Podcast/EarbudTheater is an online radio show with the intent to showcase stories that "truly engage your imagination". And by that they mean either to leave you [[CrowningMomentOFFunny having a hearty chuckle]] or [[NightmareFuel cowering under the bed in terror]], [[MoodWhiplash sometimes both at once]]. Featuring episodes written by such big names as Creator/NeilGaiman and Creator/DougTennapel, there's certainly no lack of talent, and they also accept story submissions.

Give them a listen [[http://earbudtheater.com/et_podcasts.html here]].
!! This show provides examples of:
* GenreAnthology: Which mean there isn't really many consistent tropes to the show.
* {{Horror}}: More often then not.
* SpeculativeFiction

!! Episodes of this series provide examples of:
* EldritchAbomination: "Shoggoth's Old Peculiar".
* PsychologicalHorror: Several episodes.