh''.
* SarcasmMode: Luke Healy "can't see [[YouWillBeAssimilated any possible setbacks]]" in a plan to [[BrainUploading upload brains]] into [[HollywoodCyborg robotic bodies]].
* ShoutOut: Count the number of references to 1980s cartoons.
* SuperHeroOrigin: Did you hear about The Woman in Armenia who downloaded the Internet into her brain? [[http://www.webcomics.co/2011/04/28/episode-20-the-law/ The intro to Episode 20]] explains it all.
* TheTeaser: The show regularly provides pre-intro edits about what the team will be talking about.