->''"I have a story for you, [[BlatantLies and I promise you, it's true]]..."''
-->-- '''Alasdair Stuart''', ''Pseudopod''

[[http://www.pseudopod.org Pseudopod]] is a horror podcast that airs a new short story every week. Despite the catchphrase at the top of the page that precedes each episode, the stories are fictional. The readings are sometimes read by the editors, and other times performed by professional {{voice actors}}. The stories themselves vary from subtly disquieting to gruesomely horrifying and are frequently NSFW.

This podcast has gone on hiatus a few times but it is under new management with the hopes of weekly casts.
!!''Pseudopod'' provides examples of:
* AnArmAndALeg: This is a common trope of Psuedopod but Flash of the borderlands III was themed on this.
* BodyHorror: Is a popular trope to play with in most of the stories.
* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: "Pseudopod 043: Everything Is Better with Zombies" is a play off this.
* EyeScream: "Pseudopod 146: The Button Bin" This happens similar to Coraline.
* TheFairFolk: In the cast "Bottle Babies" The fairies are not exactly good or evil.
* {{Fingore}}: [[{{Squick}} "Counting From Ten"]]. A new one is "Escape" on "Pseudopod 220: Flash On The Borderlands VI".
* ImAHumanitarian: Several stories have this.
* Immortality: The father and son in "Pseudopod 221: Lives" have a form of type zero and type VI
* InsectoidAliens: The horrible creatures in "Pseudopod 224: The Horror Of Their Deeds To View"
* {{Leprechaun}}: "Tales of the White Street Society".
* MidnightSnack: Is made horrifying in "Flash: Why I Hate Cake" Always turn on the light when you want a snack. Always.
* PeopleJars: Bottle Babies has a example of this (at least it ends with happy ending)
* StepfordSuburbia: In "Pseudopod 180: The Getalong Gang" the dad thinks that his family and to a larger extent the world is becoming one.
* StuffedIntoATrashcan: In "Flash: Garbage Day" The main character throws away everything. And I mean everything.
* YoureDrinkingBreastMilk: "Got Milk?" is a horrible example where the man begins to lactate black milk that is a drug.