[[http://survivoroz.wordpress.com/ Survivor Oz]] (2011-2016) was Australia's [[JustForPun sole]] ''Series/{{Survivor}}''-based podcast, probably most notable for being the only one among a large number of ''Survivor'' podcasts (including Podcast/RobHasAPodcast} to try and get every ''Survivor'' contestant interviewed. Not just the most famous contestants, but even the most obscure or forgettable ones as well. This technique has been invaluable in netting a large number of unique perspectives on the show and each season.

Ben Waterworth hosted the podcast and interviewed each contestant on the show. Several "Ozlets", or helpers, joined him on Ozcaps that recap seasons and live episodes.

!! This podcast provides examples of:
* AprilFoolsDay: In 2013, Ben posted that he had contacted Colleen Haskell for an interview. He admitted the hoax a few hours later.
* CharacterDevelopment: Ben has admitted to having gained a new respect for under the radar strategy and non flashy game play after interviewing a large number of players. When he first started out, he was very skeptical and dismissive of winners like Natalie White and Amber Brkich-Mariano.
* HappyBirthdayToYou: They feature the Survivor players' birthdays and celebrate for them.
* OnceAnEpisode: During the "Five Questions" segment, expect to hear the guest say that there are no undeserving winners to the "Who is the least deserving winner?" question. Ben usually follows up by changing the question to who is their least ''favorite'' winner.
** Now Ben asks the least favorite winner question right away. It still gets answered the same way from time to time however.
* TopTenList: Occasionally once a week, about anything related to Survivor.
* WeDoTheImpossible: A comment from Mario Lanza (from the Funny 115) about this website asking and interviewing some of the players:
** "That guy (Ben) is a god for some of the interviews he manages to get. But he claims he doesn't have any insider help. He says if you want interviews all you have to do is be polite and ask. Still, the fact that he got (Greg) Buis and (Brian) Heidik and beyond impressive. If he can get Colleen he will finish the Holy Trifecta of Survivor interviews. "